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  1. Shahrukh khan

    Inviting my Father to visit me In US

    my massage is very clear I wrote that my father got (VISA ONCE FOR 5 YEARS AND IT WAS MULTIPLE VISA) in that visa he say for 2 months and came back it was just a visit in USA. then after 8 years he applied another time but he was refused and again he applied after 4 years again he got refused. and now he want to apply again to visit me as I got married here 5 months again ( I hope now you got a clear picture now reply me please). Thanks
  2. Shahrukh khan

    Inviting my Father to visit me In US

    Hi every one I would like to know I came to US last year in September on K1 Fiance VISA and Got married and filed my for Adjustment of Status and we have a small dinner here in USA as non of my family member was here as there don't have visa, but now I would like to invite my father to come here. He have visited USA in 2001, that time he got VISA for 5 years but he have lived only for 2 months and went back. After that he applied two times but his visa got refused with out no reason. My father is 70 years now and I having strong ties with the home country he owns a rented House, He have big investment in stocks and have Bonds and a saving investment in Government bonds also he owns 3 Cars, I guss this is a strong tie with home country and my 2 siblings and whole Family beside me lives in my home Country. Now my question is Do I need to write an invitation later or some thing form my side or what can I do so that he can get a VISA to meet me. I will me more then Happy to read your comments. Thanks and Regards
  3. Hi every one I have applied for AOS after coming to USA on k1 visa and we have send affidavit of support of joint sponsor as my wife who is a US citizen income was low, so we received this RFE after waiting for almost 4 months, I would like to know is it important to file jointly TAX then then send reply for this RFE ...?? also please help me with all the documents we need to send please check the attachment. Thanks a lot in advance. new doc 2019-02-11 14.28.24_20190211181225.pdf
  4. Actually my wife income is low so we have send her uncle affidavit of support as a joint sponsor but now USCIS wants my wife Affidavit of support we recevied (RFE) so on that note I was asking do we need to first jointly file our TAX for 2018 and then send or send them 2017 as she file her on TAX because I just came to United states on K1 visa
  5. We have send AOS with her UNCLE (joint sponsor) and we did not filed with her Affidavit of support and now we received AOS and USCIS is asking for my wife Affidavit of support as she sponsored me. so now she did not filed her 2018 TAX returns so do we need to filed 2018 and then send them or we can send them 2017 as its read. thanks
  6. Hi every one I just want know a quick information my wife have filed for my AOS after K1 visa and We have received (RFE) in which USCIS wants my wife’a affidavits of support, as she have sponsored me initially we did not submitted because her income is to low now I want to know as we are married so do we need to file Tax together as her 2018 Tax is still not filed so do I file with her or she can file alone ??? As we need to send them latest tax statement. Waiting for reply for all of you.
  7. Shahrukh khan

    Recevied 221G Refused

    its normal to get 221G but in this case it looks difficult to understand what the visa office wants.
  8. Hi every one just want to take some help form you all guys here in this group, one my friend went for interview and she have given all here questions during her interview and after interview the visa officer 👮‍♀️ a lady given this paper and told her the her visa need some more processing and return her passport. All what they said at the end of the interview is (we need further investigate in your case and give the paper to my friend and said we will contact you. I want all of those Who are from Pakistan or those who received paper from CO waiting for your all kind advice's. Paper is attached with this post kindly view it after reading this post Thanks. Regards
  9. send them inquire go to this link https://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visa-inquiries/
  10. Congratulations to you bro ! Can you please share your time in how much time you case got approved and how much time your case took at what status , was your case showing (AP) if yes so how much time it took in your case on AP....??
  11. Again my visa went to Administrative processing
  12. how much time it took in your case. please share in days and months
  13. mine is also changing and my status was also ready and now its showing application received all we need to do is wait . no idea they asked me for joint sponsor and i already send on 4 since then 3 times status go changed but since 14 jun its not changed and showing application received.