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  1. You are correct !! But in this instance, USCIS is referring to the spouse who is not applying for an immigration benefit. For example, my spouse who is a U.S. Citizen need not pay for her Biometrics, because she does not need her biometrics to be taken. If you look at the part 4 on page 3 of the form I-751, it clearly mentions U.S. Citizen or permanent resident spouse with the same verbage. That is what i am referring to. I apologize for the confusion caused by the use of terms petitioner and beneficiary.
  2. I believe they are referring to the U.S. Citizen or Permanent resident as in Petitioner not the beneficiary of the I-751. For example a Lawful Permanent Resident petitioned for permanent residency for his/her spouse. USCIS does not charge for the biometrics fee for the petitioner but will charge for the beneficiary of the application...
  3. I am sorry to hear about your case. Hope they attend to your case soon. Have you tried filing for N-400 if you are already eligible for citizenship. ?? In most cases, filing N-400 appears to speedup the removal of conditions or getting a combo interview. f you have already done that and it didn't not help, may be try to contact your local ombudsman or senator's office for help. Again I am sorry to hear about your case being pending for 3 years.
  4. I have looked into the weblink about the new rule you have provided in your post, but nowhere it is mentioned that it applies to resident aliens. I am not so sure though, but i think that rule applies to people who are applying for adjustment of status or to register as a permanent resident, not for conditional residents. But its always better to seek a legal advice on this matter.
  5. you should be fine to travel in and out of the US with your GC.
  6. It should be the 90 days before the conditional GC expires. The date to be used for 90 day calculation is December 17, 2018.
  7. Hello All, This is Balaji, I have applied for AOS on June 1st. And my local field office is Detroit. Currently I am waiting for my Interview to be scheduled and EAD card to be issued. I am creating this topic for all of the AOS filers past or present and have Detroit field office as their local USCIS office, so we can all share our experiences during AOS process. Hopefully this would be helpful...!! Thanks, Balaji.
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