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  1. We followed VJ’s advice. Had my interview and approved and they didn’t ask about it
  2. Wonderful news!! Congratulations and all the best!!
  3. Visa was issued today, too 🥳
  4. Finally. My case went to AP. And finally I was able to get a status on NIV. Only with my DS-160 number not case number. But that is in AP now. SO CLOSE
  5. That’s great!!!!!! congrats!!! I’m still at ready, one week later 😒
  6. Mine is still in ready... hope we get a change soon!
  7. I would take it to mean you are approved. Maybe it will just add a few extra days before visa is issued. I’m not sure. but I do get what you are feeling... I’m not really believing I’m approved until I see that visa in my passport in my hand. Hang in there and hope you get an update soon! I sooo feel like I’m back in the NOA2 wait 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Definitely possible. There was a couple there when I was interviewed last Tuesday. I am not sure how they went about it. I know email is the preferred option in general to communicate with the Consulate. Maybe email? Unless someone else comes back with something more concrete Congrats on your interview date!
  9. Interesting. @Greenbaum I have two AA numbers. I just checked both. One is from DS-160 and it says ‘no status’ last updated Jan 6. Fair enough- guessing they just haven’t updated anything. Next number is from my MRV Receipt with a different AA number. Just checked and it’s from my B1/B2 visa. Is that normal? Why would that number come up now after paying for K1 visa? This is all on NON-IV...
  10. I have no words, I’m sorry. I can’t imagine what else they would be waiting on if background checks are done. Hang in there. Hugs... all I can offer xo
  11. This is super helpful! I didn’t realise there were two APs and two Readys before they issue it! Thanks for explaining. I’m wondering if I’m in that first ready. IV status still says ready but last updated yesterday (interview date). But the information is the same ‘your case is ready for your interview to be scheduled’ Anyway, I’m going to try not get too bogged down by it but now I won’t panic if I see it switch from AP to ready and back again 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Right! Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve always had a status under ‘immigrant’ but invalid case number for ‘non-immigrant’ but once I actually have a status for NIV that is good news?