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  1. Wow.. you got through with an officer.. that's great news. Hmm did you send a written inquiry online?
  2. Anybody has any news.. they saw on case tracker. Any updates about July... Well I know it's Sunday
  3. NEbraska =Never Expect I'm also always expecting something good.. but I feel it's like a damn lottery. Gambling 🎲🎰
  4. For the June filers, they were getting their noa2 within 320, 337, 341 days... I'm 338 day, nothing 😐
  5. My only hope for July is that person who got pd July 2nd on June 7th. On case tracker I see a lot of applications.. but when I check the case history of those numbers.. those people didn't even send an inquiry.. so kinda strange.
  6. Thanks. It's really a long time for all of us at Nebraska. July seems slow.
  7. πŸ™πŸ€ž Close date.. I haven't called them since I applied. Because I'm in India, I'm not going to waste my phone money calling them. I sent an email, inquiry.
  8. We're all waiting for the i130 result at the 'special' Nebraska Service Center... 😐 You were also a Nebraska filer, but glad you're moving on.. good luck! πŸ™
  9. Wow!! Congrats.. I'm happy for ya. Was just thinking about you this morning. Wondering if you got. Can you update your timeline? So we all can see... Thank you. πŸ™πŸ€ž Well, it'll be sent to the NVC next. You'll have to wait but not long as I'm seeing. Thank God. Then nvc will give you a case number. So you can continue and submit and pay their fees. Good luck! Pray for the rest of us πŸ™‚
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