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  1. That should work 👍 I was trying to follow their instructions about using the myUSCIS account, but it seems like that's a dead-end.
  2. My wife is a Green Card holder (from K1). We are going to be moving soon, and wanted to update her address with USCIS. They suggested to use the myuscis site, but I don't see where to do it there. Has anyone had success with this site? There is always the egov site, but I'd rather follow what they recommend, if possible. She does not currently have any open application with USCIS, we just wanted to follow their instructions about keeping her address updated.
  3. I still had a copy from the I-134 from the K1 Interview, but I just asked my employer to print out a more recently-dated copy for the I-485. Nothing had really changed in the few months since the K1 interview, and they didn't mind doing it. But I probably didn't need to do it...it was just a pretty easy thing to do.
  4. In addition to the mentioned Life Insurance beneficiary designation idea mentioned above, if you have retirement accounts like a 401k, you may also potentially be able to designate your spouse as a beneficiary for that as well.
  5. It's good to have for reference / make sure you didn't forget what you wrote, but they aren't going to ask for a copy of your I-485. They will ask you questions from it (as you've probably read in past interview experiences). They may ask for original copies of things you sent in along with the I-485, like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and to see anything else you might have sent them, which is mentioned in the notice. We just printed out a copy of the I-485 that I had saved. We also printed out copies of everything mentioned on the notice, even though they mentioned that we didn't have to submit them again if already submitted (for example, the Medical was submitted on entry into the country, but we brought our copy of it, just in case they managed to lose it or something like that).
  6. For us, a EAD-related SSN card was delivered within a week or so of the EAD I believe.
  7. We sent in the relationship evidence we had by the time we were ready to send in the application. That included join bank account, join health insurance, and some pictures (along with some stuff that we also had from our K1). I think it could be helpful to send it, but obviously you can't send what you don't yet have, and at most it just means the officer asks to see it at the interview.
  8. From what I remember, Japan is the issue, I don't think they allow dual-citizenship. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2018/09/19/how-tos/japans-nationality-act-really-mean-dual-citizens/#.XUyjLehKiM8 ^^It reads a little weird, they don't penalize people for having dual citizenship, but there is a paragraph describing how, from what I understand, the government has gone after people in the past for declaring an additional citizenship after reaching adulthood. ^^Might be a good discussion for a lawyer.
  9. It went well 🎉.He didn't really ask for much in the way of evidence after the questions were finished...I suspect he'd already made up his mind about what to decide towards the end of the questioning period. He did ask if there were any pictures that we had to show him, and he flipped through them quickly, but didn't even collect them...mostly just instructing us how to save good evidence for the Removal of Conditions in 2 years so we could avoid another interview. We were probably in and out of the interview in like 15 minutes 😌
  10. We have ours tomorrow, also in Boston 😀, so if I remember I can try and let you know what general documents they asked for if there was anything unexpected that I didn't realize the notice asked for and not specific to us. Additional Possible Evidence: - Receipts, pictures, etc. from any vacations/day-trips taken - If you have a retirement account (like 401k for example), you may be able to designate your spouse as a beneficiary (although it might be a bit late at this point, and might look a little weird doing it 2 days before 🤷‍♂️) - If your spouse had a Social Security Card mailed to them, then the stub it was attached to should have their mailing address...that might be useful for proof that you are living together at the same address. A little late at this point, but there is sort of a process for getting Driving License/Permit with Permanent Residence. Aside from the EAD, the RMV can look you up in the SAVE database (same database as for SSN). Although as with most things with the RMV, it takes a few weeks, so too late now. In general I'd also recommend (if you didn't already do so), to bring extra copies of all the applications you submitted, just in case you they lost something. I think I read on this forum every now and then that the office loses track of things like the medical, or the marriage certificate or your birth certificate, so having copies of those types of things would be useful. Also I'm not sure how useful an 'affidavit of bona fide marriage' will be, they'll probably just care about the marriage certificate, under the assumption the town/state did their due diligence with marriage procedures for the state, and issued the marriage certificate properly. But I guess it can't hurt.
  11. I'd probably check with Canada to confirm the law, but my guess is that you'll need to 'officially' change her name in Canada...as in they would need to update their records. From a quick Google search, this appears to be the policy, you can probably call them if you have more questions: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/canadian-passports/change-name.html
  12. I think some place like RapidVisa is probably a common example of a preparer people often mention here? You pay them to handle your paperwork, but from what I understand they are not an attorney (although maybe they employ attorneys as needed).
  13. She went first thing today, and they took care of it (and even updated her name to match her EAD while she was there). Apparently they said that the second one wasn't even valid in their system 😕
  14. Makes sense to me...I'll tell her to get it done tomorrow then. Hopefully SSA is prompt with fixing it, and it doesn't cause issues at the Green Card Interview. I'll make a copy of the second number as well in case they want to see it at the interview. As far as documents to bring, I assume it's the usual: Passport, K1 Visa, I-94, Social Security Card(s), EAD card (in this case). I think she should also fill out a new SS-5, since she'll probably need to get her initial SSN card matching her EAD anyway?
  15. Right, that's the plan, to do it some time within the next 2 weeks. Mostly I'm trying to figure out if it's something that has to get done before the AOS interview in less than 2 weeks to avoid any sort of problems there, or if it's something she can potentially do after the interview (likely later that day after the interview). I know it's something that will need to get straightened out to avoid tax/job/etc. weirdness, but I want to try and figure out if it's something that she needs to rush out and submit first-thing Monday (7/29) morning, or if it's something that can be rolled into other plans (I think the SSA office is actually right across the street from the USCIS building in our case, so that'd be really convenient to just do it all at once).
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