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  1. @Jorgedig The laboratory (they do an x-ray of the chest and blood work) is part of the doctor visit (physical) that the embassy requires prior to the consular interview. So the ONLY ONE (lab in Bogota that meets "requirements") has system failure. So that's how they're involved in the whole visa process...
  2. Good day to all, As many of you may be aware there seems to be a problem with the ONLY laboratory that was being used by the US Embassy in Bogota to process ALL of the visa cases. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?(aside from being patient and waiting) It has been a long time waiting since this pandemic, then a problem with the backlog of cases from NVC, and now we are all being placed on Administrative Process due to the fact that the LABORATORY and the Embassy "SYSTEM" is overwhelmed? Come on folks enough is enough! There has to be a quick resolution to this. How about we all come together as one and act up on this matter? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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