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  1. Had my green card interview yesterday and it went great, immigration officer was very pleasant and friendly. Good luck to you all!
  2. Hah, I just called my dad to complain to him and he gave me such hard time! Said how it is my fault for getting stressed out because I didn’t tell her months ago to knock it off with all this crazy talk. He told me the same thing - to ask her to stop or I will be forced to block her.
  3. Hi everybody. So it has been 7 months since I arrived to the US in my k1 visa. My husband and I applied for AOS and are still in the process of waiting. Now, what I have going on is something that is bugging the heck out of me. I have a 44 year old aunt, she is my late mother’s sister and she is calling me EVERY single day to push me to: 1. Find a WIFE for her husband, so that them two would divorce, he would marry this fictional US citizen woman, divorce her once he gets US papers and marry my aunt again and bring her to the US. I know how it sounds, makes me sick to my stomach. 2. Divorce MY husband in couple of years and MARRY my uncle so he would get papers-similar scenario as in number 1. 3. Last thing she came up with today(just got a message this morning) is that my uncle will apply for tourist visa to come see us and then he would somehow stay in the US. I don’t want anything to do with any of this, me and my husband have a baby and I am already stressed enough with being a new mum and still struggling to adjust to a new life here. It is also offensive when she suggests I divorce because I love my husband. I also don’t know anybody here, so no way on earth could I find a woman to marry my uncle, it is ludicrous even to suggest that. All this does is making me not want to talk to her, I even started ignoring her calls. Which is sad because she was always wonderful to me when I was growing up. in future I do want my sister to come for a visit, so I don’t want my uncle to apply for a tourist visa and then to disappear once here. God knows if that could bring us in trouble, so I don’t like her even suggesting it. Me being a very meek person it was always hard to say NO, even though my dad and my sister told me to tell her to leave me alone. So what I do is just ignoring her and changing the subject as soon as she starts talking about it, but it seems not to be working very well-she doesn’t want to stop with her suggestions! Has anybody had similar thing happening, or is anybody in the same situation now? It is not fair to stress me out every single day with this, you can’t imagine how pushy she is. Just wanted to share this that I imagine must happen to others. And to get it off my chest.
  4. Yup, we haven’t been able to get me added onto my husbands bank account either. It was frustrating because bank manager asked if I have AOS NOA1 letter(forgot what is it’s name), but when I took it out of my bag, she then said she needs some official document from USCIS with my photo in it. Don’t know why the heck did she ask for that letter then.
  5. Well, I am certainly struggling to adjust. I understand how hard it must be with your in-laws, but I couple of times wished that my husband had ANY family or even friends here so that I could talk to anybody. I came to the US on 1st of March, gave birth to a baby girl 3 weeks later, and since then we have been out of the apartment together as a family 6!!! times (if we don't count going to the doctors). I think I am loosing my mind, I don't go anywhere, don't talk to anybody, my ' outing ' is when I run outside to throw the garbage away. Me and my husband argued a lot about it because he thinks it is unsafe for me to go out for a walk with our baby in this neighborhood and I think he is completely exaggerating . I don't know what to do, he is always tired during the week if I ask him to go out somewhere ( nowhere special, just to the local park for a walk), and then spends the weekend watching Top Gear and you tube. I cook, clean, do laundry, breastfeed, do everything around the baby. I feel exhausted, sad, lonely and now on top of all doctor said I have postnatal depression. Don't like this city nor this place where we live and can't stop thinking how I miss my family and how I used to go for walks with my dog, had a nice job, friends. I had to rant, sorry guys!!
  6. Thanks, I hope they won't ask for it again. Let me ask you this please: did you send a certified copy of your birth certificate or a regular copy? I send a normal copy, not certified and also a copy of birth certificate translation. Uff this really stresses me out, I did it all alone with a newborn baby. My US husband just took it to the post office. If something gets messed up it will be completely my fault 😕
  7. Have you guys sent DS3025 form with your AOS? I didn't and now I think I should have sent it. That is a copy of vaccination chart I was given at my medical exam.
  8. Hey guys, is a bit over 50 000 income per year enough for household of 3 ( 2 grown ups and a child) or we would need a joint sponsor? I prepared my AOS packet but now I can't stop thinking about this. And I am clueless as to how that poverty line etc. works. My U.S. husband knows even less than me.
  9. Ako tek podnosite aplikaciju za K1 onda ce ti izvod iz maticne knjige rodjenih trebati kada dodjes do intervjua u ambasadi, a ne za USCIS. Mora da bude iz zemlje gde si rodjena i preveden. Potvrda o nekaznjavanju isto je za intervju.
  10. Thank you, will do that. Everything is almost ready, wasn't as complicated as I feared. Saying that, since I am doing it in the last moment I hope I didn't mess something up... Only thing left is to get IRS transcripts from my USC husband and letter from his employer.
  11. Hello all. I am about to start preparing and hopefully send my AOS application before 29th of May (that is when my I94 expires). I wanted to ask: Can I send normal, ordinary copy of birth certificate or it has to be certified? Also, while in my country I had my birth certificate translated into English by a certified translator, but they made holes in birth certificate and translation and connected them with a seal and a ribbon. I don't know if I can unseal it and send translation that now has 2 puncture holes. Do you think it would be all right? Or can I just send it connected- original BC and translation and a add a copy of BC?
  12. Don't worry about weight, it will go away after baby is born. I know my doctor was shocked when he saw how much I have gained in the last 2 months hehe. Even though I really think it is not that bad, as if all the weight is in my belly. And some in my thighs 🤭 Rob 'innocently' bought a treadmill a week or so after we found out about the baby, but to my accusations that he got it only because he is afraid of me staying fat forever he says he bought it for himself..hmmm..I have never seen him using it! Blue and white must have looked beautiful in May. I saw a beautiful maxi dress the other day that I would buy for church and it was very light, gentle shade of blue. Dress for court house was black with a turtle neck and up to my knees. I have very short bob so it looked nice with long sparkly earrings, even though my dad called me 3 times to try to persuade me to go and buy something else. Didn't like it when I told him it is black, not realising I was being practical. Again, getting all sweaty in 5 seconds flat is one of the things this little British bulldog in my belly has done to me. Get some maternity leggings, I wear them around the house and they are really comfortable. H&M also has a big choice of jeans, I think it was around 30$ for one pair. You will see how comfortable they are when belly starts growing.
  13. Oh, our wedding was in a courthouse with his two colleagues as witnesses. I don't know why American men (and women!) have that ghastly habit of wearing baseball hats so much! Not only baseball hats but hats of all kind! In a beautiful court house room both our witnesses wore those and it took me a lot not to scream at them to take those bloody things off. In my country it is rude to wear it indoors, you usually only have them when doing some sports or if you are working in a garden. For church wedding we will give them a longer notice so maybe they will skip hats this time hehe But if they wore them in March one might think they will wear them in June as well... Church wedding is not very necessary because neither of us is religious, but I would like to have a nice ceremony. We didn't even exchange rings yet because my fingers (you'll get there) are twice the size they were and I thought it is pointless to buy a ring now and to have it resized later. Don't forget to take pictures of your growing belly. I have them and it is so funny looking at them. I was 48 kg in the beginning and now I don't even dare saying! But it is all nice, I am not bothered about it. Just makes me giggle every time I see myself in the mirror
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