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  1. I was just about to ask this question. Thanks, everyone!
  2. NVM, it says 9/19, not 9/9. Sorry. I'm on edge with all these AOS paperwork. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'll be sending out my (k1) AOS packet this week. I arrived here June 23rd and married July 20. My i-94 says Admit Until 9/19, but my k1 visa says it expires December 3rd 2019. I've read that it takes 1-3 weeks for the NOA1, should I be concerned about my i-94 expiry date?
  4. Kai!1

    Debit Card

    Hello, Any suggestions on a debit card I can get here to transfer my paypal funds to? I’ve only been here two weeks on a k1 visa so I’m not eligible to open a bank account yet. Also, will I be able to withdraw from my Metrobank (Philippine bank) debit card from the atm machines here? It’s a Mastercard so I should be able to use swipe that, right? Tia!
  5. Kai!1

    K2 Photo

    It’s not. Not even birth certificate but you need to indicate that your fiancee has a child or children on the forms, whether they are travelling with her or not. St. Lukes also makes you write down names of the child(ren) on one of the cut out sheets they give you.
  6. I just had my CFO Thursday, June 6th, and the counselor said the CFO at NAIA only gives stickers for special cases like kids, pregnant women and PWD’s. Those of us who didn’t have our visas yet were advised to get the sticker at their Cebu, MNL, Clark or Davao location, whichever is closest. She also never mentioned there is a CFO location at the Cebu airport.
  7. Hi, all. I’m scheduled for my interview tomorrow and I met some k1 ladies during my medical the other day who told me that I need to submit my fiancee’s birth certificate. Is this true? I don’t see it on the usem website checklist as well as Hank’s. I was also told there’s a dress code for the interview? That it should be slacks and shirt with a collar + close shoes, which I think is so ridiculous btw. Tyia!
  8. Hello, all. I’m scheduled for my medical, interview and CFO next week, and I’m hoping you could answer my questions. 1. Can I submit just the photocopy of the Cenomar at CFO? It turns out I only had one original, and I’m saving it for the interview. 2. For the interview, it says ‘submit PSA birth cert of children, even if they do not apply for a visa’. Can these birth certificates be just photocopies? 3. I have my fiancee’s 1040, W-2, cert of employment and bank statements. My fiancee also sent me i-129f and all the evidences she submitted, are they part of the i-129f? and can I submit some of them (evidences) for CFO and the interview, or do I need to procure new ones? Tia!
  9. I know what you mean. Their website looks pretty shady, and they still have not responded to the email I sent to cancel the Cebu CFO I had initially booked for June 3rd. I will call them when they open today.
  10. Thanks, Hank. I just sent them an email. Should they ask to reschedule, would you know if I need to book it online again because that would mean I won’t be able to do for another month or so?
  11. Hello, They just declared June 5th as a National holiday. I have CFO seminar scheduled that day. Would any of you know if they are open that day? Thanks.
  12. Oh hey, thanks. Have you called them yet?
  13. Hank, you are awesome! Thank you as always!
  14. Hello, I wrote down my fiancee’s mother’s maiden name incorrectly. It should have been her given name-her mom’s last name-her dad’s last name. Turns out I wrote down her given name-her mom’s last name-her husband’s last name. Her brother gave me this incorrect info. Is this going to be a problem? And can I rectify this?
  15. Kai!1

    CFO Website

    Are you using your phone to access the site? It didn’t let me open the barcoded form when I used my mobile before. I had to use my pc in order to view it. It would recommend that you use Internet Explorer but it worked fine when I used Chrome.
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