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  1. Did you talk to tier 2 officer when you called uscis?
  2. How quickly did they respond to your inquiry? My first inquiry in August took one month to be answered. And the answer was more detailed as I explained above. The second one in November was answered the next day. And it seemed that it was generated by a computer rather than a person because it didn't have any specific information. My requests were registered with VSC even though my case is in NBC. I think it makes sense.
  3. Since mine was transferred there in the beginning of May I've sent 2 requests in August and November. The first said that I was on pending schedule interview and the second is that my case is just pending without mentioning any interview. Just to remind my case is with a divorce waiver.
  4. Ok. How was it in your opinion? How long did it take? Questions? If you can share your experience it will be appreciated.
  5. Hey it's been a bit more than a month since you received interview invitation. How did it go? Hope everything was fine.
  6. I made an inquiry almost a month ago regarding my case stuck in NBC since May 8. Today they responded saying that my case is in "pending scheduling interview" status.
  7. What kind of information did they request in RFE?
  8. I never thought what those numbers really are because when I look at the numbers around mine they're all I-751. How come? Do they choose certain days to process I-751 only?
  9. It's interesting because I filed to VSC and got the same numbers EAC17144xxxxx
  10. Here it is - Feb 2017: filed I-751 to VSC - March 2017: biometrics - Feb 2018: RFE - divorce decree - May 8 2018: transfer to NBC
  11. I filed I-751 when my divorce was still in process. It was finalized in 4 months after I filed. USCIS sent me RFE in a year asking for divorce decree. You don't have to worry about removing conditions. You have plenty of evidence. File your I-751 now. Good luck with your divorce process. I hope you'll be able to get your money and valuables back. At least half of it.
  12. Nope. If a case was in VSC or CSC transferring to local office means nothing. It could mean that dusty papers were taken from the basement or moved between floors in a service center. If it says something about jurisdiction it means that it was transferred to another center for example NBC. In any case when the papers are transferred petitioner receives NOA soon after that.
  13. I received online updates last week saying that my I-751 was transferred to another office with new jurisdiction. Yesterday I got a notice in mail that my case is in NBC now. Since I had a divorce waiver I guess my case soon will be transferred to my local office in NYC for an interview. Does anyone know how long such case can stay in NBC before going to local office?
  14. I filed to VSC in Feb 2017. Got all "updates" in 2018 on Feb 21, 25 and 26, and Apr 9. The first 3 updates are shown in my.uscis.gov. The last one is on egov.uscis.gov. Feb 21 was about scheduling an interview. All the rest are about receiving in local office.
  15. I filed with a divorce waiver too. Still nothing. Got several glitchy updates in February.