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  1. I agree that most of the border and immigration officers in Chicago are nice and helpful but there are a few in the mix that can be a little rough/unfriendly. I have yet to register for Global Entry, waiting for my TSA Pre-Check to expire and then will register for Global Entry with Pre-Check included, so I have to go through the standard lines when coming back to the states. After my first trip to London, I found out about the Mobile Passport app and decided to use that to get through Chicago quicker. On return from my third trip to London I met with one of the more unfriendly officers when using the Mobile Passport. He grilled me for about 7-10 minutes at his station asking a lot of questions (where I worked, what my title was, who my boss was, what I do at work on a day to day basis, where do I live, how long have I lived there, why was I in London, what did I do in London, when would I next be traveling outside of the states, what did I bring back with me, etc. etc.). I was a bit taken aback by all of his questions, as my previous two entries had been smooth with friendly officers that had only asked one or two questions. Finally, after his grilling, he just huffed and then handed me back my passport. At that point I wasn't sure if we were done, so I asked if there was anything else and he said "move along". I quickly exited the area, grabbed my bags, and headed to my connecting flight. It was an odd experience for sure as a U.S. citizen coming back from a "safe" country and all my other entries since then have been fine.
  2. My fiancé, now husband, came through Chicago as well. It's been a few months, entry was in October 2017, but here is his/our experience. I had flown over to London to help him do a final pack-up, see his family and visit his friends, and then come back to the states together. Before landing in Chicago they handed out the Customs Declarations Form on the plane so people could get them filled out more comfortably than trying to do it after landing (carry-on suggestion - bring a pen or pencil to get this filled out). Once we landed, we made our way to the entry lines. At that point I had to separate from my fiancé, they wouldn't let me go through the same line as him even though I had read that we should be able to go through together, so I went through my line quickly and then waited on him. It took him about 10 minutes to get to the front of his line and start the process. He handed over his passport and K-1 envelope and the officer began to process his paperwork. The officer took his photo and fingerprints and then continued to process his paperwork. I could see, and my fiancé told me after, that the officer was not talking at all and didn't ask him any questions besides what was his intent in coming to the USA and where had he just arrived from. Of course this whole time I'm standing off to the side nervously waiting for them to finish up. After writing some more on my fiancé's paperwork, the officer informed him that he needed to follow him to secondary inspection. They walked over to this separate office like area, which I was not allowed to go into, and my fiancé was told to have a seat and they would be with him. He let me know afterwards that there were about 10-20 other people in secondary inspection just waiting to be called back to meet with someone. This whole time I'm going back and forth between the baggage area and secondary inspection to get our bags and to get him. Finally, after about 25-30 minutes he comes out and decided to play a "joke" on me. He said that he had met with them and they told him he was missing some paperwork and needed to go back on the next flight to London to get it all sorted out. I was, obviously, upset and started to grill him about what they said and when he had to leave. At that point he said "come on, let's go home" grabbed his bag, and told me he was just kidding. I then asked him what really happened and he said he just sat there and sat there and then after 20 minutes he finally decided to approach someone and ask what was going on. They told him to wait a minute, went back to the back offices, and then gave him back his passport and some other paperwork and simply said "Have a nice day". We then made our way through the next officer's station, handing him the Customs Declarations Forms, and then out of the airport and to my car. I wanted to share this so, if you do get pulled into secondary inspection, you aren't worried. There's a possibility you won't even be pulled in but just in case I wanted you to know that it can happen and to not be upset if it does. It might delay you a bit in getting to your next flight or out of the airport but it seems like it's really just some final processing that happens sometimes. Good luck on your entry, I'm sure everything will go fine!
  3. I was worried about the "initial Interview" on our notice as well but it's nothing to be concerned about. We had just the 1 interview, I'm guessing this is the language they put on the form just in case they need to do another interview/don't want people to assume that this will be the only interview before the green card.
  4. It's actually neither of those. The expiration date is 2 years from the date they do the final approval of your case and begin production/issue the card. In our case, fiancé entered the USA on October 26th, 2017, got married on December 20th, 2017, sent in the AOS packet on February 6th, 2018, had our interview on May 14th, 2018, case was approved and went into production on June 8th, 2018. The expiration date on his Green Card is June 8th, 2020.
  5. I would say that would be okay since, by the time USCIS completes the address change, you'll already be at the new address. This will be a little better just in case they get your interview letter ready in the next few weeks so it will go to the right address and not have to wait for it to be forwarded by USPS.
  6. RaptureSongbird

    March 2018 AOS Filers

    Not to play the devil's advocate but approval can sometimes take a month+. Yes, some cases get approved at the interview/shortly after but others do take up to a month+ for final approval. We had our interview in Chicago on May 14th and we didn't get any updates until June 8th. I realize you are trying to be positive/encouraging, which is awesome, but I also wanted to give @CatP another perspective so they are not worried if approval doesn't happen so quickly. The approval will come and it will take whatever time it takes, just like every step in this process times vary for everyone. I know it's hard not to worry about it, I was certainly worried when I thought we would be approved in a few days and it took almost a month. The only advice I can offer is to be patient, check the case trackers for updates every day, and wait for the relief you will feel when the green card arrives.
  7. Just woke up to an email stating that there was an update on our case. I logged into the DHS website and it was an update on EAD. That case now states "We closed your case because you received a status or benefit in another way". This must be the status update that our IO mentioned at the interview that would happen with EAD since we were likely going to receive the green card, which we did, before the EAD was produced. I just wanted to update here that it looks like they are pushing further into February for EAD; if we had not already received the green card it looks like it would have been 142 days for EAD approval.
  8. All of your evidence sounds great. I'm sure the two of you will do just fine. Just remember to breathe, answer honestly and to the best of your ability, and you'll do just fine. Again, don't fret too much about the dates, you can always refer to anything you bring with you to the interview. Just relax and keep us updated!
  9. Saw that you got your green card approved, congratulations!!!!

    1. RaptureSongbird


      Thank you!  I hope your interview is soon and the green card follows soon after!

  10. The IOs seem to be pretty good at understanding that it's hard to have a lot of "joint assets" after being married for such a short period of time. Luckily we were able to get my partner his SSN and open a joint bank account together with no issues with our bank and brought those statements with us. I've read a few posts on here where IOs are most interested in seeing proof of living together so the joint lease is going to be a major asset for you. If you happen to also be on any utility bills (electric, water, phone, etc.) bring those as well. Also being a dependent/beneficiary on the military plans will be another strength. Be sure to bring additional photos of the two of you together, along with any photos that you might have with the two of you with friends/family since going through the K1 process and arrival, as some IOs like to see photos while other IOs don't really care about photos. Preparing for the interview can be hard as you have no idea what the IO might prefer, what their personality might be like, and what documents they prefer but if you bring the originals and a copy of as much as you can, you'll do just fine. In terms of the questions, don't worry too much about those either. You are going to go through some/all of the Yes/No questions on the I-485, probably be asked about how you met, when you saw each other in person, information about each other, wedding, etc. If either of you aren't great with dates, I would suggest refreshing your memory on those as our IO did ask for the specific date my partner entered on a K1, the dates of most of my visits, when we first started talking/met online, the date of the proposal, and the wedding date. None of the questions should be out of left field and, if you're not 100% sure on a date, you can do what I did and say "I don't want to tell you a wrong date, I believe my second visit was from October 23, 2016 to November 5th, 2016 but if you would let me double check my papers, I can confirm those exact dates" which our IO was fine with and I think appreciated the honesty instead of giving a bad/wrong answer that then had to be corrected.
  11. Good luck at your interview, I'm sure it will go well! Our interview was on May 14th and the Green Card was mailed on June 13th, so almost a month later. However, it can happen much quicker as some people are approved on the spot, get an update of approval on the trackers later that day, and have their green card within a week or less of the interview. So, like everything in this process, nothing is consistent. So, if you don't get approved on the spot, don't worry too much, you might have to wait a little bit of time like we did and then approval and green card will come! Oops, editing to answer the RoC question. You need to file for RoC within 90 days before the date of your card expiration. The card expiration is 2 years from the date of the card being approved/produced. On our Green Card the Resident Since date is 06/08/18, the day that our case was listed as approved online, with the expiration date of 06/08/20. I already did a date calculation and found that March 9th, 2020 is the first day in that 90 day window that they can receive our application and I plan on having that in their hands at that point since it's taking so long for RoC now (12-18 months).
  12. RaptureSongbird

    March 2018 AOS Filers

    Yeah, staying positive is the hardest part for sure! When I saw others here get approved on the spot and have their Green Card within a week of the interview, I started to get very nervous that we had said something wrong in our interview/there was something wrong with our case/we would be called in for a second interview. Luckily none of that happened and we were finally approved. I think part of the delay with ours was, somehow, in their systems it showed we needed to do a I-130 which our IO mentioned and then I explained that I didn't think that was necessary since we were adjusting from a K1. She then said that I was correct, that she didn't understand why it was showing that in her system, and she would look into that. I'm guessing that is what caused our delay, she had to get to the bottom of that issue and may have even requested our original I-129f submission since she didn't have that at the interview, and then after getting that all sorted we were finally approved. Thank you for the congrats on getting our card, it is certainly a relief! I hope you will get yours soon too!!!
  13. You are correct and I did ask about this at our interview. Our IO told us that since our Green Card would likely be received before they even started processing our EAD/AP that when they did finally start to process the EAD/AP the application would just be cancelled as their records would then indicate a Green Card has been produced. We just received our Green Card on June 16th but our EAD/AP cases still show as received with the online trackers.
  14. RaptureSongbird

    March 2018 AOS Filers

    Heya, a Feb filer here but have been checking the others months to see how things are going for others as well. We also went through the Chicago Field Office and had our interview in May. We were not approved on the spot either, nor were we handed any additional papers, we just wrapped up the interview pleasantly and were shown out of our IOs office. We had a somewhat difficult interview like yours, lots of questions about everything but overall it went well and our IO was pretty friendly and smiled a lot/cracked some jokes with us too. I'm wondering if we had the same IO :-) Anyway, I wanted to let you know to not get nervous if you don't hear anything for a bit. We had our interview on May 14th and we didn't receive any online updates until June 8th when it finally showed as approved. I'm not sure why there was a month delay for us but just wanted to give you a heads up that you might not hear anything this week or next week or the week after and that's really okay. Once approved, your card will go into production fairly quickly and you'll receive it soon after. We got notification that our case was approved online on June 8th and then the Green Card was delivered on June 16th.
  15. Hey everyone, sorry for being absent for a bit, was on a vacation to California. Before we left we had received notification that our card had been mailed and would be delivered by USPS. Since I had a feeling it would come while we were gone, I left a note for the mail carrier to please leave a pick up notice for the package and we would get it at the Post Office upon our return and to please not return it to the sender. When I got home last night, I looked through the stack of mail that my friend had brought in for us while she was watching our cat and there was the envelope. I was really surprised that our mail person just left the envelope without a signature or verifying the passport as I thought a signature would be required. So, we now have green card in hand and this part of the journey is over for us. We feel extremely lucky having gone through the Chicago Field Office and from submission to Green Card in hand was only 4 months. I don't know how we got so lucky but it is such a relief to finally be at this point. I hope that everyone here gets to feel this soon as you all have been great and supportive along this second part of our journey. So, for now, we're done with USCIS and DHS for 1 year and 9 months until we apply for RoC. I know the user defined error and lack of updates gets very frustrating but everything will come in time and the feelings of frustrations will be overcome and forgotten by the feelings of joy as you complete the process. Of course I'll continue to be here and check up on everyone and I wish everyone the best of luck!