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  1. Hi all My spouse is US citizen and I am the beneficiary filling DS 260 form but currently i am unemployed i resigned 1 month ago but my spouse has a job.. Will that be a problem ? What should i fill in the primary occupation section in DS 260 ?
  2. Hi all Is there anybody who got PCC from India by applying through BLS Canada for US immigration?
  3. Thanks for the response.. Appreciate it.
  4. Hi all Hope you all are doing good. I am confused and i need your valuable insights on this . I am applying for Indian PCC from Canada . I am a Canadian PR holder. I have a passport which was issued before my marriage and my marital status on it is single. Would i need to update my passport with spouse name in order to get Indian PCC . Is there anyone who applied PCC through BLS Canada. I would really appreciate your help on it.
  5. Thanks a lot for the confidence and courage. I am planning to visit my husband in April next year he is in Texas but recently my friends have decided to visit Miami in March for 3-4 days now m confused should i go for it or not.
  6. Hi I am now in Canada and will not return or go to India before NVC processing or Interview.
  7. Yes i am now in Canada and i am planning to get Indian PCC by applying from Canada. Thanks for your response
  8. Hi everyone Hope everybody is fine I am from India Is it fine to apply for Police clearance certificate from India and keep it with us before NVC asks for it and later submit when NVC asks Will my PCC be still valid? Or apply for PCC after NVC asks for it? Which way is better as PCC from India takes 2 months to receive.
  9. Thanks so much , m sorry its kind of very old but do you remember what specifically they asked to your wife and did they see any documents ? As m also travelling from Canada to texas on pending i130 but m scared and a bit nervous.
  10. Hey did your wife travelled ? Did CBP officers asked anything?
  11. Hi everyone I am planning to visit my husband in Texas with pending i130, i already have a visitor visa for USA. Is there anyone who travelled to USA recently from Toronto Pearson and what all questions they asked ?
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