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  1. Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions. Shockingly USCIS called back within 2 hours when we used the Spanish language option today. And the call actually connected (unlike the first 2) BTW- for all the times I called to request an appointment (maybe 5 times) we were only told today that only my husband can talk with USCIS to get the InfoPass appointment-no other agent mentioned this. Just keep that in mind if you need an infopass appointment.
  2. There might be immigrant agencies that can help you, just be careful who you trust with this.....maybe start with Catholic Charities -I think they could help you or would know another agency. They should be able to help you both with the paperwork and the fees or how to get a waiver for the fees. https://catholiccharitiesca.org/local-catholic-charities-proudly-serves-immigrants/ good luck
  3. I will push back- but we have neither a green card or an extension letter because it never arrived. I've asked several times for a copy but it's never been sent. The ONLY thing we have right now is a stamp in the passport. I hope that will be understood. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Thanks to all of you for replies! We just found out we did not remove restrictions on the SS card......this should be fun.
  5. We just found out we did not remove the restrictions....I guess we will be making a trip to the SS office tomorrow. Hopefully they won't ask for the green card since that was confiscated at our last InfoPass appointment-when they gave the I-551 stamp that is now expiring.....
  6. thanks for your answer. I will look for that chat feature but so far have not seen it....I have already written to my senator regarding the Info Pass Mongolian Cluster of a process. Can try the ombudsman, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Hi everyone, Maybe I just need to vent but my husband's I-551 stamp expires in 10 9 business days and USCIS is not calling us back to schedule the info pass appointment for a new stamp. I realize he is legal, but his employer wants proof he can still work legally after the stamp expires. When we filed ROC we never received the NOA with 18 mos. extension. We called a few times about this and went to an info pass appointment where they took his green card and put a one year stamp in his passport (meaning he must carry his passport at all times-not very convenient). That one year stamp expires very soon, and we've called USCIS NOW 7 TIMES times since the end of Oct to schedule another appointment. Each time they say they will call us back in a few days-so far nothing. So we have no 18 mos extension letter, no green card (which is expired now anyway) and in a few days an expired stamp. UPDATE; THEY CALLED TODAY-AFTER WAITING 15 DAYS WITH PHONE IN HAND-IT RANG ONCE, I ANSWERED IMMEDIATELY AND THEY HAD ALREADY DISCONNECTED. NOW WHAT DO WE DO? I CALLED USCIS AND WAS TOLD THEY WILL CALL BACK ONCE AND IF I MISS THAT CALL (PRETTY LIKELY) I NEED TO START THE PROCESS AGAIN-MEANING MY HUSBAND LOSES HIS JOB AND HAS NO PROOF OF BEING LEGAL. NONE. NOW IT SEEMS CLEAR THAT THIS PROCESS IS DESIGNED TO MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT TO REMAIN LEGAL, OR EMPLOYED. IT IS SHOCKING HOW BAD THIS SYSTEM IS, BUT MAYBE THAT'S THE POINT. It is no longer possible to schedule the info pass online; instead you call and request one-they promise to call back and you need to give some case code number when they call. They only try twice-and you cannot call back on that line.....meaning if you're not with your phone at all times it would be pretty easy to miss the call (like if you, say, have a job that would make answering difficult, or if you drive anywhere, or decide you need a shower some time in those 3 days) How does this system to schedule info pass help anyone? It just makes it more likely you can't get the proof you need. Moreover, this could all have been solved without an info pass appointment (a year ago they could have sent a copy of the NOA with the stated extension), or with one info pass appointment they could have put an 18 mos stamp in the passport, or if all that failed they could call us back after the first few calls. How does this help them or us to have to call repeatedly, travel to info pass twice, request the NOA copy 3 times, send us email etc? This is a lot of extra work for everyone involved and still we are no closer to having the proof we need.
  8. I've been on VJ for a while and have been in this game for 11 years total. I'm shocked at the number of responses lately that are snotty, arrogant, and demeaning to the OP, in this forum and others. Maybe something is not an issue for YOU but you don't know the life circumstances of the OP-maybe there is a reason they need the case to go faster (sickness, dying parent, job loss, sick children, problems in country of origin to name a few) Maybe there is a reason they are confused (recently learning English, or getting bad advice from a lawyer both come to mind). When I came to VJ there were rarely snotty answers and most tried to answer as best they could. If VJ had been this demeaning when I first joined I would have gone elsewhere. Frankly it's sickening. We are all in this because we are going through a tough process-we are looking for answers because we've not done this before and have no way of knowing how it works. Can someone explain why in the past few years this has become a scary place to ask a question? Obviously I'm not talking about violation of the rules of VJ because they are dealt with. I'm talking about demeaning someone for asking a question or having an opinion. Can anyone answer that? Or does someone want to give a sarcastic answer to me for asking?
  9. Regardless of how you feel about what is happening at the border be aware that the new acting director of USCIS is known for his "scorched earth" campaigns in Virginia against climate change, gay couples, abortion and immigration. It is not a coincidence that he was chosen. He is tweeting praise today to Trump for "getting things done" for denying asylum seekers at the border. I think in the next years there will be far more denials. Yes, everyone here is doing it legally, but that isn't a guarantee of anything. Before anyone says I'm jumping to conclusions and USCIS will continue to be fair and unbiased, think again. I've been around the block a few times and have learned a few things that maybe you've had the luxury of not knowing. Don't delay applying, have the best case you can, have a back up plan.
  10. Were out of the country for any extended time ?
  11. We are applying also, and my understanding is to bring originals of anything you submitted a copy of (marriage license, bank statements, proof of ongoing relationship etc.) so they can see the original; some extra proof of ongoing relationship in case you need it, and if you didn't send the passport photos you should bring them. Lots of discussion about if/when these are needed but to be safe just have them ready. 2. Two identical color photographs, with your name and A-number written lightly in pencil on the back of each photo. For details about the photo requirements, see this specification. Do not wear eyeglasses or earrings for the photo. If your religion requires you to wear a head covering, your facial features must still be exposed in the photo for purposes of identification; If I forgot something I hope someone will jump in .
  12. Thanks Dilip-we are translating a divorce certificate. I guess we will submit what we have and see if they ask for more.
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