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  1. It’s almost impossible to guess when or if you’ll need biometrics done. If you haven’t had biometrics done by USCIS (inside the country) and only in a US consulate, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll need an appointment. Otherwise, if you do get a reuse it may be the same day as you submit or within the first week from what I’m seeing. If you don’t, then it’s anyone’s guess how long it might take for you to get an appointment notice. Let’s say you do get it, I’ve seen a trend of getting an appointment notice within 1-2 months of applying and the appointment date is within 1 month of the notice. It’s really hard to make any guesses with USCIS to be honest. Apologies if this is not helpful. I know a few people here on VJ and some friends from Boston who’ve applied this year and most got biometrics reuse right away after applying.
  2. Hi! if you’re submitting online, then it will specifically ask you for specific documents in their own sections like: copy of LPR card, marriage certificate, USC Spouse’s birth certificate, if you’re a male and fulfill the criteria, then proof of selective service registration, and tax documents. Apart from this, there is an additional supporting documents section where you can add whatever. I added: our joint lease agreement, spouse’s US passport bio page, one debit card statement PDF since 01/2021, and one credit card statement PDF since 01/2021, where we have joint ownership. Also filing under 3 year rule! Hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. Thanks! Just came across this last night as I was browsing VJ. So looks like all that stuff with bonafide marriage proof and tens of pages worth of personal stuff and all is not needed for N-400. Just some financial and tax documents etc. This seems easy enough if I can ever get into the IRS transcripts account. That’s the only thing I’m having issues with currently. Also, odd that it doesn’t say photographs are optional on that page there I thought it was only required if you’re outside the country. Appreciate your response btw!
  4. Yeah I’m having issues with verification too. Email came through fine but I put my phone number in without dashes or anything and it says “can’t be verified” some people have suggested using xxx-xxx-xxxx format with dashes and some have said I need to send a text to IRS short-code 77958 to opt-in for password service before they can send a text so I did that. But right now my account creation is locked for 24 hours because I tried 3 times already. Didn’t know there was a limit on there. I’ll try again tonight having done a couple of those suggestions and see how it goes. Thanks for your response!
  5. Hey guys! anybody know of a thread on VJ or care to do a quick rundown of the documents you uploades outside the required 3-4 documents that are listed on USCIS website? For online filing I don’t wanna overkill but I’m curious what’s some popular evidence for filing based on 3 year married rule. Thanks!
  6. Hey! I’m having issues with getting my phone number verified at the IRS transcripts account webpage so I decided to send tax returns instead since it says this on USCIS website: Is there a reason you recommend otherwise and/or is it a bad idea to send the returns? I won’t be sending a ton of evidence apart from what’s required and maybe add it in supporting documents if i do have something outside of the required stuff. Thanks!
  7. Welcome! My window opens next weekend. Getting all the paperwork together this week to file right away!
  8. Started a thread for July filers…my window opens next week. Feel free to join:
  9. This forum is to start early discussion around N-400 for July 2021 filers and to be in touch with other filers to learn about progress and any new updates. Not sure if there's already a thread but I think the mods will probably merge this if there is. I couldn't find one upon quick search.
  10. Oh okay got it. Yeah my case was an AOS so I guess it doesn’t apply. Thanks, Savva!
  11. Anyone know if DOS Case ID is the same thing as the case number (aka I-551 Number which is on the back of the permanent resident card)? It asks for DOS Case ID while trying to verify the online account before filing for N-400. Thanks!
  12. Received my card in the mail today. On to N400 threads now 😋 Best wishes for everyone waiting on their cases!
  13. Some good news for Nebraska cases (LIN). I received notification today that my card is being produced. This is the third update so far. 7/24/2020: Filed I-751 10/15/2020: Fingerprints applied 03/25/2021: New card is being produced Not sure when the card will arrive but I will post an update. Hoping to hear good news from more VJ members soon! 🤞🏽
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