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  1. I bought a TPMS kit on amazon and had it installed by OK Tire. I successfully imported my car on July 1st 2020.
  2. Same for us. They received the package on aug 17, and nothing yet...
  3. Hi! I crossed the land border with the K1 visa on July 1st. No problem at all to cross at the Champlain, NY POE. The processing of the visa and importing my car took about an hour. Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah we called back and said it was okay now. We called back the next day just to be sure and they confirmed that if I already had the visa I could cross the border.
  5. I crossed the land border with the k1 visa last Wednesday. No problem at all!
  6. I was hoping the border would open next week. Looking into flying now... or maybe try to cross by car and see what happens.
  7. I called a few times the POE along the US/Quebec border and they all told me I wasn’t considered essential travel... I got the visa in March.
  8. They did ask for my translated birth certificate. Although half of the interview happened in French.
  9. I had mine translated by a translator found on the ATA website. It cost me 85$ for two diplomas and transcripts.
  10. That’s weird... US fiancé got the letter with the P3 link early December and I received the same letter with the approved petition in the mail two weeks later in Canada...
  11. This is the link we received : https://ca.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/07/Packet3Instructions-K1.pdf and we got that list in the P4 email : The day of your interview Please bring to your interview the original and one photocopy of each of the following documents (as applicable), for each applicant: The appointment letter showing the date and time of your interview Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you plan to enter the United States Birth certificate (Petitioner and Beneficiary) Adoptions decree (s) Marriage certificate (s) Death and/or divorce certificate(s) Police certificates from each country in which the applicant has resided for one year or longer. The certificate(s) must be issued within one year of the date of the visa appointment. NOTE: An applicant must present a police certificate from his/her country of current residence and country of nationality, if residence in such country exceeds 6 months Court records Military records Evidence of domicile in the United States Job offer letter (for employment-based visas) Affidavit of support (I-134) (for fiancé, employment and DV visas) Evidence of support (I-864, Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year) Medical examination Two photographs (in color) For K visa applicants, a letter of intent to marry signed by the petitioner within 30 days of interview date
  12. I filled the DS-160 last week and my interview is in a month. I have a few days planned in the US in the next week. Can I still go? Do I need to change something in the DS-160 or I can just tell the officer at the interview?
  13. Interview scheduled for Feb 26. Every Wednesday from February to March were available!
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