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  1. I was going to apply in January but I called to make an appointment and the earliest appointment wasn’t until March 23rd, and I wasn’t able to make that date. I will advise you, you have to make a separate appointment to have your fingerprints taken and there is an online system to make that appointment. They release a few dates at a time, usually every day at 12:00am Costa Rica time, so that’s the best time to check to get availability. I struggled for two weeks to get an appointment—I would input all the information, select an available appointment and submit, but it kept giving me an error message saying that the appointment wasn’t scheduled, without saying what the problem was. I finally figured out that even though the ‘Second Surname’ field was not marked as mandatory on the form, it wasn’t accepting the submission when I left it blank. I don’t have a second surname, but I finally tried just typing in ‘ninguno’ (none), and it accepted my submission that way. They didn’t say anything about it to me when I went to the appointment, so it seems to have worked okay. I’m about to start gathering the paperwork together again to try again at the end of the year.
  2. My husband received a varicella vaccine at his medical appointment because he didn’t have one on his vaccine record, and also a flu shot as it was in season. He was offered the option the get the shots there, or get them done later in the US and he elected to have them done there. I don’t remember what it cost, but I remember they weren’t exactly cheap. If he has a lot to get he might want to have them done at the CAJA before his appointment. Also he might be able to have a titer test done to prove he’s been vaccinated for some of them already. But if he has no proof of vaccination, he should be able to get the vaccines at his medical appointment.
  3. It wasn’t marked as LIN for whatever reason, but I marked it as LIN in the December 2020 sheet so now it appears in the LIN filers sheet. 👍
  4. All the data is pulled from the spreadsheets that have been established for each month, like the March 2021 spreadsheet that I linked in the original post. Spreadsheets for other months are linked at the bottom of the March 2021 spreadsheet.
  5. Hello folks, I have been closely following the I-751 spreadsheets to monitor activity at our service center, and in order to make it simpler to do so, I made a spreadsheet that compiles all the information from the existing spreadsheets for each month and organizes it by Service Center. I thought others may appreciate having this information, so here's the link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10bbIF3PDa36R8-yrFhHNDV1k32le-SPi1UzhewBFgiw/edit?usp=sharing The entries are sorted by NOA1 received date, and the different service centers can be located by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet. The sheets are not editable because the data is all imported from the other spreadsheets, so if you have data to add, it should be added to the original spreadsheets. (March 2021 sheet found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1liNArfs3TXRtN7EW9iQXDHeV2z6-ROZ-CQPjLC9HQl4/edit#gid=0) Many thanks to the creators/moderators of those sheets, and all those who have contributed–they have been very helpful!
  6. Hi Everybody, I had a question for those of you who have experience traveling on the Visa Waiver Program with an ESTA. A friend of the family is from a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program, and she is planning to travel to the U.S. within the next year or so. However she is currently in a third country on what was supposed to be a short trip but due to Covid/lockdown complications she’s pretty much stuck there at the moment, and facing a visa overstay in that country. She has asked me if overstaying her visa in that third country could cause her any problems if she later tries to enter the U.S. using the VWP/ESTA. As far as I am aware it shouldn’t be an issue, but I know they do ask some eligibility questions for the ESTA. Anyway, I told her I would ask on here to get some feedback from those of you who might have more direct experience. We’d appreciate any insights or advice. Thanks!
  7. We got the letter in the mail on April 9th and it was dated April 5th. We just got the biometrics waiver letter in the mail today and it is dated April 30th.
  8. Checked online and it has a case status update for May 1st saying fingerprints have been taken. 😁
  9. Package delivered 3/12 Text msg received 4/7 Check cashed 4/7 Service Center LIN - Nebraska -------- Nebraska seems like a sloooowww one, based one people's timelines and the spreadsheets. 😔 Ah well.
  10. Have your husband sign it so that the signature matches the name printed on the check. Don’t give them any reason to reject the check—why risk it?
  11. Yeah USCIS instructions don’t say the statement has to be dated. In fact it says you can provide proof of intent with a signed statement OR any other evidence that establishes your intention by a preponderance of the evidence. I would guess that it all depends on who adjudicates your case and how much of a stickler they are.
  12. I see a lot of people having the Biometrics waived (yay!), but, um, didn't we pay $85 for a Biometrics fee--they just keeping that money lol?
  13. So the way it works is, your husband is a Dual-Status Alien because he was a non-resident alien until he received his green card, at which point he became a resident alien. Because he is married to you, a USC, he has the option of being treated as a resident alien for the entire tax year. This allows you to file as Married Filing Jointly, and allows you to take the standard deduction for married couples on your tax return. This also requires your husband to report/pay tax in the U.S. on all income that he earned during the tax year (in the US or abroad), though you may be eligible to exclude his foreign income under the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. If you don't choose to treat him as a resident for the entire tax year, you have to file as Married Filing Separately, and you would not be eligible to take the standard deduction ($24,800). You may also be eligible to file as head of household if you have another dependent--I'm not exactly sure how that works. For our situation it made sense for us to file Married Filing Jointly, and elect to have him treated as a resident alien for the entire tax year. I will attach a copy of the letter that we sent, which appears to have done the trick. We had to paper-file our return because I couldn't find any tax preparation software that had the option to upload an additional document. Here are a couple links explaining it in more detail: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/nonresident-alien-spouse https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/dual-status-aliens https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion TaxResidencyStatement_Sample.doc
  14. Reminds me of watching the evening news in Costa Rica recently and they showed security cam footage of a young woman being mugged as she walked down the street, and the police officials’ statement to the public was to stress that people shouldn’t carry valuable items like cell phones around with them. Seriously. I was so enraged at that BS response I wanted to punch the tv. Thank god people are forced to pay taxes to employ the police to tell them to simply not own things in order to not be victims of theft. /s 🤦‍♀️
  15. When my husband and I opened a joint account at Chase, he already had his SSN, but the lady at the bank said it wasn’t necessary to have an SSN to open an account. She had a lot of experience with opening accounts for foreigners because we happened to go to the branch near a university so they got a lot of foreign exchange students opening accounts there. So perhaps it’s worth trying at a branch near a university.
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