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  1. Have you paid your visa application fee yet? Pretty sure you have to have paid before you can schedule an appointment. This is the site I found for scheduling appointments in Colombia: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-CO/niv/information/niv
  2. Call the embassy to see what you need to do next. Also check out the third post in the thread I'm linking below, it outlines the steps and provides links to P3 and P4 for Guangzhou. But call or email the embassy--they will be able to tell you what's next. It's out of the NVC's hands by now.
  3. For what it's worth, my fiancé speaks limited English and I sent the following letter. I explained to him what it said and we both signed it. I also sent a photocopy of only the front of my birth certificate, and photocopies of the bio page of my passport and pages with relevant exit/entry stamps only, not every page. We didn't get an RFE for any of these things.
  4. Tracking the shipment that left NVC for Costa Rica on 11/13 shows that it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow, 11/16. Looks like it takes another 7-10 days for the embassy to get around to emailing the Packet 3 with instructions for the interview, but others have already posted it here so you shouldn't have to wait for it from the embassy. Once you have all your documents you can schedule your interview.
  5. A look at the VJ Timeline Search shows recent K1 cases taking about 5-10 days from departing NVC to arriving at the CR embassy, and about 7-14 days to receive the visa after the interview. I think the DS-160 is valid as long as the information you put down is still current. It doesn't have an official validity period. I made an account and signed onto the site for booking appointments on Oct 31st, and it showed Nov 5th as the next available interview date, so it doesn't currently seem to be much of a wait.
  6. The CEAC tracker I'm referring to is here: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx You input the case number that NVC gives you, and the tracker allows you to see the status of your case -- 'At NVC' 'In Transit', etc. Once you have your NVC case number you can fill out the DS-160, and you have to pay the fee. The fee may vary with the different embassies, I'm not sure. The instruction letter from the Costa Rica embassy where we will be filing states a cost of $265, that's where I got that figure from. I think the point at which you are allowed to schedule your interview varies according to the embassy as well, but using Costa Rica as an example, you can schedule your interview once you have gathered all your documents and filled out and paid the DS-160. You need the receipt number from the payment to be able to schedule your interview. This is all as far as I understand based on research I've conducted/things I've read here, so if I am mistaken, feel free to correct me, folks.
  7. When the case arrives at the embassy (shows Ready status on the CEAC tracker) you will have to fill out and submit the DS-160, and then pay the fee associated with that form, which I think is like $260. All this is done online. But you don't pay anything to NVC.
  8. I had called last Friday and they hadn't received my case yet, and when I called yesterday (Wednesday) they had assigned the case number. So within 3 working days they received the case and assigned the number. If they have your case already I would expect you to get a number within the next 3 days or so.
  9. Oct 5th crew represent! @Mozam @americaninlove @Steve&Chelsea @TheFutureMrsBowma @John951 Just called and got our case number! He said it had just been assigned a number. 🎈🎊🎉
  10. Thanks for sharing that info. My fiance will probably have to get a more recent one by the time he's able to schedule his interview.
  11. Oh, thank goodness, I'm so relieved for you! Congratulations!!!
  12. I don't see any period of validity on the single status certificate that my fiance received from the Registro Civil, and I don't see anything in the P3 about it either. If you already have one from June, I wouldn't postpone the interview over that, because if they do require a more recent one, that is something that you can still provide after the interview. If you are approved, they will give you a conditional approval and once you provide what they ask for, you will receive your visa. The police certificate states on the paper itself that it is valid for 3 months, but the single certificate doesn't have any expiration date on it. Maybe try calling or emailing the embassy and asking. I have called them before and they were quite friendly and helpful.
  13. The old website updated to show approved on the 29th day after they received our response to RFE. The new website updated like 3 day later, and I got the physical NOA2 in the mail a few days later.
  14. For what it's worth, I got the same email yesterday stating that action had last been taken on my case on Aug 30th, which is when they sent out my RFE. They have since received my response and approved my case, but the email bot has no idea. I am sure they are working on your case, but the stupid email bot knows nothing.