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  1. Hi everyone. I just have a quick qn. Has anyone here obtained the PCC from India?
  2. I had submitted all documents already on April 7th.They requested 2018 W-2s and 1099. My lawyer submitted those today and we got the DQ email today within a few hours.
  3. First submission was April 7th. And the final submission was today.
  4. Got my DQ email today! So relieved to be done with this part of the process, although we have another long one ahead.
  5. My lawyer actually did upload it under that missing document. I even checked after he did. It showed “Submitted” with the explanation letter and a note also. Now the explanation letter is showing up as an additional AOS document for some reason. The status for the letter shows as “Accepted” and the status for that document again shows as “‘Missing”. There is a message, but the content won’t open. I can just see the title of the message. I haven’t been able to read any of my messages on there.
  6. Hi everyone. I am a bit confused so I thought I’d ask you guys for some clarity. Last week we got an email about a status change in the CEAC portal. I logged in and saw that one financial document was showing as “Missing”. I told my lawyer and he submitted an explanation letter for not having that document. Today I got another email about a status change. The explanation letter is showing as “Accepted”. However, the document is showing as “Missing” again even though they saw the explanation and accepted it. Has anyone experienced something like this? Has anyone had a “Missing” document, but still gotten DQ? And typically how long does DQ take after all documents have been accepted?
  7. Hi guys. Has anyone been unable to open a message in the CEAC portal? I can see the message title, but I can’t see the content of the message. I’m not sure why.
  8. Yeah, my husband had to reschedule 3 times too. It’s very frustrating. I didn’t expect the lockdown to get extended so many times. But atleast the NVC understands the situation and accepts documents without it. I hope and pray we all get DQ soon too.
  9. That’s great. I’m glad to know that they accepted all documents without the PCC. I’ve been worried about that. And it’s so great that you got DQ so quickly. So happy for u. I’m hoping we hear some good news soon too.
  10. Ur welcome! And you submitted without the PCC, right?
  11. Hi guys. Does the NVC send an email once documents are accepted or do you have to login to the ceac website to find out?
  12. Thank you. U too. I pray that it will be over very soon.
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