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  1. Ooooh~ snap. I should read more than a headline 🤣... I'll be back with information on what is actually happening. Give me 3-4 hours....
  2. You have two choices 1.) Try to get the document the lawyer wants 2.) Push the lawyer to file the I-130/I-130A without the document and see if you get RFE... but I really think your petition will be approved.
  3. Can we talk about how the GOP decided against voting to figure out the baby formula issue: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/05/19/republicans-baby-formula/ If we want all babies to live don't we want all babies to actually live? Seems like a big FU to me...
  4. Are you filing for consular processing or are both of you in the US right now? You might be asking this question in the incorrect forum... There might be something missing if you are planning to adjust status or ....
  5. What was the RFE for? How did you respond? When did you respond? Did you respond after it was due/ did you send RFE via registered mail? NOID= Notice of Intent to Deny If you did not respond to the RFE in the correct/ timely manner you might have to re-apply....
  6. Great! Some petitions take forever to approval so it appears as if NVC will let you add derivatives to your case~ you should be good to go!
  7. OP's partner is from Nigeria. They flew Nigeria> UK>Chicago. They were allowed to transit through UK because they held a US visa. US visa was cancelled upon entry (Chicago). CBP has to figure out how to get him back to Nigeria but he can't transit via UK or a Schengen country (doesn't hold a visa/transit visa). He also needs to fly via America Airlines (or American Airlines alliance flight: ) Because that carrier is responsible for getting him back to Nigeria. They managed to get him on a Qatar flight... it flew out on Saturday....
  8. Yep! But, are you a US citizen petitioning your spouse or are you an LPR petitioning your spouse? If you are a USC you'll need to either obtain a CRBA for your child OR you'll need to file an I-130 for you child. If you are an LPR you'll probably be able to add a derivative to the case... Ah~ see merged threads. You'll probably be able to add your kid as a derivative when you're able to access CEAC.
  9. Are you interviewing in Frankfurt because you are a resident of Germany OR because Germany allowed you to transfer the case to the consulate... your answer might help people who want to reply to your question AND help people in a similar situation in the future. The RUB forum might still be the best place for your question because those three countries are being treated differently these days...
  10. @belinda63's partner was detained at Chicago over night. I'm wondering how many times CBP contacted her while her partner was in secondary...
  11. Yep! They can visit. But, being admitted to the US is never guaranteed... This is a sticky for spousal visas. But, as long as your parents have strong ties to China and plan on returning after their visit they should be fine. You can also read posts in the Tourist Visa Forum to read current experiences of people with pending I-130s visiting the US.
  12. Have you filed an I-130? Processing times differ depending on the service center you are sent to but I would plan for 12 months. If the I-130 is approved before they are ready to move you can delay the process at NVC stage. Check the awesome post @seekingthetruth made. I linked above. The NVC stage without delay is currently taking 76 days... then your parents will wait for DQ and interview. There aren't a lot of IR5 cases coming out of China but most recent interview from VJ vaults happened May 2021. Case was complete at NVC June 2020... But, we should remember this was during corona. You should also be aware of the rumors coming out of China. With the frequent lockdowns happening. Depending on when your parents are scheduled for interview. They might not be able to leave their city or the country.
  13. Is the son 28 years old or is OP 28??? Sometimes my reading comprehension fails~~ Hoping he is 28 and the son is under 21 years of age. Although, I am confused... why did the paternal grandparents register the child and not maternal grandparents? Where is the mother... how did OP obtain LPR status... ? How long has he been LPR? Is he eligible for citizenship?
  14. @ice-qube I check this thread twice a week to see how you're doing. Be aware I am never tired of hearing you vent... VENT not whine. We all need a safe space to vent about immigration and this is your platform. Every week I hope you'll update you've received an answer and you are no longer in this black hole. I'm pulling for you!
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