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    dmnc got a reaction from ImmigrantKrish in N-400 March 2022 Filers   
    Thankfully it went well! Recommended for citizenship on the spot. Because it was just passed lunch time, I was told to go back at 1pm to take my oath. I did just that and get my naturalization certificate that day. Going to the SSA office next week to get my SSN updated. Probably will wait until my baby is born on March to get my passport along with her though. 
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    dmnc got a reaction from Mr&Mrs G. in Raleigh NC Case complete   
    Congratulations!! I hope mine will be as smooth as yours whenever that will be lol 
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    dmnc got a reaction from LM&SM in POTOMAC (YSC) I-751 Non Transferred Filers ONLY...   
    We have a similar timeline and seems like we are in the same state. Hopefully we can get an update before the 24 months extension ends. 
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    dmnc got a reaction from Stjohn5 in POTOMAC (YSC) I-751 Non Transferred Filers ONLY...   
    Yes and it turned out USCIS returned my original marriage certificate. I must have accidentally included it 2 years ago. 😅
    Idk if that means they will be making a decision soon or an RFE. At least they finally looked at my docs after almost 2 years…
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    dmnc reacted to TheSkywalkers in POTOMAC (YSC) I-751 Non Transferred Filers ONLY...   
    Woah, didn't know there's this thread.
    Potomac was my service center when I filed for I-751 June 10 of last year. Got approved 7 months later (January 2020). They were the quickest service center at the time based on the USCIS website.
    There was a change of events however because SRC used to be super slow and then they just started spewing approvals like a mad man. No rhyme or reason whatsoever. Anyway, just dropping by to say I am praying for you all and hope you get your 10-year Greencard soon as a gift for the holidays! Hang in there. ❤
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    dmnc reacted to G>^v in POTOMAC (YSC) I-751 Non Transferred Filers ONLY...   
    Hello everyone, by Jesus’s grace I’m here to share that this morning my greencard has been approved. I’ve been a silent reader of this forum and celebrate every little victory of you guys approval, many times I was filled with hope by reading your experiences and today I want someone to read my experience and be filled with hope too. Here is my timeline:
    I751 filled on July 1st 2019
    Biometrics fone October 23rd 2019
    I got divorce and sent my divorce decree on June 11th 2020
    and today October 23rd my card is being produced.
    Keep y’all’s faith, God’s will is perfect, His time is better. God bless you all on your journey.
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    dmnc reacted to ultrasoul in How the Trump administration is turning legal immigrants into undocumented ones (merged)   
    @geowrian this was actually dinner intentionally. The USCIS informed Congress that only 1 external vendor contract was terminated due to their supposedly financial predicament. The non-renewal of their printing contract vendor was not disclosed.
    In addition, the USCIS could have kept it's internal Corbin KY print facility staffed up and transfer employees to this department thru cross-country training. Instead it just shuttered the Corbin KY internal printing machines. So now we only have 1 internal printing facility operational (Lee's Summit MO) operation meeting the demand from the 3 previous functioning sites.
    After this article garnered attention from Congress, the USCIS have told congressional staffers that they are doing cross training to augment Lee's Summit printing capacity.
    However, this is all moot on August 4 if the furloughs begin without the $1.2B loan as even the Lee's Summit printers will stop then too.
    By now you will see news breaking that the USCIS has informed Congress that they actually still have sufficient funds to operate thru the rest if the fiscal year but still insist on the Aug 4 furloughs.
    I'm a registered Republican and even I can see that this is yet another attempt to hinder and stiffle the legal immigration this great nation was founded on
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    dmnc reacted to harhad in February 2018 AOS Filers   
    To all those who are yet to have their interviews
    Tips on how to arrange your documents for the interview. It is from another user in this forum by the name "USC4SPOUSE". It is a lot easier for the ISO to review a case if the documents are all arranged properly and hence for the applicant to get a quick approval

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