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  1. Hoping to see if anyone else is in a similar situation to mine - I applied in August 2020 and did not include the i 944 form since it wasn’t required at the time. I haven’t been asked for it since, despite seeing many people here getting a rfie for it. I finally did my biometrics a couple of weeks ago and now my case status has been updated to ready for interview to be scheduled. I’m confused because I still haven’t supplied form I 944! Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Congratulations! So happy for you guys! Been following you guys since we’ve had similar timelines from Australia. Good luck with the interview!!!
  3. Finally received my biometrics letter in the mail today! It was a shock since the envelope didn't look like the one others had posted here before (it didn't have a line through the address block) so I was expecting to finally get the i-944 RFIE. Glad to finally have some movement on the case 😸
  4. Im in the same boat. My status hasn’t changed from fingerprint fee received since August. I’m in NY. I arrived by K1 and I’m seeing other people who came around the same time as me on K1 getting much more progress than me on this thread and is really quite disheartening. Hopefully we will hear something soon
  5. Hello, I'm in the same boat as you, although my timeline is a little longer. My husband is expected to receive orders for sea duty later in 2021 and I'm worried that I won't be able to join him if he goes overseas as there has been zero movement on my AOS application. I don't want to stay in the US as I have no family or friends here to stay with. I would be interested in hearing how you go and I will also try to find some more information on this issue. By the way, may I ask whether your name is on the deployment letter for Germany?
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully I will hear something soon... Good luck with your RFIE!
  7. Hey, this is the same for me. I filed mid-August and I haven't had anything beyond my NOA1 and the USCIS Case Status has just been stuck on "Fingerprint fee was received". I have been expecting to receive a RFIE since I didn't include the i-944 in the original package. Did you include the i-944 in yours?
  8. Thanks! I received the text messages on 13 September and they charged my credit card on the 4th September. Hopefully this is helpful to others
  9. Found my three NOAs in the mailbox today! The letter has an issued date of 10 September, so it took about a week for the letter to arrive. I feel so relieved 🥳🥳
  10. They received it on the 20 August and my credit card was charged 4 September.
  11. Just a small update from me. I received the three texts on my phone with my three case numbers. I was surprised to receive them on a Sunday night! Haven’t received my Noa1 yet but hopefully it’ll come soon. Good luck to others waiting
  12. Just checked and our payment also went through yesterday! Seems like quite a few payments were made on Friday - yay! We paid by credit card and the statement says the payment was taken by "Chicago Lockbox". Good luck to everyone else waiting
  13. same, still waiting for a text message and for them to charge my credit card. I submitted mine a week before yours.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that. That's so frustrating after waiting for so long I think my office was unusually lenient with issuing the SSN for me because they allowed me to go for an interview after only one call. Hopefully you get your EAD soon - it seems like your application is getting processed pretty quickly for your updates! Fingers crossed for you!
  15. Checked the mail today and found that my SSN card was sent to me! Called a week ago for an update and they said it was still pending. Really glad it got to me before my i94 expired. I thought my application wasn’t going to be approved since I had taken my husband’s name but I guess it was fine in the end! Hope you guys get yours soon too if you haven’t already
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