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  1. yes i sent my request 7/29/20 and i received the email on 8/4/20. It stated that our case was pending consideration with an officer and that they would send notice or a decision soon. They did not give a time frame.
  2. well so you have an idea i log in to my account on USCIS website i put my log in information username and password and there you can see all the updates you had on the case. Is that the same account you are talking about. When you just check the status and put your confirmation number it will not show the request.
  3. did you check your email our response was an email? I guess it wouldn't hurt to call also i signed in to USCIS website and you can see if they completed the request for your case
  4. I don't want you to be confused, i am not saying Vermont's processing times don't apply to us. I said i Believed what was told to me by my lawyer and the notice letter we got when we were transferred. Again my lawyer told me we were outside of processing time in July 2020, the notice letter mentioned that our processing time would not be delayed due to the transfer. In that case when we were transferred from Nebraska and at that time Nebraska was processing cases from one year to about 14 months now they have the processing time of 6.5 months. Not that it matters now but i figured it would kind of be ridiculous to be transferred from somewhere that has less time then to somewhere that has to much wait time if that makes sense. we are going on 14 months now the service request already advised us that our case is with an officer and we would get a decision soon so again i don't know what to believe everyone's case is different. I met a couple on here that they applied and got transferred on the same day as us and they were approved a month after their transfer. No we did not expedite we do not have reason to expedite.
  5. oh OK i see well that yes, i thought they already responded to the service request and gave you date for the decision. I hope they give you good news and a direct response to what is going on with your case. I don't know if you seen what they responded to us but it was very direct and it seemed like great news after feeling so clueless.
  6. No we were not told that we would get a call instead that we would just get notice within 30 days. I received the notice by email. Wow i have been seeing in all the groups that i follow here and on Facebook that a lot of people are having troubles with the whole transferring mess. That they really don't know where their cases are. Fortunately our case was transferred and we got notice of it i called and made sure and sure enough it was just that.
  7. It has been 15 months for us my PD is June 24, 2019. I am so sorry but i have no idea for your case but i was told by my lawyer that my case would not go by that processing time. Also the notice letter we got for the transfer stated that the transfer was not to delay processing. My only assumption was in our case that time was not applied to us. But to be honest i have been given all types of answers i just do not even research anymore or ask because the only person who knows is the one handling your case. I have called immigration numerous times and i have been told that to go by Vermont processing times.
  8. I told them that i would like to put in a service request because my case was outside of processing time. To be honest i think it was a tier one officer i do not know the difference but he seemed more experienced then the regular employees you get when you call . I hope you do as well. Good Luck !!
  9. I called and made a service request 7/29/2020 because my lawyer had mentioned our case was out of processing time due to it being in Nebraska first. The service request response was that our case was pending consideration with an officer, that we should receive notice or a decision soon. We are still waiting
  10. Our PD is June 24, 2019 we were transferred from Nebraska to Vermont in February 2020. My lawyer mentioned that our case was out of processing time so i called and put in a service request 7/29/2020. The service request response was that the case was pending consideration with and officer and that we would receive notice or decision soon.
  11. I am feeling really confused and hopeless at this point but i cant really complain considering all that is going on right now and the presidents new proclamation. I started a new topic some months back about my case that was submitted June 24th 2019. I am a us citizen petitioning my husband that is still in his country. we have a daughter and he was here once before. long story short are case was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont in February 2020 yesterday marked a year for us and no approval. the harsh reality is watching even cases that just were submitted this year are already getting approved but good for them its hard being away from a loved one. i guess my main concern is after i called the customer service rep i was told we still have up to 7 months still but i seen on the immigration website the Nebraska service centers processing times have went down to 10.5 months to a 13.5 i feel like after getting the transfer notice saying that the reason for the transfer was to process the case more quicker its hard for me to believe considering the processing time says now on the immigration site that it takes 19.5 to 25 months in vermont 😔
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