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  1. It cost around $2000 to send him. I’m so sorry That must have been hard for him but hopefully she has a loving home in Australia. If only covid didn’t happen 😖 Don’t feel guilty - no one could’ve predicted this! You guys made the best decision you could. ❤️
  2. Congratulations!! I’m glad you finally got it. It’s really nerve wracking how close they issue it to the date of travel.
  3. I think I put in 31 Dec 2021 but wrote that i had no intention to return to Australia in the foreseeable future. Good luck!! Hope you get it in one shot!
  4. I did! I used Petraveller and they managed to get my cat a spot on Qatar Airways. I had very little notice though - it was confirmed on a Thursday and we left on a Monday. Is your fiancé’s cat still in Australia?
  5. The staff were really nice and the layover in Doha was really easy to navigate. There’s heaps of staff to help. The flight to Doha was really empty and everyone had their own row but the flight to Chicago from Doha was packed! That was kind of gross... I kinda regret not paying extra to upgrade my seat. I’m not sure if all the flights to the US will be that full though.
  6. Congratulations!!! So glad for you guys! Hope he has a smooth flight and all the best to you both!
  7. Wow that sounds so frustrating. You could give a call to the visa hotline and speak to an actual person 1300 139 399. I found this number on the US Canberra embassy page and they were pretty helpful before. To be honest I don’t think you’ll see the regular interviews soon. The Canberra embassy made a post on FB recently saying that citizenship interviews won’t be held unless it’s an emergency. I suspect sydney will take a similar approach with visa interviews 😕
  8. My paperwork was already sitting at the consulate so I only had to request an emergency interview with the Sydney Consulate through this email support-australia@ustraveldocs.com. I think someone else mentioned the NVC expedite email before and I think it was nvcexpedite@state.gov but I would check on google first. Good luck!!
  9. I’ve made it to the US! I arrived yesterday into Chicago. When I was checking in at Melbourne airport they airline called me before my flight to ask if I had a waiver and if I didn’t there would be Border Force staff there to help me. I’m not sure if that means that those staff will provide approvals on the spot or what. I showed them my waiver email and they said it all looks good. The check in staff recorded the reference number and checked my visa before they issued my boarding pass. When I had to go through immigration In Melbourne they just let me through with no more questions asked. Once I got to Chicago I asked staff where I should line up with a K1 visa and they directed me. When I got up to the counter the guy was really friendly and said he hasn’t seen a k1 in ages so he was super excited to process it! On top of that he said all Australians are awesome! He only asked one question about how I met my fiancé and then said welcome to America and let me through it was really easy! Hope to hear more of you guys reach the US soon!!
  10. No I don’t think they will because I didn’t have a flight number either since I was going to buy one once I got approval. They will probably approve you much closer to the date of departure you put in the request. If you put August 1st down they will probably respond to you late July to be honest.
  11. Yay that’s great news! I think you’ll have your visa in hand soon. With that many boxes is it more economical to ship a cube? I think they’re like mini shipping containers you can fill up. I only shipped 6 boxes via sevenseas.
  12. Did you manage to figure out if the medical was sent directly to the Consulate? Don't be bummed out - you were approved pending the medical and you know that's on it's way. Once they have it, it'll be quickly sent to you. You can use the flights as proof but I'm just saying that it wasn't necessary in my case. I just said my plans are to travel on this date and I will purchase the ticket pending approval. You can have other evidence like your shipping invoices, cancellation of services, etc. to prove that you're moving permanently. In your circumstance, I would highly recommend you tell them you're intended date is earlier than when you really expect to leave since you have your parents to consider.
  13. Like @Entheos mentioned a few of us have been able to get our waiver but it’s usually taken several attempts. I received 3 rejections and someone else had over 10! The current trend seems to be that approvals are given only one or two days before the date of departure listed on your request. You can try changing the exemption category that you’re applying under. Some have gotten it under urgent personal business while others have gotten it under compassionate grounds. It’s a pretty broken process and I just recommend that you keep trying! The evidence I used was copy of Visa, resignation letter from my job, shipping invoices for my boxes, pet relocation invoice and proof I cancelled my private health insurance. Good luck!!
  14. I put an earlier date and stated i needed to travel ASAP. They never looked at my flight bookings or anything and I was approved. I think if all your other evidence is sorted you’ll be fine. Congratulations! I’ve heard that the post is gradually getting better so hopefully his paperwork comes back soon. Take one step at a time and he’ll be with you soon! Good luck!
  15. Yeah my medical was sent straight to the consulate. I think that’s the usual practice.
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