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    I'm Canadian, my wife is American. We met online in January of 2015 through mutual friends. She didn't like me at first. LOL! In August I was heading to Memphis TN. She lives 3 hours away so we decided to meet in person. August 1 2015 I was at her front door. She came back to Memphis with me. We started dating August 4 2015. In January 2016 she came to Canada for a few months to visit. That's how it started! We've been together pretty much non stop since then! We got engaged in Arkansas on April 22 2017. We got married in Arkansas on April 7 2018. Now the I-130 paperwork starts!

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  1. Thank you. that is my next option. Hopefully it doesn't take too long. I want to get the paperwork sent off! Mike
  2. Thank you. I tried different ways and combinations. I put in all passport info (with and without middle name) and still nothing comes up. When I put the SAME info in History it shows my crossings. Mike Thanks. I tried everything. Only thing left to do is call a deferred inspection site. Mike
  3. Thank you. Should I put B2 in Class of admission spot without any record of an I-94? I don't want to put something down if there is no record of it. As I said it shows my last 100 entries into the USA (dating back to 2015) but when we enter the info for the I-94 it states no records found. I definitely need clarification on this. Thank you. Mike
  4. OKAY...I jut did this and it comes up "No record found for traveller" I cross every single weekend at Lewiston/Queenston. When I go to view travel history it comes up with all my visits including my last entry on August 2 2019. Mike
  5. I came into the USA from Canada as a visitor as I do almost every weekend. My wife and I decided (for reasons not being disclosed here) to file for adjustment of status. I'm currently filling out form I-131 and there is a section asking my CLASS OF ADMISSION. I don't have an I-94 nor was my passport stamped. I pulled up to Lewiston border and as usual they asked a few questions, looked at my passport (I assume they swiped it too) and admitted me without any secondary inspection. My question is what do I put for CLASS OF ADMISSION? Thank you! Mike
  6. I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is an American citizen. We filed the I-130 paperwork and were approved. The case was sent to the NVC in April. We are currently filling out all the paperwork that we were going to send to the NBC but things have changed. My wife previously would travel back to Canada with me so we could spend a lot of time together. We came down to her house at the beginning of August where we decided due to a change in circumstances (that will not be discussed here) that I will be staying and adjusting status from here. I crossed as a visitor as I always do (we cross every weekend) at the Lewiston border August 2nd. We know we need to fill out the form 1-485, both my wife (no income) and my father-in-law need to fill out the I-864 forms. He is my sponsor and his income is more than adequate. We will also file I-765 and I-131. I have a couple questions: 1) Is that everything we need to start this new journey? 2) From what I understand I don’t need to submit any new evidence with the I-485 because the I-130 is already approved is that correct? 3) How long (approximately) for EAD cars to arrive. 4) I drove down. My car is Canadian. I own it. How/when can I import it?? I think that’s all for now. Thank you Mike
  7. The first step during the NVC process will be filling out the immigrant application form and the affidavit of support, the fees combined are $445. At the moment I don’t recall the number of the forms. Mike
  8. You are already registered. Since you received your approval by email you will receive your NVC info the sane way about a month after your approval. Mike
  9. Thank you!! He is also paid weekly!! Great news! What consulate was the interview at? Mike
  10. I’m 45. My wife is 24. We were approved NOA1 and 2 and now in NVC stage. We’ve been together for 4 years though. Not sure if that makes a difference. Mike
  11. Can anyone in Canada or and admins verify that this is false or bad information? I’m SO confused...it seems like this member has been shut out of his accounts. Need some help here. Thank you. Mike
  12. Thank you! I have no idea when they received it all I know is that we got the email this morning with the NVC case number. Pretty awesome. The next step is to pay the fees and get the affidavit of support ready. Lately I’ve been hearing from one member on here that you need six months worth of pay stubs with no gaps. Our cosponsor is just starting back to work now. From the looks of it we’ll have to wait 6 months to file those documents. It’s funny because if we submit three years worth of tax returns all three years are over $100,000 each year. But one member has told me that that does not matter and that six months of current paystub‘s are still required. The first thing we are going to do is sort out that information and go from there. Mike
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