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  1. Can I apply for naturalization immediately after visiting family for 3 months or do i have to wait 3 months after coming back to the US this is what i found on USCIS website but I didn’t understand it good. i am asking for my friend. Thank you Return to the United States. If, upon returning to the United States, an applicant returns to the State or Service district where the applicant last resided, the applicant will have complied with the continuous residence requirement specified in §316.2(a)(5) when at least three months have elapsed, including any part of the applicant's absence, from the date on which the applicant first established that residence. If the applicant establishes residence in a State or Service district other than the one in which he or she last resided, the applicant must complete three months at that new residence to be eligible for naturalization.
  2. Iam in Cleveland from what i was reading its the fastest location in the US hopefully it will be ready. My husband and my son will go with me.
  3. Thank you for your answer, my husband was the one paying for mortgage and filed taxes when i was outside the US, and i was not working . if i wait for next year can i apply 90 days earlier?
  4. Hello i have a question about applying for citizenship i have been permanent resident for more than 3 years and married to US citizen. The problem i have broken the continuous residence requirement when i went back home for 9 months. Now i has been 2 years and 1 day since i came back. Am i able to apply for citizenship or should i just wait until i hit the 3 year mark? If i wait until next year will they ask me about the 9 month trip or just the trips within the 3 years ? Thank you
  5. Hello i have been a permanent resident for exactly 3 years and i am married to a US citizen so technically i can apply for citizenship from what i was reading online . The problem is i need to leave the US in january 2022 to go back to my home country to finish my school for 2 years bc i never finished when i moved here, if I apply now I don’t know how long the processing time will take. Is it too risky should i just apply for a reentry permit? What do you think?
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