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  1. Hi Everyone, It's good to know all your feedback and comments with regards to your AOS interview experienced at the USCIS Detroit Field. My AOS interview is on August 22, 2019 and in my AOS interview letter states that I must bring "A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted)". Did anyone of you bring this form to the interview? I had already taken my medical exam and also got the vaccination shots that the US immigration required when we filed for the K-1 visa. Do I have to take another immigration medical examination before going to the interview? Thank you in advance for all your help. Duane and Haney
  2. The authority issuing the passport is your home country, the location where is was issued is San Fransisco in your case. In Haney's case the location where here passport was issued is on her passport (PE Singapore = Philippines Embassy Singapore). If you are a Singaporean, having a job or not shouldn't matter for the interview. @AL-MJD also quit her job before the interview. To be sure you can ask her. On the other hand, if you're like Haney, a non-Singaporean, Haney had to keep working up to the interview in order to maintain her legal status in Singapore. She has an S-Pass, and the only way to 100% maintain the S-Pass for the interview (they will ask) is to keep working. You cannot interview in Singapore unless you have residency in the country.
  3. Hi tigermuffin, We scheduled our medical exam as soon as the case file left the NVC. From this point everything is trackable (see my signature) and you can more or less estimate how long each step will take. I'm attaching a screenshot of what we used as a predictor, and it ended up being really accurate. BTW, for this reason please fill out your timeline! So we guessed, but we ended up receiving packet 3 the day before the medical exam, so had the interview letter in hand. Previous to the medical, we e-mailed them the letter you will receive from the NVC once your visa is in transit to the embassy, as a placeholder, and they accepted it. BTW, don't take my prediction as accurate for you. The timelines changed drastically depending on the season, and how busy the embassy was. For example, in the summer when a lot of people were vacationing, it was taking the Singapore embassy an extra month just to schedule the interview. During the time when Haney had her interview, things were very fast, so we were fortunate. Towards the Christmas season, when your interview will be scheduled, I would expect things to slow down again. Hope that helps you! Haney & Duane
  4. Here is Haney's review of her embassy visit on November 20th, 2018: My appointment was at 1:30PM, but I arrived about 40 minutes early just to be safe. I ended up having to wait outside, the guard wouldn't let me in, even after I showed him my appointment letter. It was warm, but I suppose that's better than being late. There was no line, just a family waiting for a non-immigrant visa, so we waited together. At 1:20PM the guard called us both to him for the usual security checks. I had my bag with the documents for the interview, and otherwise my phone and headset. The phone and headset were collected, and I was given a token for later. There was a short X-ray machine, similar to the airport. They found an electronic bank token in my bag, which they also collected for later. I had to pass through a metal detector, and that was it. As instructed, I went down the hall to the left. When I arrived, the room was as many have described, with teller windows, and seats marked for immigrant visas or non-immigrant visas. There were machines to take a number, but there was a woman sitting at the entrance of the room who asked for my appointment letter, and told me to take a seat until I was called. I did not take a number. She told me to prepare all the documents that had been mentioned in the checklist in packet 3. She didn't give me anything, and since I was the only one there, I suppose it was obvious who I was for when they called me up. I waited for about 45 minutes until the first person called me to window 7, a middle-aged Singaporean. He asked me the following questions, and collected the listed documents: 1. What is your legal status in Singapore? 2. Does your fiancé have children? 3. Is he single? 4. Do you have children? 5. Are you single? 1. Birth Certificate (original and copy) 2. Divorce Certificate (fiancé) and translations (original and copy) 3. Police Certificate- Singapore (original copy) 4. Police Certificate- Philippines (original copy) 5. Registry of No Marriage in Singapore (original and copy) 6. CENOMAR (he said they’ve received it) 7. 2 US-sized passport photographs 8. I-134 9. tax returns After I submitted all the documents, I sat down for another 10 minutes until my name was called at window 8. This was the consul and he performed my final interview. He was middle-aged and caucasian, and was very nice. I don't know if the fact that this was the Thanksgiving holiday week in the USA meant that the woman mentioned in other reviews was not present, or maybe explained the lack of people there, but either way I was glad he was my interviewer. He asked me the following questions: 1. How did you meet? 2. When did you meet in person? 3. When was the second time you saw him? 4. When did you meet again? 5. For how long? 6. Did you meet after that? 7. How do you communicate? 8. How often? 9. How did he propose to you? 10. What was the engagement like? 11. When are you going to get married? 12. What are your wedding plans? 13. How many times did your fiancé get married? 14. What does your fiancé do for a living? 15. Explained the IMBRA leaflet BTW, before the questions I also had to be fingerprinted and take an oath. The interview took about 10 minutes, after which the consul returned all the original documents that he did not require (my fiancé's divorce certificate) and told me that I was approved and would receive my visa in a week. He also gave me a form sheet in case I had not yet signed up for the Aramex delivery online, which I already had, so I didn't need it. The whole process took 1 hour and 20 minutes. The consul did not ask to see any pictures or collect any evidence of communication, although my fiancé had prepared about 50 pages with boarding passes, visa stamps, vacation pictures, WhatsApp examples and Skype logs. I was fortunate because I scheduled my medical exam before I received the packet 3, which meant that I had 3 weeks between the exam and the interview in the embassy to contact Fullerton to make sure the exam report was on time. This ended up being important, because it took them around 14 days to deliver it, not the 6-10 days they tell you. The CENOMAR (Filipinas only) only took about 3-5 days from the moment of ordering, so was not a problem. I opened a FedEx account with my own credit card, so I did not have the issues other have spoke of trying to use their fiancé's credit card. Otherwise, the new requirement for the Singaporean Record of No Marriage caught us by surprise, but I was able to take care of this in less than a week. In fact, the first time they provided the record based on passport number, not my name, so I had to ask for a second record search using my name (per embassy instructions) and had to pay twice. I wish you all the luck in the world. As you can see, my experience was relatively painless, except for the waiting. Hope that yours is equally unproblematic!
  5. Hi Dian & Michael, Well, the only thing I can say is that, like you, we used the exact address from the first page of packet 3 (I had a picture of the package, but I guess I deleted it). Either way it was delivered, so hopefully that gives you some hope. You can also try and contact the embassy via their e-mail address, because they do respond the e-mails, maybe confirm their address again. Yeah, that's weird. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Hope it works out and would be good to hear back how it finally went! 🙂 Haney & Duane EDIT: I did find the picture of the packet 3 return via Speedpost after all, here is a clip of the address. Hope it helps you!!
  6. I assume it will get there, but Speedpost is nice because of the tracking. We returned our packet 3 via Speedpost. Packet 4 will be sent to the e-mail in the DS-160, so you will know that way. You can check out this thread here, which will probably answer a lot more of your questions: Good luck and let us know what happens! 🙂 Haney & Duane
  7. Eight days, fantastic! Good to hear that @toocold, thanks for your review and all the best to you too. 🙂 Haney & Duane
  8. I uploaded the instructions from packet 3, which you will receive after your petition passes through the NVC and finally reaches the embassy (in about 6-8 weeks). These are the instructions you will receive, so it looks like you are only required to provide police certificates for countries you have lived upon reaching the age of 16 and for 12 months or more. I remember reading somewhere that you did not need a police certificate from the USA, but you should verify that information. One note, make sure your police certificates are newer than 6 months by the time of your interview. Based on statistical analyses I've done on other Singapore girls, you should be at the most 4 months away from your interview since you just received NOA2, so you're probably OK. 🙂 Hope that helped! Haney & Duane
  9. In case anyone wonders what the solution is, I found it! In my case, it was not necessary to create a "new user" as indicated on the packet 4 instructions. In fact, my user ID already existed, so I had to select "forgot your password" in order to finally gain access. In truth, I do not know why the account already existed. Haney applied for and received a US visa in the past, although the account I finally got access to was already filled out with the information that we used to submit the DS-160. I assume that the account was created then? Either way, a few tips: I had to stumble around a bit to find "IV register address" (select "New Application / Schedule Appointment" first), but was able to do it. The only other hitch was the "priority date" that was required to finally get to the page and specify the pickup location. That priority date turns out the be the NOA1 on your printed copy, in our case 1/22/2018. Also the MRV confirmation number turned out to be the "CGI reference number" on the receipt from SingPost. So not very impressed with the "ease of use" of my government's website, but it is what it is. I was able to download the confirmation page as a .pdf so Haney can take it to the interview in two weeks, so we appear to be all set. 🙂 Thanks to @CCCCCF for the helpful and patient advice, I will be looking into the (www.ustraveldocs.com/sg/) website you mentioned for tracking the passport, but otherwise all is good again! Haney & Duane
  10. Hi CCCCCF, No, the question I asked (did you read it?) is not covered in this thread, the reviews or your extensive post (thank you!), or I would not have asked it. On the other hand, I probably wasn't clear about what I wanted, so I apologize for that! Here's the issue. I went to the website in packet 4 to register for Aramex ( https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ ) and received this error, picture attached. Did you (or anyone) receive this error and know the cause? In the worst case Haney can clarify this during the interview in two weeks. We just don't want any delays with the passport...I know you can relate. Thanks again @CCCCCF @everyone! Haney & Duane
  11. OK, as usual when I don't hear back, I search and search and search... :-) Found this from the efficient and kind @AL-MJD, below. So, you didn't say anything regarding your passport, and they just sent it to you with the visa in it? @toocold, good luck with your interview in two days...all fingers and toes crossed. 😉 If you learn something in your interview with regards to receiving your passport after your approval, would really appreciate the feedback! Blessings to all and appreciate the amazing help!!! Haney & Duane
  12. Question to everybody here, @CCCCCF, @Guacamole, @AL-MJD, did you get your passport automatically, or did you have to go online like described in the quote below? So far I have read that everyone does their interview, passes, then just receives their passport via Aramex. I haven't read anything about having to go to an online portal and put in your address...BTW, this document we received in our packet 4 e-mail. Would appreciate any insight or clarifications, you all have been so helpful! 🙂 Haney & Duane
  13. Here is Haney's report from her medical exam today: I arrived at Fullerton Clinic at 8:30AM, an hour early. They allowed me to take a number and put me in the waiting queue, even though I was there before my appointment time. I sat down and waited for my number to be called. When my number was called, I was asked to the registration counter, where I provided my passport, 4 X Singapore-sized passport photos (35mm x 45mm -- I cut mine down from US-sized photos I already had), their pre-registration form and the letter from the U.S Embassy with my case file number on it, which I received with packet 3. After that I was given a specimen bottle for a urine sample. I was lucky that I drink a lot of liquids in the morning, I could have filled 3 haha, but if you haven't had much to drink, they have a water cooler there. Once I placed the bottle in a yellow bin near the reception counter, the medical examination began. They performed a vision test, measured my height, weight and body mass index, then did a chest x-ray, blood test and a doctor’s consultation. I had my immunization card already with me, and had gotten all of my vaccinations a few months beforehand. I understood it would be cheaper this way, but I will say that one of my immunizations required a follow-up booster, so make sure you do this a few months ahead of time. I also did a varicella immunity test to be sure. I showed my vaccination card to the nurse, but because of the information we found here on this website, they were all up-to-date, so she didn't need to give me any shots, although she did take the blood sample. During the doctor’s consultation I was asked about my medical history, and if I've been on medication to treat any illnesses. Everything went smoothly and it took two hours to complete the whole examination, including the payment. I will be in touch with the clinic over the next three weeks to make sure the report is complete and forwarded to the embassy. BTW, because we scheduled the medical examination before we had packet 3, I was not able to send my Embassy letter via e-mail beforehand, so we sent the similar-looking letter that we received from the NVC with the case number on it. I did at the end receive packet 3 the day before my examination, so provided the proper Embassy letter at the clinic. Either way, they didn't seem to mind. Hope this information helps someone as much as the information we received has helped us! 🙂 Haney & Duane
  14. OK, then it is confirmed, the requirement for Singaporean marriage records is new within the last few weeks. @toocold was not required to provide them, and her interview is next week, Haney's in about 3 weeks. Thanks again, @toocold and @AL-MJD! 🙂 Haney & Duane
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