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  1. Exactly! I don’t think it takes much time to go through each case and make a decision, but things just move too slowly. Even a few years ago processing times were quicker. I don’t know why it takes so long now and why they are so understaffed. It’s really frustrating to have to wait so long to be with our loved ones. And yeah, hopefully our cases move desks quicker.
  2. Yeah, hopefully things move quick. And yeah, I saw that the processing times are Potomac are much quicker. I wish we had gotten Potomac. Lol. I also noticed some changes in the updated dates. My last update was last month. I wasn’t sure what it meant. If it means even the slightest bit of progress, then that’s great.
  3. Yeah, I got that too and registered my account. I heard Nebraska is slow too, but hopefully they pick up the pace and start processing quicker. My case went to Texas.
  4. Oh ok. I also got an IOE receipt number and I submitted a paper application as well. I read that everyone has been getting IOE receipt numbers lately. I hope this somehow shortens the processing times by atleast a little.
  5. Oh ok. I read somewhere that some who got IOE receipt numbers were getting quicker approvals. But I also read that it was because those people were part of the pilot program, which is over now. So now I guess we’re back to the normal processing times. I still hope they somehow pick up their pace and processing times are shortened. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻. And yeah, I saw that Nebraska was a little further behind than TSC, but Potomac was even quicker. Who knows, maybe Nebraska will pick up its pace and start giving approvals sooner. I hope you get your approval sooner than expected!
  6. Thank you for your reply! 😊 Oh ok. I was seeing a lot of posts about the IOE receipt numbers, but I didn’t know all of us were getting them. Do you know if these IOE numbers mean anything in terms of processing times? I was assigned to the Texas Service Center. How about you?
  7. Hi guys. I’m also an October filer. I was just wondering if all of you here received an IOE receipt number?
  8. Hi everyone. Could anybody here tell me the procedure to request an expedite of the AP (I-131)? The reason for the expedite is a very ill parent. What are the steps to request an expedite? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your quick reply. I initially thought 3-5 months was the average processing time. I didn’t expect it to take so long. And I saw on the website that the current receipt date to submit a case enquiry is January 12th. So I was hopeful that I would get my approval soon. Each step of this journey seems so long and very frustrating.
  10. Hi everyone. We applied for EAD and AP on January 24, 2019. I was expecting to get approval by the end of this month. However, someone told me that it would take until September to get the combo card. I’m very confused and upset now. Does anybody know if this is true? Does it really take that long to get AP approval?
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