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  1. Oh hey, thanks. Have you called them yet?
  2. Hank, you are awesome! Thank you as always!
  3. Hello, I wrote down my fiancee’s mother’s maiden name incorrectly. It should have been her given name-her mom’s last name-her dad’s last name. Turns out I wrote down her given name-her mom’s last name-her husband’s last name. Her brother gave me this incorrect info. Is this going to be a problem? And can I rectify this?
  4. Kai!1

    CFO Website

    Are you using your phone to access the site? It didn’t let me open the barcoded form when I used my mobile before. I had to use my pc in order to view it. It would recommend that you use Internet Explorer but it worked fine when I used Chrome.
  5. There’s a glitch. Just refresh the page and it will fix itself. I just booked a June 6th interview.
  6. Kai!1

    MNL #

    Yes Sir I did follow the format. Thanks so much for all your help.
  7. Kai!1

    MNL #

    I’ve sent them the email to request for the NVC letter after I got off the phone with them. Will they be able to accommodate that still or will they resort to sending the hard copy because I made that call?
  8. Kai!1

    MNL #

    Hello, I just got off the phone with NVC and they gave me my MNL #. I’m hoping it will be included in the Tuesday shipment. I just want to make sure I’m on the right track here, I can now pay BPI and schedule an interview, right? Or do I wait for it to say Ready on the tracker?
  9. Kai!1

    CFO rescheduling

    Tell me about it. I got mine booked for June 3rd. The preview/confirmation shows the incorrect DOB of the petitioner, even if the actual form has the correct entry. They have not responded to my email yet and I hope it won’t cause any issues.
  10. Kai!1


    I’ve just decided I’ll take that route, too. Thanks. After the long wait for our NOA2, I had my walls up and I’m worried there will more delays so I wanted to get my medical out of the way asap, in case I fail it.
  11. Kai!1


    I appreciate your response. The sole purpose of the end of May trip was just to get my medical out of the way for my peace of mind, in case I fail it and would need to wait a couple months longer.
  12. Kai!1


    Thanks! I wanted to get the medical test done asap just in case there are delays and sputum tests are required. I don’t mind going back for my interview.
  13. Kai!1


    Hello, We got our NOA2 on April 23 (after 270 days of waiting 😫). I’m the applicant and I live outside MNL. Based on the current average wait times, is it safe to book a flight to MNL for my medical for end of May? I’m hoping I’d already have the NVC email with MNL # by then. Tyia.
  14. Thank you. This is very helpful Much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to help out.
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