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  1. Thankfully it went well! Recommended for citizenship on the spot. Because it was just passed lunch time, I was told to go back at 1pm to take my oath. I did just that and get my naturalization certificate that day. Going to the SSA office next week to get my SSN updated. Probably will wait until my baby is born on March to get my passport along with her though.
  2. So my spouse ended up coming to the building only to be told to go back outside by the agent who is interviewing… I told him about the call we got and he apologized saying whoever called me was wrong 🙈
  3. I’m so confused. The local USCIS office called me and asked me to bring my spouse to my N-400 interview in 2 weeks because she thinks my I-751 hasn’t been approved yet. But my I-751 has been approved since May this year and I have the 10 year green card. I told her that and she said she doesnt have my I-751 case. Like that’s not fair. She can look it up. what should I do? we have toddler that doesn’t have child care so my husband was supposed to watch her. We don’t have anyone who could watch her. This seems so dumb.
  4. Randomly decided to check my USCIS online account yesterday and interview is scheduled for December 13! 😲 I havent received any letter yet might be tomorrow due to Veterans day. My interview will be in Raleigh/Durham office. Anyone has any insights to what docs to bring? I got my I-751 approved earlier this year. Do I need to bring my green card and marriage certificate?
  5. Congratulations!! I hope mine will be as smooth as yours whenever that will be lol
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