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  1. Same here! My case is at YSC too and I got this notification yesterday as well.
  2. Hi All. There's a very strange thing that happened. USCIS mailed the I797 noa notice twice to me. They are exactly the same, the only difference is that the noa date is 6/4 and the other is 6/11 Not sure if anyone encounter the same thing?
  3. I hope they can have shorter processing time. Haha, like way much much much shorter just like Texas center.
  4. May I ask if the status change online if biometrics is waived?
  5. Yeah.... But I think most people don't make such a dumb mistake as I did. Haha, I totally forgot to sign on the form. Hope now things go well from here. Hope they cash my check soon. It is not reflecting in my bank account yet.
  6. Of course I waited to receive it and send out the second one... HAHA, I don't think it is a good idea to send out a new one without knowing the status of last one. There must be something wrong if they send it back. It took around 20 days to receive the initial package back, if calculate from the case was first delivered.
  7. That was the last time when I filed. It was rejected because I forgot to sign.
  8. Haha, then we have the same date. Mine delivered on 28th too and I received the text today as well! Thank you! I will check on Monday and see if they cashed it.
  9. hi everyone, I just got a text message with receipt number. But I checked my bank account, no records for check. Is this normal?
  10. I also filed on 3rd may and delivered on 5th May. Nothing for me yet.
  11. Mine packaged delivered on 5th May, check not cashed yet....I feel panic now.
  12. I was hoping with new president, we can expect a shorter processing timeline. At least we can hope to get back to normal life without covid so USCIS can also function normal.
  13. I am based in Virginia, so I guess my case will be sent to Potomac.....
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