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  1. In my experience whichever site shows you further along in the process is correct. For me, the egov site has always updated at least a few days ahead of the myuscis one. It sounds like everything is in order, you shouldn't receive an RFE, and you're waiting in line for availability for an interview appointment at your local office.
  2. You have no other immigration options through the K1 visa besides marrying your fiance who petitioned you, so forget about coming and consulting a lawyer. I would also say, forget about coming and reconciling with your fiancee too. If your expiration date is fast approaching that means it's probably been a few months already, she's not likely to change her mind by seeing you in the U.S. Sounds like she's done with you, whatever her reasons are.
  3. Ah, I see. I think the charge may have less impact on U.S. immigration if the petitioner is at fault, rather than the intending immigrant. Court is about putting together a convincing argument, and convincing a judge that you're telling the truth. I think you have a pretty convincing argument considering you have text messages from your number to him at that number, I'm sure over the course of many months or years. I think it's at least worth a shot, but I'm no lawyer. I would recommend researching further the consequence of such a charge on immigration for the intending immigrant versus for the petitioner before deciding which should take the blame. Also research the consequences it could have on his immigration/visitation possibilities in Denmark too.
  4. It's taken many painful experiences to learn, but one of the most important lessons I've learned in my life is that it's not your responsibility to protect others from the consequences of their own actions. If the weed was truly purchased by your ex boyfriend without any knowledge or involvement on your part, you SHOULD NOT take the blame! I'm sure you can look up the location information for the phone to show that the phone spends all its time at your ex's house/work and easily prove that it is effectively his phone despite being registered in your name. If he were a decent person he would accept the responsibility for it. Why is he still using a phone in your name six plus years after your relationship presumably ended? This rant may be too little too late since it sounds like you already admitted to it, but you should learn from this experience! People earn the consequences of their actions, both good and bad, and you have no obligation to shield them from consequences that they've earned for themselves, nor should you feel badly about respecting yourself and refusing to suffer in their stead. Cancel that phone number immediately! Don't allow your ex to continue using a phone in your name. Good luck, I hope this ends up being a minimal issue and your immigration goes smoothly hereafter.
  5. Just print them on regular printer paper, it's not like they're headshots for your acting career. As long as you and your fiance are recognizable in the photos they will suit their intended purpose.
  6. I received literally this exact same RFE for our I-129F. I checked 'No' in the area provided on the second page of the RFE, signed and printed my name where indicated, and returned it. We were approved after that, no problem. The language in the first page is a form letter they send with all RFEs, the second page is specific to your case.
  7. Ours took 322 days last year (293 days of radio silence until we got an RFE). There were plenty of others whose case took 400+ days. I think the cases are moving more quickly these days, but 243 days is certainly not unheard of. Keep submitting inquiries as often as they'll allow it, cause that will prompt someone to look into it and make sure it's not collecting dust somewhere, but I bet you're stuck in background checks, and there's not really anything anyone can do until those are completed.
  8. The P3 that the embassy sends you doesn't specify that it needs to be a wet signature.
  9. Just going to chime in to say it seems like several people who got their green card in March have had the same thing happen, so my money is on it being a computer glitch. Definitely look into it though to be safe.
  10. What about it is hard to read? Small print? Stamps/seals obscuring words? Faded text? Poor contrast issues can easily be corrected in Photoshop or similar programs.
  11. Unfortunately, your emergency here is self-created and there is no way to hurry USCIS along. Everything now depends on how speedily your IO gets back to your file, reviews the RFE response and approves the case. Even if the IO approves it, it may have to go to a supervisor for final review before it actually goes through. Then you have to wait for the card in the mail which takes about 10 days. When we got an RFE for our I-129F, it took 29 days for it to be approved after they received our response. Maybe, since your IO has met you and knows you have travel plans, he might care enough to work on your case again right away and get it approved. Maybe. There is nothing you can do. You can't get an I-551 stamp in your passport, because the stamp is the equivalent of the green card, and your green card has not been approved yet. Even if you talk to an L2 USCIS rep on the phone, there's nothing they can do about it either--your fate rests in the hands of the IO who interviewed you. All you can do is pray he decides that your case is high priority for him.
  12. I was able to add my husband as an authorized user on my credit card before he got his SSN. Chase Bank also told us that they don't require an SSN for foreigners to open an account.
  13. I would not take any chances with whether or not she will be able to understand/respond. Our interpreter cost $120, and it was worth the money to remove all doubt and danger of miscommunication. Honestly, I could have done a better job of interpreting than she did, but I'm not a neutral party, so what can you do? I mean, it's not cheap, but it's the LAST STEP in your immigration saga, why risk it?
  14. I'm not knocking the "Ask NVC" method, just stating that I tried it and it didn't work for me. It may work for others. All the notifications we've received throughout the process have been hit and miss, so I'm definitely all for trying every method available.
  15. Actually, I take that back. A letter arrived from NVC to my fiance's home address (the beneficiary), stating that they were forwarding our case to the embassy. However, it arrived like 3 months after his visa was approved, he'd already arrived in the U.S., and we'd been married for like a month. I think we may even have already submitted his AOS. Scared the bejeezus out of us when his sister called to say there was a letter addressed to him in English, and all kinds of "We made an error, your visa should not have been issued" scenarios ran through my head until she opened it and sent us pictures and it turned out to be from the NVC. Haha, I'd totally forgotten about that!
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