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  1. This might change things for us. More to come within 24-48 hours: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/canada-us-border-1.5501201
  2. IR-1 visa candidate here. Me and my wife @Licorne. We got Documentarily Qualified on October/12/2019. Could you add us to the file here please? : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LvnDvX95_tfWtTvsJJM49PDPPvPKal0WG2rgdZHhsz0/htmlview Thank you.
  3. My wife has been in college for the last three years and worked very little. Her income had not qualified her to be my primary financial sponsor- so we had asked family to do it. Our 1-130 application has been approved- but since its approval in the last 3 months, my wife graduated and secured employment that would financially enable her to sponsor me on her own. She has been employed at her new position since the beginning of June. She has a verification letter from her employer but her tax transcripts from last year and her reported income from the last three show her low student income. Is her verification letter of new salary and recent employment going to be enough to let her file the I-864 on her own? Or should we continue with our original plan in having a joint sponsor?
  4. Indeed! I'm an IR-1 applicant from Montreal with January 10th NOA2 and got the "NVC Received"/"Notice of Immigrant Visa Case Creation" e-mail today! 😄
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