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  1. Yes, I know. That is how we did it when we called and found out that they received the case. But they did tell you your number and invoice ID over the phone? Were you able to log in on CEAC yet?
  2. Hi @Lyssalou! Our NOA2 is Dec 27th and NVC received our case on Jan 13th. I see we have similar dates and you got your case number. Did they tell you your case number over the phone or you still have to wait for the email? We tried calling on Friday but it was busy for too long and we didn’t reach them in the end.
  3. Hi! Can you please tell me do you upload W2 separately for each year? Or you upload all W2 forms for the last three years as one file?
  4. Thank you so much! I know we have to wait more, but I am so happy we are done with USCIS (hopefully). Our online status never said “case was approved”, it was changed to “case was sent to the Department of State on Jan 2, 2020” so I thought that was our NOA 2, but yesterday we received notice in the mail and Notice date is Dec 27 so I am hoping it did leave USCIS on Jan 2. I would recommend you give them a call, they should have sent it to NVC by now. Thank you once again I wish you this 2020 to be the best year!
  5. Thank you!!! Online status changed, we still haven’t received notice in the mail. I really hope you hear the good news soon. I felt completely left out since many couples who applied at the same period as us are now in their final phase, waiting for an interview. But I am still so happy! I was afraid something was missing, but now I guess they maybe had to do large background check for me since I used to be a foreign exchange student in the US for a year back in 2010. I don’t know any other reason why this took so long.
  6. Hi @Tsp11022019 ! We finally got approved today, after 287 days. Did you receive your case# from NVC yet? Did your online status change to “case was sent to the Department of State”? How long did it change from “case was approved” ?
  7. Hi. Our PD is March 21st and we are still waiting. We are now at exactly 8 months and no updates so far.
  8. We are still waiting. No updates so far. I saw one approval NOA 2 November 8 with PD March 25.
  9. Does anyone know long does it take for a case to be issued RFE or approval once Imigration officer starts working on the case?
  10. We are in the same boat. I think only you and us are from March without RFE or approval. Good luck!
  11. Hey! Our PD is March 21 so I am planning to also call them, we are currently at 229 days without approval or RFE. Our online status changed to “name was updated” on May 10 and since then no status changes on the website were made. When we first filed application they rejected our G-28 (which is authorization for our lawyer that she could present us) so she sent corrected form right after we received rejection note. I don’t know if this “name was updated” has to do anything with that, but I will try to use that to see if some officer will look into case since they say that if any status change was made in the last 60 days that means that someone is working on the case actively, but that doesn’t seem to be case with us, otherwise we would get some answer by now. Can you please tell me how did you get to speak with an officer as my husband only gets automated machine when he calls USCIS?
  12. I saw that today and it doesn’t make any sense. I was expecting this time to be decreased... has you status changed at all since NOA1?
  13. I wonder the same thing. They change these offical time on their website each month (they normally change it around 15th), but they haven’t change it in a while now. These 8-10.5 months has been there for the last 2 months. I was hoping that they will at least decrease that time range (due to so many March applications already approved) so in worst case scenario we are able so submit “outside of normal processing time” sooner than to wait another three months. I am also interested if someone else called them so lets hope someone replays.
  14. Did you call them and what did they tell you? I see we have similar NOA1 dates, our PD is March 21st (Texas SC) and still no news. I am starting to worry as most March filers received approvals.
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