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  1. Thank you my dear. I'm really not but it's just frustrating. I do hope i'm in that lucky batch.
  2. First of all , congratulations on all those Case Close @nvc and those who have just gotten case numbers. Just a little timeline review: Submitted docs on 02/07 and got an rfe for pp bio data page saying that the document was cut off. Please see attached photo circled in red. That's how it is in the passport and the scan never cut it off but i still got a rfe . This time around i scan it to show the outside 4 corners away from the actual document. I hope this help someone. To wait 2 weeks for that ####### is just a waste of time. Anyway all the best to those still waiting.
  3. Not a problem. I am not saying u can't follow this link either. Just so you don't get conflicting/confusing information i'm only directing you to the right forum.
  4. That's the same link you should be following as I stated before this thread are for persons who have already gotten their petition approved.
  5. Hello , Good to hear that you mailed off your packet. If you are referring to your I 130 petition, unfortunately you are following the wrong thread, this thread are for persons who were already approved by the USCIS and are awaiting a case # from the NVC or waiting for nvc to complete the applications and forward same to the country of charegeabilty. You should be following. Regards,
  6. I am not saying that this isn't true but they are trained to give you scripted responses. If it's not one thing i learnt during this entire process. Is that each and every case are different.
  7. Dont worry. I used Google chrome and my phone and my payment went through just fine. Agents never never give the full truth behind a technical difficulty. Just saying
  8. Ok , I hope this time around it's all resolved.
  9. I'm sorry to hear. So u have gotten a rfe before this, wow why couldn't they tell u all of the problems at once?
  10. Yes it makes perfect sense now. Forgive me for being slow . Lol, i think i did have them in landscape. 🙏
  11. I dont know what it means by 90° incorrectly? Was it like this before ?