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  1. It appears legit that this ended up mixed into your application and they are returning it to you and is likely related to an account you have. Their letter might be a form that they used to return it to you. Some people might actually send a credit card by mistake and they just use this generic form to return it. They likely have very strict policies that could cause processing employee to lose their job if they don't follow procedure with retuning $ or items they are not allowed to hold like this. worst case you should call and inquire to be certain.
  2. Worth a note: Your Case Number is printed on the back of your check. So check the back image of the check in your online banking. Ours was cashed and case number was right there. Looks like Potomac Service Center for us. Not sure if thats good news or not from a processing time standpoint.
  3. We fedex’ed ours Tuesday the 9th. Hopefully we were not a day early.... It was signed the 8th which was exactly 90 days to GC expiration. Back to this waiting again. I sent every joint bank statement and credit card statement for 24 months on top of every car insurance and investment accounts and our household HSA account. I suppose I could have highlighted the relevant transactions but in hindsight, you know, if they want evidence, they got pretty much all we have to give bar two items. I really don’t know what else to give them as we don’t have anything else to provide. I figure if they issue an RFE, by then the DMV will be open and we can get the car titles jointly done, and we’ll pay an attorney to have a will or trust drafted. That would fill any possible RFE hole. We need to do these items anyways so that would prob be enough to satisfy. Maybe a 2nd notarized letter from friends or her employer... Covid didn’t really allow us time to get the last two items in our bucket list done. Not paying an attorney unless we have to for the case but seriously, this process is draining. still have citizenship forms to fill out also! Ugh. Be so glad when this is ALL over.
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