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  1. Hi everyone, I just received an update today that my i-485 is "Ready to be scheduled for an interview" For everyone who has had interviews at San Fernando Valley; how long did you wait from this update to the date of your interview? Still no update on EAD/AP; 268 days waiting. Case inquiry submitted but not processed πŸ™„
  2. I've contacted my rep to see which of the above options is true.. I'm concerned that USCIS is processing my application as a "family-preference" πŸ˜• (Surely not though as i've checked my Notice of Action for i-765 and it clearly shows that my eligibility criteria for i-765 is C09 and my covering letter for the applications clearly shows that i'm adjusting status from marriage to a USC via a K1 visa)
  3. I'm now 248 days without any movement on EAD/AP or AOS (I'm filing for AOS as a K1) I submitted a "case inquiry" on July 30 2019 which is currently not assigned for processing. I'm so frustrated waiting that i contacted my local congresswoman to contact USCIS on my behalf and this is the response i received from them.. I'm so confused regarding this "Your constituent filed using the Dates for Filing Applications Chart, and we will continue to review these applications and related ancillary applications in the order received. Due to the volume of cases under review, we do not have an estimated timeframe for completion" Can anyone help try and explain this to me; do all AOS application from a K1 visa who are now married commonly file using the Dates for Filing Applications chart?
  4. Hi Gigi2017.. Have you heard any progress on your EAD after you put in an online inquiry? My case inquiry still reads "currently not assigned for processing" on my EAD
  5. Almost makes a "case status inquiry" pointless πŸ˜• If you receive no response with 30 days of the second case status inquiry; you file a third one...? Surely there should be a point where USCIS are held accountable?
  6. Thank you for your reply.. I think i'm going to contact my Congressman and explain my current situation. I have been tempted to file an expedite as my financial situation is becoming unbearable, but i've read that expedites can take up to 30 days to be approved (and obviously approval not guaranteed). What happens if we don't receive a reply from the case inquiry within 30 days? I was hoping that the case inquiry would hold USCIS accountable for the delay but it seems not πŸ˜•
  7. Hi everyone.. I'm a Dec filer and it's been 232 days with no change in EAD/AP status; still reads "Fingerprint Fee was Received" As i'm outside of normal processing i submitted a case inquiry on July 30th; USCIS emailed me to say i'd hear a response by August 21st 2019. Does anyone have any experience with submitting a case inquiry regarding EAD/AP? (I'm not holding my breath to hear anything by August 21st if i'm honest) I checked today and the status of the case inquiry reads.... "As of July 30, 2019, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, referral number SR***********MSC, is currently not assigned for processing" I'm not really sure what my next steps are, or what my available options are? I'm kinda done with the whole "just wait" thing 😴😴
  8. Congratulations!! That's amazing news. Nice to see some December filers getting good news! Did you expedite or was that normal processing? I'm 204 days, still no news yet. Fingers crossed..
  9. 196 days; no changes since Dec 17, 2018 🀯 i-485: Fingerprint Fee was received i-765: Case was received i-131: Case was received I've seen some Oct/Nov filers are into 230+ days before they hear anything.. Any of Dec filers with the same processing notifications as me?
  10. Hi, For anyone who has been using the USCIS Case Tracker App; did you receive a notification for EAD/AP approval? Or did you have to go onto the app and refresh 'My Cases'? Just wondering if i'll receive a little notification once i gain approval. If not, i'll carry on checking the app daily hoping for good news. Day 186; still "case was received" 😴😴
  11. Hi everyone.. Are any of you AOS filers from San Fernando Valley still waiting on interview dates? I applied in December 2018; still no EAD/AP or AOS interview. I've noticed that SFV office seems to be one of the longest wait times in the whole of USA 🀨
  12. Interesting article, thank you for the post!! I did consider this as an explanation for the high number of Feb/March 2019 approvals. It's a sneaky way of reducing the "average" processing time. By approving applicants after 40-50 days it reduces the average processing time significantly. As shown on VJs' predicted approval dates (125 days for EAD/AP) when October/November 2018 have been waiting 190-200+ 😑😑 Who knows what goes on! Whole process is incredibly unfair πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
  13. Congratulations!! I think its around 5-7 days from the date it's approved (i may be wrong but that's what most people on VJ have reported)
  14. Your'e correct not everyone arrives with a K1 but the person who originally posted that message states on their timeline they arrived on a K1 visa in 2018?
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