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    I'm Canadian, my wife is American. We met online in January of 2015 through mutual friends. She didn't like me at first. LOL! In August I was heading to Memphis TN. She lives 3 hours away so we decided to meet in person. August 1 2015 I was at her front door. She came back to Memphis with me. We started dating August 4 2015. In January 2016 she came to Canada for a few months to visit. That's how it started! We've been together pretty much non stop since then! We got engaged in Arkansas on April 22 2017. We got married in Arkansas on April 7 2018. Now the I-130 paperwork starts!

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  1. Hey!! To be honest I haven’t even looked for work yet. We live on a farm and with lots to do there. I figure I’ll look sometime in September. Welcome to the state. It’s a great place.
  2. Okay if it’s a similar timeline to mine you can expect end of May or beginning of June for you to get approvals. I hope it’s sooner for you! Mike
  3. When did you send your 765/131 to USCIS and what office is handling it? Mine was received August 29 approved March 17. So approximately 6 months and my office is National Benefits Center. Mike
  4. I don’t have it yet. I sent it to them on August 29 and I got approved yesterday. I should have my EAD card in the next couple of weeks. Mike.
  5. Originally...I filed my I-130 through Canada May 2018 a month after we were married. NOA1 cane days later. NOA2 came April 4 2019. In August my wife and I went to her house in Arkansas. Things changed and I adjusted status. They received that package August 29 2019. I had my biometrics in September 2019. Yesterday I got approved for my 131/796. I don’t think we will be receiving an interview date anytime soon with the craziness going on right now. Mike
  6. Yes!! My status changed yesterday to case was approved for both my I-765 and I-131. I should have my letter by the end of the week or beginning of next week. All new interviews have been canceled and mine is not yet scheduled. When I get notification of my interview I will get my medical done and bring it with me to the interview. Thank you! Mike
  7. Wow. I wonder how long this will mess things up for. I filed 485/131/765 August 29 and just got approved for my EAD and travel documents yesterday. I have an approved I-130 sitting at the department of state office!! I was originally filing through Canada but we came down here at the beginning of August and our situation changed and I adjusted status. I guess we shall see. Mike
  8. Sadly that’s very likely. USCIS will close all local offices for in-person visits for at least 2 weeks. They will however continue processing cases and performing other work that does not require face to face time with petitioners. This virus is crazy.
  9. I never got ANYTHING at all with an approval for my I765. The other day I received a courtesy letter from USCIS for my form 693 because I didn’t do or submit my medical. On my USCIS account (my.uscis.gov) it says As of September 24, 2019, we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. I have this iPhone app called case tracker and it alerted me that my card is being produced so I checked the other USCIS website and when I manually enter my receipt number at egos.uscis.gov it says: New Card Is Being Produced On March 17, 2020, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number MSC199156xxxx, and will mail it to the address you gave us. How long before it’s in my mailbox? I’m psyched! Mike
  10. Thank you. that is my next option. Hopefully it doesn't take too long. I want to get the paperwork sent off! Mike
  11. Thank you. I tried different ways and combinations. I put in all passport info (with and without middle name) and still nothing comes up. When I put the SAME info in History it shows my crossings. Mike Thanks. I tried everything. Only thing left to do is call a deferred inspection site. Mike
  12. Thank you. Should I put B2 in Class of admission spot without any record of an I-94? I don't want to put something down if there is no record of it. As I said it shows my last 100 entries into the USA (dating back to 2015) but when we enter the info for the I-94 it states no records found. I definitely need clarification on this. Thank you. Mike
  13. OKAY...I jut did this and it comes up "No record found for traveller" I cross every single weekend at Lewiston/Queenston. When I go to view travel history it comes up with all my visits including my last entry on August 2 2019. Mike
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