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  1. Just curious. I guess we worry too much. Has there been a similar case where it went back to NVC and then the petition was sent to the consulate to be reopened for an interview?
  2. And then it gets sent back to an NVC as an abandoned petition? I wonder what would happen in our case since it is through DCF and we skipped the NVC stage. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Got our I-130 approved by USCIS New Delhi and received case number in an email from the US embassy in Mumbai on the 23rd of September 2019. Petitioner has gone back to the United States to get the necessary documents for affidavit of support and to establish proof of US Domicile. How long is our approved I-130 valid for? Filled out my DS-260 at https://ceac.state.gov/ceac I also created an account at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in but did not choose bio-metric/interview appointment dates.
  4. Hey Kuneesa we just completed our DS-260. Received an email requesting us to complete steps 4 to 6. Says we need to collect financial support documents and civil documents and then upload them to NVC through e-mail if our case number starts with certain prefixes like AKD AMM BGH DMS GZO or through traditional mail otherwise. Ours starts with BMB. Did you get all these documents ready and upload them before being allowed to schedule an interview and bio metric/medical appointments?
  5. We need to have more mixed race babies to shift the voting demographic towards a more humane open minded one.
  6. Hey Kuneesa How long is the approved I-130 petition valid for? We just got our case number last week and we have to sponsor ourselves since our joint sponsor backed out. So my spouse has to go back and work for maybe 6 months to get payslips, letter of employment and other stuff to prove that she will be able to sponsor me herself.
  7. Source for the quote above. https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/nation-world/verify-did-the-author-of-the-citizenship-clause-intend-to-leave-certain-people-out/95-610042411 We can VERIFY that the post, as written is correct. Sen. Howard did author the "Citizenship Clause" of the 14th Amendment, and when he presented it to Congress in 1866, he did say that statement. It's important to note that while it’s possible the amendment’s original authors didn't intend for our current system of birthright citizenship, their intentions never made it into the text of the amendment. The language as written in the Constitution is what courts have used to determine it's meaning over time and multiple court cases have set up a precedent of supporting birthright citizenship. "Kim Ark was a United States citizen born to two Chinese immigrants living in the United States in the late 19th century. He left the country and was denied re-entry initially due to a law restricting Chinese immigration. Kim Ark challenged the ruling and once at the Supreme Court, the Justices ruled that even though both his parents were foreigners, Kim Ark was born on U.S. soil and thus was a U.S. Citizen. In summary, Yes, this viral post is accurate - that’s VERIFIED. What Senator Howard may have intended was never written in the Constitution. The actual text has already been interpreted to allow birthright citizenship in Wong Kim Ark’s case and more."
  8. Since my wife meets the residency requirements for INA 301 the child would be a citizen at birth.
  9. My wife is a US Citizen and she has been living in India for a year now. Our kid will be a US Citizen right?
  10. We filled at the end of May. No emails from the embassy as well. We got an RFE and we quickly resolved it but the petition is still pending.
  11. What are some good proof of domicile documents to acquire for people who file though the DCF process?
  12. Answer mine. Were you making 250% above poverty level when you were trying to get your wife approved? Was she educated, fluent in English and not a potential public charge/ Would she have passed through the process with today's laws?
  13. Good news. If Trump wants merit based immigration he should have gone through congress.
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