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  1. Hey there visa journey family , We got approved on Sep 14 San Salvador, us embassy exactly 1 year after our uscis PD, for all of you still waiting, hang in there I know it's though being away from our love ones but all of this waiting it's worth it , I will post the full review of the interview in a few hours thank you, y'all for everything. I'm just concernd about her A number to pay for her GC fee , at the end of the interview my wife was given a paper from CO saying if she wasn't enrolled in cargo espresso, ( where you pick up your passport ) please call to this number , do you guys know if they will give her the info the info when she get her passport ?? God bless you all !!!!!
  2. Denys/Alba/Yanes

    NOA1 will take 6 months...

    That same scenario happen to us , I send my I-30 around late July 2016 didn't get my noa 1 until September , but guess what my priority date is Sept 14 , i emailed uscis stating that more than 1 month has passed and we haven't received my noticed that was on Monday , by Wednesday they reply my email saying the have process my application that same Wednesday so our application was on the limbo for almost 2 months
  3. Got our interview date today Sep 14 , CC 07/25
  4. Got our CC yesterday scan date may 17 CC July 25 , thanks God this journey is almost over
  5. If your husband it's your sponsor( affidavit of support ) , he needs to cover all your expenses while your still have a GC 5 years , or when you become a Us citizen,