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  1. I see. I recommend taking care of it and make spelling match. I am not sure why he does not request a french birth certificate (Tunisia provides arabic and french versions, for the french version you can tell them how to spell the name ) and then use that for english translation and all other immigration stuff. That's how I did from Fiance visa to citzenship and family visa applications. Easier for every body and cleaner Good luck
  2. Can you clarify more the spelling in : birth certificate, passport and application. What is not matching? I am assuming his birth certificate does not match the passport, you should fix the passport first. he cannot travel if the passport is about to expire anyways (6month I think so it is better to fix that now and take care of it)
  3. I checked with the embassy and they confirmed they printed name even though it is missing "EP" is correct and that's how they do it. Just in case someone faces this issue
  4. Hi All, This is specific to TUNISA. So if there is members from Tunisia that went through this please share your feedback. Tunisian passport has a different way to fill "surname" then other countries for married women. It will have maiden name + "EP" + last name of the husband. See example below: Maiden Name: AAA BBB Husband name: CCC DDD In the passport will be: Surname AAA BBB EP DDD (which means AAA BBB married to DDD ). My issue is that in the US immigrant VISA did not do the same which makes passport surname mismatches visa Family name . In the passport they put Family name: AAA BBB DDD . There is no EP) Thanks
  5. To wrap this up, Unfortunately I did not get any actual feedback from someone going through a Complaint process. I already have a work around for this, I will test it then see how it goes For the complaint I guess I will have to explore it and find out. Again, thank you all for the feedback. What I shared is an actual concern but people don't pay attention to it. Don't look at doctor's offices and businesses in 3rd word country like in the US. They will not care about your information, they don't even know (most of the time) that's sensitive. The way I look at it, is printing that document through someone or print it my self and igve it to the doctor is a high risk it falls to a bad person's hands and use it to get all they need for identity theft.
  6. With invoice ID and Case number you can access all the files that you (as petitioner) filed through NVC. You can also download them (https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx) . That is a fact and I tried it already Invoice ID and case number are in the appt letter from NVC I am in the medical exam stage, next will be the interview Medical stuff is not my concern , my concern is mainly the SSN. This is the process for medical exam as stated by NVC: This is an example of NVC appointment letter. it has invoice ID and case number This the NVC website. all you need is the invoice ID and case number and you will get access to all the files : Income tax, W2, names....
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I think you still mis-understand my point: The problem is not in the government officials accessing these sensitive docs. THe problem is the middle man ( printing your doc or processing file during the medical Exam).
  8. The suggestion for reach out to Rep or Senate is a good point. I think it will be better to start with NVC though, because this is an obvious "vulnerability" that I don't expect them to turn down and it dos not need a lot of work to fix.
  9. I don't how to answer you. Your way of thinking is wrong and not all what you say is correct so I am just going to pass , it is getting out of the point. I appreciate your input though
  10. The NVC appointment letter contain case number AND invoice ID. As I said, with those 2, you can access all the Tax and W2 docs the petitioner files on CEAC website. Medical exam steps requires that you take the appointment letter with you. So that could easily fall in the hand of a bad person. I am not sure if I can explain more that this
  11. I am not frustrated or trying to rush. I am fine with it and happy with the embassy in my previous experience, I just want to push for better service even if it is helps a little bit. It is more like , "can you guys do better about this" then "you guys suck".. I appreciate your input
  12. to clarify I did not say there is an identity theft happening here, but I am saying it can easily happen. When the NVC sends you the Appointment letter, if has Case number and Invoice ID. Part of the process, you need to print that letter and take for the doctor's appointment and also the interview. This means, you may have to share that with 3rd parties that are not trusted : whoever will get the document by email to print it for you a and who ever works with the physician or the any person that have access to the 3rd party files. With case number and invoice ID you can log online to CEAC and pull out all the files you sent to NVC (tax, affidavit, W2s...) There is absolutely no need for the doctor to get that invoice ID. The NVC/Embassy either needs to change the process to do not require the appt letter for the doctor's appointment and interview or to send a separate letter that has the case number only . The letter without the invoice ID is enough. This way you don't have to be worried about the middle man during the visa process
  13. Why you are so negative?. I did not even explain how the process could possibly help leak you sensitive ifo. I never said the embassy/NVC staff are the issue here .
  14. They send an automated mail : we will respond in 3 business day. They say they won't respond if question are answered online in NVC/embassy pages though. But my questions are still not clearly answered online. Also in my previous experience (5 years ago) with the embassy they answered my emails I thought of this. I won't do it now for sure, preparing for it though after I get all I need from them
  15. Hi all, Did anybody go through a process of filing a complaints against NVC/Embassy? Can you share you experience? Any advice? I want to file couple of complaints (detailed below) and I want it to be as effective as possible by leveraging other's advice/experience. 1. Embassy ignoring emails. 2. NVC / Embassy IV procedure does not protect the Petitioner's sensitive and confidential data. Someone smart enough could easily get easily get access to the petitioner SSN, name, address ,, all the stuff the do an identity theft. Thanks
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