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  1. Same situation here for LIN. Case status still listed as Case Was Received and in the 20 cases (10+/-) around ours they have all either had card produced/picked up/delivered (11), transferred (1), incorrect form used (4), cannot provide details about the case and to call (3), or approved (1). I'm hoping that since everyone around us has seen movement that we'll see something soon. Hopefully we won't end up getting transferred/interview because we already did an interview for AOS.
  2. NOA received today. Package sent the 10th, delivery on the 11th. Check was cashed on the 17th and NOA arrived today (20th). We are heading through LIN.
  3. For both the K-1 and AOS we submitted the electronic notification request for both text and emails and, through both of those processes, we never received any notifications. So, this time around, we didn't even bother to include that form.
  4. 1. We didn't put N/A in every box which is what we did for the K-1 and AOS and had no problem. 2. For 2017 and 2018 we included tax transcripts since they were easy to get from the IRS's website in a few minutes and printed those off. Since we haven't filed 2019 yet (yeah yeah, I know, need to do it, lol), I included both of our W-2s for 2019 with a note that we will be filing in April. This also showed another proof of address/living together so thought it would be good. There's the potential that we'll get an RFE for 2019's taxes but by the time that rolls around we can print off the tax transcripts and send those back quickly. 3. We actually didn't submit any photos this time. After our experience with AOS (bringing more photos to the interview and those getting shrugged off), we decided that they had enough photos from the K-1 and AOS process that we didn't include any this time around. We're also not really "let's take photos together" people, so didn't really have much to include. I did include 2 flight itineraries from trips that we've taken together since AOS. In our previous submissions what we would do with photos, since they were all electronic, was put them into a word document with like 4 on a page, then put a text box underneath listing the date of the photo, who was in the photos, and where the photo was taken. 4. I can't think of anything that wasn't listed that we included. We did include copies of our driver's licenses to show joint address along with copies of our debit cards. The reason for the copies of the debit cards was because, while we have a joint account that lists both of our names, that account is really only used to pay the rent. Our main account is only listed with my name on the statement but my husband has access and a debit card to use it. So, I included a note explaining this, along with copies of both of our debit cards, so when they see the statement with just my name they will also see the activity of two debit cards that match the photocopies.
  5. Hey everyone, going to go ahead and join into the discussion since we're about to submit. We got the package finished over the weekend and will be shipping it out tomorrow to Phoenix via FedEx Overnight so it will have a Wednesday arrival date. Let another phase in this journey begin!
  6. I think it's a situation of it will neither help nor hurt your K1. My partner, now husband, and I had matching tattoos before starting the K1 process. I made a decision to go ahead and include photos of us together with our tattoos in my submission. I honestly don't think it helped to sway their decision one way or the other but, for me, it provided another piece of proof/peace of mind in our application process.
  7. It seems to vary from office to office if they tell you or not; I also feel like I've seen cases through the same field office where some have been told and some have not. When we did AOS through Chicago we were not told one way or the other and had to wait about 4 weeks for our online status to update to approved. I think this was likely because our original K-1 application had not made it to the Chicago Field Office before our AOS interview so that needed to arrive to be further reviewed before final approval. Unfortunately, the only thing to do now is try to relax as the waiting game continues. I'm certainly not looking forward to joining it all again when we apply for ROC In March 2020 🙂
  8. No problem, happy to help! The only way I remembered it was because I had to think of it like flight times that are based on local time zone 🙂
  9. The time listed is based on the time zone of the facility you are assigned. We had the opposite of you, live in Central had to go to Eastern, and we arrived at 10 AM local time.
  10. We had the same thing last year with the Chicago Office. We submitted in February, Biometrics in March, Notice of Interview Scheduled in April, Interview in May, and Green Card received in June. It seems like sometimes random cases just speed through the Chicago office.
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