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  1. Hello. I had mine recently and had to give blood and urine sample and to have chest xray. They also measured my blood pressure, weight and height and asked about my medical history (any chronical diseases, allergies, past surgeries etc.).
  2. I am still waiting for my P4 from the embassy where they will they will tell me the interview date. Called the embassy on Thursday to ask when I might expect it and they said as soon as there are available appointment dates.. While waiting for that I had my diplomas and my birth certificate translated into English. I will need original birth certificate and translated one when Rob and I get married, but I wonder if any of you know should I have appostile stamp added to it and to my diplomas? Rob can call the court house on Monday and ask, but I am just very curios about it now.
  3. It will be approved, you’ll see! Congratulations, I am really happy for you 🎉🎊
  4. Yes, after you complete everything it will give you an option to send that page that needs printing to your email address.
  5. Was expecting my P4 to arive today so called the post office to ask, but nothing as of yet..With what vigour I call and ask is there anything for me, I think old lady working there will open it for me as soon as it arrives thinking god knows what it is 1st and 2nd of January were public holidays, Thursday and Friday nothing arrived for me, weekend is coming when everything will stop and then Monday is again a public holiday because of Christmas day..Grrrr I was really looking forward to it coming today so that Rob could take days off work and get a plane ticket.
  6. Well done, very happy for you! 🎉🎊♥️
  7. Medical done today, results are sealed and with me. You guys were right, my coughing and cold werent an issue at all. I didnt take any vaccines but had to have xray. Two of my doctors and technician who was doing it said there is no impact on the baby (even though I didnt and dont feel quite comfortable with it). I feel knackered now because I had to wait 3,5 hours between getting xray results and doing medical exam. Also, packet 3 is sent to the embassy and I also filled in DS-160. Now waiting (patiently enough!) for packet 4 to arrive with my interview date. There is my update for today, going to bugg Rob now to have long-distance movie night with me Good luck all!
  8. Thank you, I feel more at ease now. Hope your packet 3 arrives quickly!
  9. Hey guys, I got my packet 3 today and my medical is scheduled for the 28th (was supposed to be 3 weeks ago but I had to cancel it back then). I caught a cold and can't stop coughing now so was wondering will that be an issue at the medical exam? I know it sounds stupid so I tried calling that doctor's office before embarrassing myself here, but nobody answered. Any other wuss here besides me?
  10. Hey, each embassy is different but I was told that I will also have to pay at the embassy. And that now when embassy received my case (ready since yesterday woohoo), I will have to wait to get P3 from them via postal service.
  11. As of yesterday our case is In Transit to the embassy 🎉
  12. If you know where is medical done maybe you guys can call and check. I booked mine for next week and was told I need passport and 4 passport size pictures. Nobody asked for NVC# (I have it though).
  13. PelagijaP

    K1 2 months pregnant

    Hello. I am April filler and 4.5 months pregnant. Booked my medical for next week and was told vaccines can be postponed until after delivery when I do my AOS and to make sure to bring my vaccination history with me. Xray is mandatory but was told the same that lead apron will be given to me.
  14. Hello. Our case was received on the 12th and case number assigned on the 23rd.
  15. Mornin’! We got our NVC case number couple of minutes ago!