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  1. Interview was 2 weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything yet. Very nervous and scared. Officer said to expect a decision within 2 weeks. I guess not. I hate this process so much, I want to start working and driving etc. never got AP or work permit, even put an inquiry in which was ignored about 2 months ago. Good times.
  2. My interview is tomorrow !!!! I am so stressed and nervous. I have everything. Even copies of my entire AOS packet but im still nervous as heck. I hope all goes well. I’ll update y’all and will Write down my experience here after the interview. !! Send some prayers my way!!! Huge day tomorrow !!!!
  3. I absolutely love your reply, very very helpful. Thanks a lot ! I appreciate it !
  4. Good morning everyone. I have my adjustment of status interview in Baltimore in a little over 2 weeks. I’m starting to become increasingly nervous. I had my full medical examination in my home country Germany on 2/22/18. Since it hasn’t been a year since then I assume I don’t have to go and see a civil surgeon and re do the exam. I wonder if I should go anyways and at least re verify my vaccination record. Anyone that’s already been through the interview, any special tips you might have? I have all the documentation and copies of everything, so I feel like I am pretty prepared. i don’t have anything medical since I had to give that in a sealed envelope to the border control officer upon entry on my K1 visa. How long did it take you after the interview to receive the card in the mail? Was your case approved right after the Interview ? my husband got a great job offer in Colorado, and we want to move by February 1st. My interview is on November 30th. I’m hoping to have the green card by then so I can move.
  5. I got my mail today and my interview is scheduled November 30th !! Very excited and super nervous. Funny how my ADJ OF S interview is scheduled next month and my EAD and AP are still on “recieved”. Excited and nervous !!!!!
  6. Got the notification I-485 is ready to schedule an interview this morning. After the RFE 3 weeks ago it really happened quick. Bad news is we live in Maryland and I think the Baltimore field office has the longest wait times. Work permit and advanced parole are not moving forward at all. I will put an inquiry in on the 30th, as that marks the 6 month mark of them receiving my cases. It really is moving painfully slow.
  7. Hey peeps !! Map i got my RFE last week and send the response packet in a day later. They needed the 1040 tax return for the affidavit of support (which we already did sent in at the beginning but oh well). Easy fix and the packet is sent and received. Fingers crossed. Now, it’s been 157 days since my work permit application was received. Do I qualify for an inquiry? It still days received and I wonder if it’s out of normal processing times. thanks and good luck to all of us !
  8. Sigh !!!! Just looked online and saw request for initial evidence was mailed.. for adjustment of status. Well that REALLY ruins my day.
  9. Hey guys. After my medical in Germany I got a CD with my medical data on it. That’s it. Now, what in God’s name do I do with it? Send it to USCIS ? Do nothing? How did you handle your medical results ? did you send your CD in?
  10. What did you sent ? The CD? I got a CD after my medical but wasn’t aware I had to send that in.
  11. Sigh starting to get impatient. USCIS got our packet on April 30th. Including I-765, I-131 and I-485 got my noa1 2 weeks later and already had my biometrics appointment. Yet it still says “case recieved” on uscis case status. Its been over 90 days and I’d really like to start working and have a drivers license (Im not allowed to have one until I get my work permit) How long are wait times? Sigh!
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