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  1. Just got an update from the USCIS Case tracker that "New Card is being Produced" Happy tears after a long wait. 🤣
  2. Congratulations my friend I am so happy and very excited for you. 😊 I believe my case was received like 10 days after yours. So I am hoping to hear something positive soon ! Fingers Crossed 🤞
  3. Congratulations !! 😃 It is great to see a lot of LIN filers getting approved. My case timeline is a little behind yours but pretty close. I am hoping for good news for everyone soon. !!
  4. Congratulations !! I believe it is quite possible to get the 10 Year GC approved this fast. By any chance is your service center Texas or Vermont or California ?? Does your case number starts with SRC or WAC ?? If it is, then I believe its not any surprise. Lot of VJ members got approved this fast from those service centers. Congratulations again
  5. Thanks for posting those links for reference. I am wondering where you found those links. I have been looking for a spreadsheet for the month of August 2020 filers. I am wondering if you could help me out. Thanks !!
  6. I am a LIN filer too. I filed on August 20th 2020 with the receipt notice date of 08/27/2020. I got my biometric waived and reused them from AOS stage on October 15th 2020. After that nothing else.
  7. Congratulations Finally we could see some movement in LIN filers. Gives me some hope to hear something soon.
  8. I have used my check which has my previous address on it while submitting my application. And USCIS has no problem cashing it. So I believe as long as your name is on it and you have the correct amount of money written on it, you are good.
  9. Hey Hearty Congratulations on your approval. That is awesome news. It was very quick too. Hopefully USCIS will process all applications this fast. Which service center is your case assigned to ?? If you don't mind me asking, I have a similar timeline as yours and my service center is Nebraska.
  10. Congratulations on your approval. That was very quick. !! Hopefully they would process everyone's applications faster.
  11. That sounds good to me. I will keep you posted if anything changes here. I have sent my application in mail on 08/22/2020 and I got the 18 month extension letter with a notice date as 08/27/2020. How about you??
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