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  1. Yeah same here, looks like everyone went back to 'ready to be scheduled' and now there's going to be months of backlog 😢
  2. We are scheduled for April 8th. No email yet. I hope you're right about approvals. With the situation in NYC its going to be looooong before things start to go back to normal. I'm sure USCIS can't afford to put so many cases on hold because even under normal circumstances they are backlogged and complain of being understaffed. Did you try calling USCIS helpine and speaking to Tier 2?
  3. I took mines and they didn't even bother with it. They will give you all the vaccines on the list irrespective of past record.
  4. I hope we hear something soon. I have a job offer that will expire on Sept 20th.
  5. Still waiting for mine, asking for other PDs to estimate when I'll get mine. My NOA is April 10 btw.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm starting graduate school at Columbia next week and have been offered to work as a Graduate Research Assistant. The position starts Oct 01. The EAD receipt date is April 10 and the expected approval is Oct 19. I would like to apply for an expedite using the offer letter from Columbia. Which category do you think I fit best in and what kind of supporting documents should I send to USCIS after making the call for expediting the process. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, our NOA1 was April 10 and we had our biometrics on July 24th after calling USCUS multiple times and then going through the congresswoman. And the biometrics was ONLY for the EAD and not the AOS. They say the biometrics for AOS (code 3) are only valid for 15 months since they go to the FBI database for background checks, and since the AOS timeline for NY is 15 to 32 months therefore they will only take those biometrics once they know you are in the 'safe window'.
  8. Unfortunately nothing on my end yet. Put in another service request for AP. Since the USCIS T1 lady told me that biometrics are definitely a requirement for AP. The EAD can be issued without biometrics in some cases. Also - she said that since my POE was in March they might just use my fingerprints from that BUT just in case they don't she has put in a request. She also said that next time you call, use your AP receipt number since AP is taking 6.5 to 8.5 months and 3 months have already gone. Before speaking to this nice lady I had called USCIS to speak to T2 to inquire about the service request I put in on May 16th and this is what that guy said to me: He was like why the F are you calling and wasting our time, you dont understand the system, who told you the timeline for biometrics, how dare you tell us to schedule the appointment, we know how to do our job. He kept screaming at me non stop, did not even let me speak, told me why are you asking about AP and EAD, why do you want employment to pay your house bills can't your husband afford it, when he filed his financials he made sure he would be taking care of you financially. Also said that why you need to travel abroad you just came here. For NY it is taking 3 years for green card so we dont know when or if you'll get AP or EAD because it is linked to biometrics and you can't get biometrics this year and you will not get AP or EAD. My pulse was probably sky high, I told him I'm not satisfied with his answers because he didn't clarify why: 1. There is option of filing AP and EAD while pending GC (obviously because GC takes time and it feels like jail without work or travel, there could also be an emergency) 2. Why AP and EAD have timelines that are independent of GC filing and location of local office. I said thank you very much and hung up.
  9. I'm totally going to try to do that! 2 months is too long! Sometimes I feel like out paperwork got lost in some piles
  10. She had no explanation whatsoever. At least you're getting the AP. My AP and EAD statuses say "My case was recieved". I need the combo card urgently as I need to work in Columbia during grad school! Also need to travel in December. I'm really frustrated.
  11. @LizM I'm also waiting for Biometrics. Notice date is April 15. Tier 2 officer says no biometrics appointment has been scheduled and they are really sorry. She also told me that biometrics don't affect the combo card. I'm an unfortunate Brooklyn filer.
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