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  1. My son PD is May 23 and as of November 13 his EDA is being produced and yesterday both EDA and AP changed to approved. You should hear something soon.
  2. That’s in a month time. Lately they have changed processing time, work permit inquiry date is at March 25 as of today. You can call but they will give you the general response “you are in the time frame”. I think is best you try to pass the time and wait for green card interview or if you have a reason for expedite your work permit you can try that avenue as well. All the best.
  3. What interview did you have exactly? An I-797 is an notice of action, you can't have an interview for that. Need clarification in order begin to answer your question.
  4. Mine went to “New card being produced” then “Case approved”. Over all it took me four days to get my green card in mail after case was changed to card being produced. Yours should come soon.
  5. They haven’t scheduled an interview for you as yet so you won’t be expecting any letter at this time. Your status can stay like that for days, weeks or months until it changed to “interview scheduled” it all depend on your field office.
  6. Most of the questions they asked was from our K1 and AOS file. They have everything you ever submit to then in front of them. Asked a few personal questions, like “if we plan to have any kids”,and about the beginning to how we met to where we are now. It was a easy interview. Oh and questions about our past marriages and relationships.
  7. Congrats, what sort of questions did they asked? My interview is Friday.
  8. She will be here the day before my AOS interview, how crazy is that. I pray your next step goes smoothly as possible. All the best.
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-policy-manual-update Can someone tell me if this apply to me, I’m adjusting from K1. I was under the impression I don’t need a new medical then someone just send me this and told me I will need a new one and I have my interview next week too.
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