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  1. Apparently I left ours blank and we didn't get an RFE for it.
  2. We had our interview yesterday (and we were approved! 🤗) and she said 10 working days, so that would be about 14 days total. The embassy is only closed on the 25th of Dec and the 1st of Jan, but I don't know about the Correos, if the holidays will affect the delivery time.
  3. Congrats! Thanks for the update!
  4. radharose

    nameless birth certificate

    If he got a passport and a DL, at some point either a name got put on his birth certificate or someone signed an affidavit or some other paperwork happened to prove he is who he is. Maybe his parents did some paperwork when he was a child which he isn't aware of, but he needs to follow the paper trail and find out how he got a passport with a nameless birth certificate. Sometimes the passport office accepts alternate evidence but I'm sure they required something showing his name. If he hasn't already, file for a certified copy of his birth certificate from the state registrar to see exactly what's on it. Find out exactly what happened and get the paperwork to prove it. He can also file for a legal name change to add a name to his birth certificate, I believe. Did he not submit his birth certificate with the original I-129F filing? Also maybe talk to others from your embassy who have been through the process to see if the embassy actually requires the petitioner's birth certificate. Sometimes evidence lists are outdated or they simply don't ask for everything on the list when you actually go in for the interview.
  5. Have you seen the episode of Seinfeld in the Chinese restaurant? The perfect metaphor for USCIS...
  6. On the USCIS website it mentions that things should not be stapled, that two-hole punches at the top of the page are appreciated, and that any divider tabs should go on the bottom of the pages. I paper-clipped certain sections together, for example, all the pages of my passport in one clip, all my fiancé's passport in another clip, etc. I paper-clipped our photos and the check on top of the first page of the packet. I bound the whole thing together with a binder clip at the top so that papers wouldn't go flying out willy nilly when they pulled everything out of the envelope. I used divider tabs at the bottom to indicate the location of my proof of citizenship, intent to marry, etc., like 5 tabs maybe. I tried to make it as easy as possible to find specifically what you were looking for while also making it as easy and fast as possible to disassemble. I also two-hole punched all the pages at the top.
  7. @TheFutureMrsBowma How did it go!?!!?!!
  8. YASSS! Oh my goodness, what a relief! It's a party in here now! 🎉🎈🎊 Good luck on your interview, I will be thinking of you!
  9. @TheFutureMrsBowma Have you checked CEAC? I checked around 1:00pm today and it said In Transit, and I checked like 20 minutes ago and it says Ready!!!!! I suspect if mine has been processed yours has too, or will be very soon! 🤞 We haven't gotten any email yet from the embassy.
  10. Ugh, well I'll keep you posted if we hear anything.
  11. Same here, no word from the embassy and CEAC still says In Transit. DHL tracking shows it delivered Nov 19th. I'm also getting nervous as we have our interview scheduled already. Transit times for our embassy are normally like 6 days.
  12. Has anyone whose case was in the Nov 13th shipment heard anything from the embassy yet? DHL tracking shows it was delivered Nov 19th but CEAC still shows In Transit and we haven't gotten any correspondence from the embassy yet. We already have our interview scheduled for Dec 13th, I'm starting to get nervous. I was expecting to have heard something like a week ago.