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  1. Thank you for sharing. I have a family who were admitted under U4U in June. Would be good to get clarity on their options to apply re-parole well in advance of their parole status expiring.
  2. What would be the path to AOS for a U4U parolee (currently in US) who is a sibling of a USC with I-130 already approved (waiting on visa number)? Edit: answered my own question "In general, if you are filing as a beneficiary of an immigrant visa petition (such as Form I-130, Form I-140, or Form I-360), you may file an adjustment application only after USCIS has approved your petition and an immigrant visa number is immediately available."
  3. Are we tracking processing times for U4U EADs anywhere? Here is our timeline so far. Curious to see others. 06-14-2022 Arrived 06-20-2022 I-765 Sent 06-24-2022 I-797C NOA receipt 07-20-2022 ASC notice received 07-24-2022 Biometrics appointment ... waiting Would it make sense to start a thread for U4U after arrival? We are in the process for applying for financial aid and benefits. Started English classed on Zoom and joining ESL classes in the community college in another month. Kid is registered for school. Adapting. Things are moving along.
  4. They have 90 days to attempt entry from the date Travel Document is issued. Upon entry, they are granted parole for 2 years.
  5. Good day, folks! Sharing an update. My beneficiaries arrived on Tuesday 6/14 at Houston airport. The lines moved quickly. They got their biometrics taken and were sent in for secondary screening (into a separate room). Their passports and documents were taken and they waited for about an hour and a half before they were admitted. It was not clear what took so long. Questions they were asked were very basic (where you are going, what is your relationship to the sponsor). Overall, fairly uneventful. Just unexpectedly long wait without explanation. Share this with your beneficiaries, so that they don’t get alarmed.
  6. Could you share some details for dummies like me? Thank you!
  7. I know of one who successfully arrived but their citizenship was not Russia (this could theoretically be a factor for delay)
  8. I’d double check on that. If you submit from US on behalf of your beneficiaries - it’s not them completing attestations… I don’t recall where exactly but it was stated in some instructions that beneficiaries had to be the ones completing and submitting the forms. I had my beneficiaries on a Zoom call and assisted them with the exercise. Not sure if the system is smart enough to capture IP address of where it was submitted from though.
  9. I found this resource but it gives you an option to sign up as a sponsor, while it states Ukrainian applicants are vetted… but no reference to how Ukrainians can apply. https://ukraine.welcome.us/
  10. Good day, I saw a couple of posts from people who sponsored Ukrainians they are not related to or know personally. I was wondering how they were able to find each other? I am sponsoring a family who are my close relatives, but also have a good friend in need of sponsorship. We looked on welcome.us - there is only an option to sign up as a sponsor, but no links to resources where a Ukrainian could apply to be vetted for sponsorship from a volunteer. We would really appreciate any helpful information. Thank you!
  11. My beneficiaries used gmail and got theirs the same day. Sorry you are experiencing this - there’s nothing more frustrating. Did they check their spam folder?
  12. @scandal, When you get a chance, could you please share if your beneficiaries were requested to present proof of COVID vaccinations? Or share any other details of clearance process. Would really appreciate it!
  13. Happy Friday! 😎 I wanted to share my experience with submitting information to USCBP. As my beneficiaries completed attestations, there was a [Submit] button on each step. Status of each step was then changed to "Submitted". When we got to step 5. Submit all information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, [Submit] button was greyed out (disabled) and we were unable to click on it. We first thought that since each individual step is in status 'Submitted', step 5 may have become redundant. It still did not sit well with me, as it was very ambiguous. The next day we logged into the account from a mobile device, and saw the [Submit] button in blue (active). We clicked on it and got a proper confirmation that information went. Within a few hours we received the travel document back. Here is what your screen should look like upon successful submission. Here is what your screen should not look like. If it looks like this - your information has not been submitted. (getting the image)
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