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  1. Save the file as PDF then suppress the file. It should be less than 2MB, OTHERWISE, they will reject it
  2. I have the same experience , after my 2yrs GC was approved, i went to the DMV to extend my DL in Las Vegas, to my surprise, the lady said to me since you are Permanent resident , i will issue you 8yrs DL, i was surprise but equally happy. I always have the feeling that the DL goes with the 2yrs GC
  3. A gentleman from Lagos, waited for 82 days . I also understand it can take up to 90days for an interview to be schedule. Remember Nigeria is a big country .
  4. I also have 2 middle names, on my EAD AND FRONT page of my GC , they only have one middle name. On my SSN and IRS records , my middle name never appeared. However, ONLY my DRIVING ID have my full middle name. and the back of my GC have my full initial/middle name. It's not a big deal at all, i can be corrected, but i think its system issue.
  5. How can it be a concern if it is legal? let's support each other and leave the rest with USCIS to adjudicate the rest.
  6. My case is similar, My wife a USC was married to a foreigner and filed a petition for him and he got his GC, AFTER 5YRS of marriage, they divorced . Fast forward, we got married (Am also a foreigner) and my wife file a petition for me, at the interview, it was never an issue. Since you can recall the date, i would suggest you just answer YES and put the year, however on the last paper of the form I-130 supplementary information, you can write a note explaining that you can recall the date and month. Finally, if your relationship is genuine, gather evidence and prepare well for the interview. LOVE IS BLIND, AND IT HAS NO BOUNDARY
  7. Why you celebrating on such a sensitive issue? If you live in a Glass house, don't throw stones. How do you know if he/she lied? let's not be judgmental, people need help and guidance.
  8. My wife is 10yrs older than me, However, i did AOS in the US, it was never an issue. JUST gather evidence and prepare for the interview. By the way am also from Gambia.
  9. Agreed. However, ensure that your account has sufficient fund
  10. The average processing time for the I-130 is 10 MONTHS. However, the visa processing may take between 3-5 months.
  11. No issue at all, i asked about wedding, i told the officer we could not afford it.
  12. My wife was married multiple times , they requested for copies of all the previous divorce decrees, We only took her last divorce decree. The interview was straightforward and quick. We took lot of evidence .
  13. This is my story : 02-Mar-18 USCIS Received My Application 14-Mar-18 USCIS accepted my case 19-Mar-18 Received my Notice of Action from USCIS 23-Mar-18 Received my Finger Print Appointment 02-Apr-18 Received a Letter from USCIS Requesting for my Birth Certif 02-Apr-18 Mailed my Birth Certificate to USCIS 05-Apr-18 Did my Finger Print 09-Apr-18 USCSIC Acknowledge receipt of my birth certificate (RFIE) 14-Aug-18 Case Ready to be scheduled for an Interview (After 165Days) 20-Aug-18 New Card Being Produced (EAD) 22-Aug-18 Card mailed to me 25-Aug-18 Received my EAD 27-Aug-18 Received my SSN 25-Feb-19 Address Changed 26-Feb-19 Interview Scheduled 02-Apr-19 Interview Date at 12.30PM 04-Apr-19 Request for additional evidence 05-Apr-19 Mail back my response 16-Apr-19 USCIS Acknowledged receiving my response 18-Apr-19 Case Approved
  14. Thank you Lil bear, what are the supporting documents needed?
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