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  1. same! It has been 60 days since I received my NOA1, still says case received. No update about biometric. Mine is at Texas center as well. I have been checking, seems like pretty normal for Texas so I am not worried for now.
  2. I just saw on the USPS account. anyone received something for 2 pages?
  3. Just got the text for the receipt number. Mine sent to Texas. delivered: 6/11 got the text: 6/14 but receipt number says they received on july 12, so i guess my noa 1 will be dated july 12. hopefully i will receive the notice in the mail soon.
  4. That is funny but when you have joint credit cards, doesn’t show both names on the statement. Only shows fist person’s name. So I only added copy of the credit cards. I personally in grad school and working part time so my husband is paying all the utilities. Never thought about adding beneficiaries on bank account, I just did it online and it was easy.
  5. Mine delivered monday too! I haven’t heard back yet. Did you send to Phoenix?
  6. Every one has their own way 🤷🏼‍♀️ We are young and don’t own a house, and we didn’t really see necessary to have a joint account. I put jointly filed tax return, lease contract on both of our names, my husband’s life insurance and 401k shows that I am the beneficiary, a month of Venmo statement that shows transfers between us, a joint car insurance, affidavit letters, photos, a couple received mails on both of our name, copy of state Id’s to show addresses and photo of joint credit cards. kind of after seeing everyone holding joint account, we are thinking about going to get one just in case if we get RFE.
  7. Have they received yours? Mine delivered on monday, no update yet.
  8. 3 years?! Hopefully your friend now that she can apply for N-400 while I 751 is pending if she has been gc holder for 3 years
  9. I have sent my package last Wednesday with USPS and this is the status of my package; Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Postal Facility July 11, 2022 at 10:27 am PHOENIX, AZ 85036 is this happened to anyone? I am kind of stressed. How can day pick it up from the postal facility?
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