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  1. No problem at all. You may need additional new documents from the time you filed your ROC to-date, any thing you deem as good evidence just added it. It's better to have more than getting a RFE .
  2. Yes that's correct, don't forget to add a copy of your expired green card (front and back) and the extension letter you received . Good luck and wish u a speedy process. Honestly hiring a lawyer will be an additional expenses on you. However that's something u have to decide. The evidence is exactly the same you submitted when you filed your ROC, if u have recent bank statements, bills, and another evidence just added it. I understand they increasing or already increased the fee, double check the correct fee.
  3. I like this post, when I was doing my AOS, I used my wife most recent tax return income as current income and this year too, I did the same for my son because that's how I understood it. and both were approved. May be both USCIS /NVC missed that part. However during the NVC stage I used employment letter and current paystub as proof of employment. @Pushbrk, thank you for explaining this in detail. It make more sense to me now.
  4. Ameen, may September be the turning point
  5. Do they still conduct interviews for ROC, i understand if your did your interview for conditional green card in the US, you may not have an Interview for ROC, however this is base on submitting sufficient evidence with I-751
  6. Anyone else got his/her still appointment still valid or canceled at the Dakar Embassy for Aug?
  7. OMG. Let see what happen .This is getting out of hand. Please keep us posted.
  8. May be you did not see the gist of my post. Trump has always said end to chain immigration. One of his speech in 2017 he did said merit base immigration should only allow citizens to bring in Spouse and minors same for LPR. Am just saying Canada and UK have merit base immigration. So this is nothing new. I lived in the UK for 5yrs i know how merit based immigration works.
  9. Merit base immigration is nothing new, candan, UK and others have it. A citizen can only bring spouse and minor children period. No more siblings or parents. The same for legal permanent residents. Let just see what Trump will come up with. Since we don't what us in his head, waiting is the order of the day. However, does he even have the authority to change immigration laws? Hopefully someone will sue his actions
  10. Did they actually cancelled all Aug appointments or they planning to do it? Mein , this is heart breaking
  11. One thing I found annoying, most of the time, if an immigrant have an issue in his or her marriage, its label as fraud. Marriages either work or we find our way out of it. As long as you entered in the marriage with good intentions, you will be okay. He can report you billion times, USCIS officers knows what they are doing, yes they may investigate but that doesn't mean they will deport u just like that. Only an immigration judge can deport u. Its a long and complex process. Just gather all the evidence you have during your time with him either good or bad. If i were u, I would see a lawyer for an opinion.
  12. Would recommend DHL, you can track your mail on real time.
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