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  1. I am feeling really confused and hopeless at this point but i cant really complain considering all that is going on right now and the presidents new proclamation. I started a new topic some months back about my case that was submitted June 24th 2019. I am a us citizen petitioning my husband that is still in his country. we have a daughter and he was here once before. long story short are case was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont in February 2020 yesterday marked a year for us and no approval. the harsh reality is watching even cases that just were submitted this year are already getting approved but good for them its hard being away from a loved one. i guess my main concern is after i called the customer service rep i was told we still have up to 7 months still but i seen on the immigration website the Nebraska service centers processing times have went down to 10.5 months to a 13.5 i feel like after getting the transfer notice saying that the reason for the transfer was to process the case more quicker its hard for me to believe considering the processing time says now on the immigration site that it takes 19.5 to 25 months in vermont 😔
  2. random question how did you find out the priorty date because all i see is when they were transfers or when approved
  3. i got an email, i looked on uscis case status, i called 3 days after the lady told me vermont, and then we got the letter in the mail like 5 days after
  4. i dont like getting my hopes up but that sounds excited where did you see this
  5. yes i hope you do too i did call to see where we were transferred too it is just an option
  6. yes i hope you do too i called customer service to see where we were transferred
  7. yes so i have heard a lot of us June filers have been transferred i have also heard some from February and March as well i have been doing my research through this website and Facebook groups and i found some saying that the process should be quicker some are saying to go off the USCIS processing times the processing times on this website say they are processing June but i figured we can just keep each other informed on updates ☺️
  8. and yes i was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont on Feb 4th but my issue my PD is all the way in June and please keep me posted good luck and thank you too
  9. it is just nice to know more and have an idea of whats going on thank goodness we have sites like this
  10. I really hope so thanks for the positive info lets keep one another informed
  11. Oh ok good thats nice to know as well i was doing facebook searching too so far i found 2 others who have been transferred as well and applied in june most of the comments were not too convincing but that is good news my lawyer did tell me that its a good thing and the result usually is faster processing so far its just been a waiting game
  12. Oh ok yes i have just been so anxious because there are not many cases on here for vermont and all that i have seen are cases besides the i130 thank goodness well best of luck hopefully we get through this pain free my notice just mentioned they wanted to speed up the processing so i am a little relieved
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