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  1. So, we are waiting for our interview date. But my petitioner is moving from his current address. Do we need to notify USICS? If so, how? Calling them, mailing? Thank you!!
  2. Thank you!! And what documents should we submit with the i134F?
  3. If my fiancé quits his job and start working at another place, would our I134-F be denied or?
  4. It says still ready. I've talked to them, they only just got Noa2 few days ago. So I don't know what should I do.
  5. Our case was ready December 27 and we still didn't get packet 3 (Embassy Serbia). Should I call emabasy or wait a bit longer?
  6. Does a joint sponsor needs to fill out another I-134F, along with adding his tax returns or transcripts?
  7. I'm Montenegrin citizen but waiting to have interview at Serbian US embassy since my country doesn't do k1. Recently Montenegrin and Serbian relations became really bad. Setting on fire each others flags on embassies. And so on... I'm worried that this can affect out visa. My fiancé wonders if our petition can be transferred at another embassy for interview?
  8. Our case is ready today! So what are we doing next? My embassy does have p3 and p4. Do I wait for P3 to schedule my medical and then p4 to schedule my interview?
  9. Doesn't it depends on countries? As much as I know, some allow it, some don't.
  10. And does joint sponsor fill out another I-134F or how it goes? I have no idea 😕
  11. Merry Christmas! My fiancé it is making currently above poverty line but last 3 years he wasn't. So should we get a joint sponsor?
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