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  1. My wife has never voted in her life. She does have a New York State ID and she filed her 2017 taxes in that state under that address. 2016 taxes were filed in the state of New Jersey when she was living with her mother. The address on her New York ID is the joint sponsor's house who is a godmother to my wife's sister and a long time family friend. she completed an online dog grooming course while in NY and became a licensed dog groomer during the first half of 2018. She has been living with the joint sponsor up until her travel to India on August 2018. She also has a working US bank account. We hope the consular officer will find this as sufficient proof of domicile and ties to the US.
  2. Yes we got the marriage registered under the special marriage act and we have two original copies of the marriage certificate. Right now our only issue is filing taxes while she is in India for the 2018 year. We tired to use turbo tax to file online but the website said that it can't be done online because the taxable income was zero. I guess we just have to do it by mail from India and then request the tax transcript for the past three years by mail. There is a contact page on the USCIS India website. Do they respond to questions if you call them or email them? Please let us know how your Interview in mumbai goes.
  3. I would make her carry a lot of evidence that points out that there is a marriage happening at hawaii and that she is the bride.
  4. Did you have to provide proof of domicile in the US while filing or your intent to fully move to the US? Is that an issue only when you are the lone primary sponsor? Will having a joint sponsor in our case cancel the need to show proof of domicile in the United states and the intent to move? I read a lot of cases where the petitioner doing the DCF process had to fly back to the US and make arrangements such as getting a US job/ finding a house to rent to proof to the Consular Officer that the petitioner has US domicile.
  5. Thank you! So much useful info! I did check out the USCIS indian field office page. There is plenty of proof that my wife and I are living together in the same address. She had a FORM C done with the local FRRO as soon as she came to india on a tourist visa back in August. FORM C has the address in which we are currently reside. We just got the visa converted to an Entry visa on March 2nd. We are currently in the process of registering the new visa with the local FRRO to get the Certificate of Registration from them. As for the marriage we did not have a traditional Indian ceremony because my parent was opposed to me marrying my wife. It was done at the Sub Registrar's Office with the help of my friends as witnesses. They did not allow us to take any pictures. We do have plenty of pictures of us living as a normal couple with pictures of us in restaurants and pictures of us helping out at dog shelters etc. Considering that the USCIS won't accept a DD with the exchange rate of the day before the filing of the petition, is it wise to schedule the appointment in the afternoon while getting the DD in the morning based on the exchange rate given by the consulate? Also how have you been filing your US taxes while being in India? My wife can't download her previous taxes from the IRS website because she doesn't have a working US phone number. It's required to sign up on the IRS website. She can't file her 2018 tax returns online as well. She made no money back in the US or in India for the whole year though. IS she still required to file? She only has her W2s from the 2017 tax year, no full transcript.
  6. Who dictates the exchange rate for the Demand Draft and who is it addressed to? How early did you have this Demand Draft ready? Is there any other way to pay the filing fee at the USCIS field office?
  7. Hey me and my wife are thinking about filing through DCF as well. She came to india on a tourist visa back in August 2918 and we got married last november. We converted her visa to an Entry Visa based on her marriage to me. She is now eligible to stay in India till 2022 and she has been in India for more than 7 months now. She will be getting her Aadhaar card and a PAN card soon along with a local bank account. She has no income for 2018 so we will be using a joint sponsor. Are we eligible for the DCF procedure and does she have sufficient proof of residency in India to qualify for the procedure? She is not authorized to work in India yet. We have multiple utility bills and a rental agreement but they are all in my name. We have plenty of proof we have been living under one roof as a couple through. Do the utility bills need to be in her name?
  8. Would a written statement from my wife stating she made zero income in 2018 while in the US and abroad be sufficient? She will be present with me during the interview. She has been with me since August 2nd 2018 and made no income while she was in the US the first half of 2018.
  9. My wife only has her W2 forms for 2017 and its not possible to download the entire tax return from the IRS unless she has a working US phone number. Would the 2018 taxes showing she made no income for the year along with the tax return transcripts of our joint sponsor be sufficient?
  10. Did you and your wife get married in India and file through DCF or through the traditional route? What kind of pictures were requested at the interview as evidence to support a bonafide relationship?
  11. Hey when they ask for tax returns do they mean tax return transcripts or the W2 forms? My wife made zero dollars in income in 2018 both in the US and overseas as she has been living with me for the past 7 months. Does she still need to file her taxes while overseas and submit that during the interview?
  12. Probably through marriage based CR1 Visa. Went back to India to study or something like that.
  13. CNN, MSNBC are also extremely biased and wrong most of the time. There is simply no absolute non biased news source. All news organizations are owned by owners of mega corporations. Washington post if owned by Jeff Bezos and NY times is funded by Mexican billionaires. It is in their best interest to push illegal immigration.