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  1. Miami POE Experience Me: Good morning Him: Good morning Q: Where you are coming from A: Guyana (then I handed him my package) He took my passport scan it, inspect it, then he was going through his pc typing and checking my visa. This lasted for at least a few mins. Q: What’s my name and date of birth A: I stated them Q: What’s my fiancé name A: I stated it Q: Who is picking you up? A: He (my fiancé) is but not here I have two other connecting flights Q: Where is he picking you up form? A: Arizona After that he got up called another office over handed him my passport and package and we went into a room, they were some other people in there too and they were from Guyana as well. He said “have a seat where ever you like”. After like 5 mins a officer called me handed my passport and said with a big smile “you have 90 days to get marry”. lol
  2. That is true I got one yesterday and I already have my visa.
  3. Thanks for the info my POE will be Miami and I will be there for 4 hrs until my next flight, that should be enough time for them to process me and catch my connecting flight.
  4. Very sorry to hear that, what does the 221g say??
  5. Interview Jan 22 and we were approved with a pink slip that stated our visa was approved and a date to pick up passports. Jan 23 it changed to AP, Jan 28 it changed to Issued then Jan 29 got email to pick up passports which was yesterday.
  6. Day after they approved my visa that was my status six days after it changed to "Issued" next days got email that is was available to pick up.
  7. Hey, I collected our package with our passports today, one week after interview.
  8. I was told it was an option for me (k1).
  9. You can look at this same reply and you will see my info to the left, at the bottom you will see "timeline" or go to my profile look to the left and scroll down, you will see "jennav immigration timeline".
  10. I will write my embassy experience tomorrow. You can check my timeline here to see the time it took me from begin to end.
  11. I got a date to collect mine, Jan 29
  12. Hello everyone K1/K2 visa approved today Thank God I could breathe now.