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  1. Sorry to post this question in your thread. since we are discussing covid 19 test matter let me ask. Does anybody has experience using covid 19 antigen rapid screening test by shopper drug mart for US travel? Is it acceptable?
  2. I am looking at air tickets from YEG-WAS and flights are available via YYZ with a lay over option of 1h12/1h42m/5h56m. We will be having our secondary at YYZ and ideally i want to have around 3h layover on the safer side but no option is available. Can somebody share their recent experience of secondary at YYZ? how long normally it will take? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, A quick update. Our visas have been issued yesterday and we received tracking confirmation from Canada post. We had interview on 3rd May. We had medical exam with Dr Ian Z. On 26th Apr and our results were on time. Their turn around time is a week.
  4. We had our interview today and our case was approved. We were in and out in an hour. They asked following document on first window and asked us to wait for the call. ( we waited 5-10 in the hall) Passports 1 picture Original Birth certificates for applicants only Original Marriage certificate Original Divorce papers for applicant only Original consent letter for relocation of children from my ex Original Police clearance i864 Income tax return 2020 They asked following questions on second window. ( Total interview was 5-10 min long) When and where you met with your spouse When did you get married What is the longest time you stayed in US Where you traveled in last 5 years Where do you intend to live in US The whole experience was short, simple and pleasant.
  5. I have no experience but i will prefer a 2.30- 3hrs lay over on the safer side.
  6. It is for spousal visa. I have to register my appointment and for 2 kids.
  7. Hey Guys, A quick question. I am a little confused while registering for visa appointment. Which options from the following i have to select for registering visa appointment? Option#1: I have received a Consular interview appointment date from the National Visa Center (NVC) or the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) and I have been instructed to register my appointment on this site. Option#2: I have received a letter/email from the consular section with instructions to register or schedule a K (Fiancé(e)/Spouse/Child) visa appointment. Is this option#2?
  8. The review posted by @Deric&Alicia mentioned passport photos are not required for Dr Ian Z. appointment. “I called the office to double check the time and things I need to bring. Receptionist informed that passport photos are NOT needed. Just passport, interview letter, and immunization records. (I brought passport photos just in case lol”
  9. We are also booked with him. Should we checked in with dynacare with 1 hour interval from Dr appointment ?
  10. Thx. At which clinic you had medical? Ideally it should be US size but I am not sure. Let’s wait if someone can share their experience. I am hoping there is gonna be another round of IL because they are not done with May. Best of luck!
  11. I have read different forums and reviews and it looks like they take 10 business days on an average to send medical exam results to MTL. Anyhow I have booked medical exam on April 26 and my interview is on May 03. There is almost no chance to have medical result before interview. We are flying on Jul 01 so I am hoping by then we will have our visa.
  12. Hey guys, Any idea about turnaround time of medical exam results from Toronto or Montreal clinics? Our interview is scheduled on May 03 and we will be flying from AB. We are weighing this option if we can do medical exam and interview in the same trip. What would be the wait time If medical results reach to consulate after our visa interview ? Although we will be moving to US on July 01, 2021 still we don’t want to risk anything due to COVID-19 situation.
  13. Hey Guys Good News. I just received interview appointment on May 3, 2021 @ 8am for my one kid. Dq date August 18,2020
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