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  1. Can I ask what is the correct way to file w2 for 2019 please? My husband is u.s. citizen petioner and I am alien spouse for IR1 waiting for documents to be qualified.
  2. Just wanted to know if someone can help me with this question please?
  3. Can someone please say if joint sponser needs to submit w2 as well as transcript please? Thanks
  4. Congratulations on ill!!

    1. FloraTen


      Thanks. Now I’m nervous 🙈 lol


  5. I would be able to get 2018 .do u know how much it costs online and how long before its available to download?
  6. Does anyone know the fastest way to get irs transcripts?
  7. Hi our case was updated today... My husband uploaded his employment verification letter in required doc section where income tax return was supposed to be... our tax return was rejected and the msg was to upload most recent transcript or explanation for not filing. Question- should I submit our explanation for not filing (he was unemployed for the tax period) in the same place where the income tax was..there is an option to replace document or delete document ? Or should it be in the additional docs section? Also... Our joint sponser tax return was also rejected with the same message attached... Joint sponser's tax return and w2 were submitted together Do you think that was the reason should I do them separately or do they require the transcript as stated in the msg? Thanks guys
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