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  1. Hi everyone I am preparing for my K1 interview in Sydney next month. I’ve noticed that, for some embassies, it is best to bring additional proof of your relationship to the interview. The Sydney consulate has a check list, which doesn’t request for additional proof, but I was just wondering whether I should prepare evidence anyways. If anyone has had a recent interview in Australia, could you please share your experience on this issue? Thank you.
  2. I found some info relating to this issue in the document on the Sydney’s US embassy regarding the K1 visa interview. https://au.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/fiancee-visa/the-interview/ according to that, we just need a new letter from the USC stating their intention to marry and to seek an extension of the 4 month period if it expires before the interview.
  3. Same, I had hoped for something in early March. I didn’t think March would fill up so quickly! But at least we both have our date now. Good luck!
  4. Got my interview date assigned for the 31st March! @KittyKat3072 hope you hear back on your interview date soon
  5. My case is finally ready on CEAC and we just got the packet 3 email as well tonight! I’m so glad we heard back before the end of the year. Good luck to anyone else waiting for their NO2 to reach their embassy. 😄
  6. Damn, I was hoping to get an interview as soon as I can. But I had a sneaky suspicion that Australia would be doing things slowly haha hope you hear back from them soon! And hopefully I won’t be too far behind you 😃
  7. Wow that was quick! There’s been public holidays in Australia so I’m still waiting for the consulate to receive it. Good luck with your interview!
  8. Just Checked the CEAC site and it says ours in transit to our embassy too!
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