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  1. Hey january aos submitters. I saw alot of january people have fast turnaround for interview (3-4 months). I have question for those that know about the interview. Do they ever seperate spouses for the first interview? Just want to be calm in case it does happen. Thanks for info. Also good luck to everyone going in this week. Looks like the first week of interviews for janurt submitters.
  2. Has anybody been following the new rules that are suppose to go into effect october 18 to require immigrants to provide 15 years of social media accounts at the visa interview, customs entry, and citizenship application process. I see the news articles on this but am not sure what will qualify as social media account and want to see if there is an official government link of what they will ask my fiancé who will enter usa in late october/ early november. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/28/us/politics/immigrants-social-media-trump.html
  3. When does your petition expire? I heard ap can last up to 60 days buts usually after approval. Can it last 60 days when still at nvc?
  4. Hey everyone, I called NVC and was told im in administrative processing. Is this the normal status they tell people when you have been received and number given out before they transmit your application to the embassy? Thanks for the info.
  5. When you got you case number did it only search in the immigrant visa section on the ceac website? I thought fiance visa is suppose to be a non immigrant visa. When i got my number it had the 3 digit country code at the beginning and it brings up the 6 steps in the ceac website.
  6. Hey everyone, My petition was received by NVC today. Are the only 2 items I need to physically mail to my fiancé due to the signature 1) new letter reaffirming I will marry and 2) the letter of employment support evidence. Do they both require a hand signature mailed rather than scanned and emailed?
  7. Weird i wonder why some are 7 days and some longer. Why does the noa2 notice say they have sent it to nvc when its not true?
  8. Hey everyone. I have noa2 9/2 and called uscis today and they said my case has not been sent to nvc yet intransit. They said it has not been shipped at all. Is anyone else having the same problem right now?
  9. Sorry I meant they havn't received mine yet. Yeah the had 17 approvals for 09/05 which a lot higher than normal so I expected delays. Good call on staying focused. I will do the same.
  10. Thanks ill keep this in mind, maybe I will give fiancé in case they demand it and just have her explain why I flipped it to married early. Has your case been received by NVC yet? I am NOA2 9/5/2017 as well and they have received mine yet.
  11. Does anyone know if there is away to check if my case has been sent from USCIS by calling them. Does USCIS provide info on when the case was sent to NVC over the phone?
  12. Also I'm interested if they require the paystubs? I didn't see it listed on the I-134. I was thinking of omitting them since I flipped my status to married early to get tax benefit. We will marry before January. I don't want to give them paystubs if I don't have to due to this change for tax benefit.
  13. Is April really only at 50 percent approved or is the igors list thing stats not updating? Im impressed USCIS actually looks likes its trying to finish April before moving onto May and leaving a ton of applications in the dust.
  14. Did you call yet, I was gonna call later today.
  15. Same here, I have notice date of 09/02 but wasn't updated on tracker till 09/05 with a 09/05 date approval date. NVC was receiving some 8/31 noa2's yesterday so they might be doing 09/01 today and 09/02 on Friday.Waiting to see if any 09/01 people get received today. I saw there were a lot about 9 total.