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  1. Normally at this point it would be the Raiders, but that's been done.
  2. I don’t get your analogy. Trudeau is elected. VJ moderators are appointed supreme dictator for life. It’s totally different scenarios.
  3. Wow. AB didn't even last 2 weeks. I thought he would make it a bit longer than that. The weird thing is, the Pat's are one of the few teams that didn't really need him. They should have just went with DT. Pat's will be OK, but this has to be the end for Antonio.
  4. If the data is from the same areas every year, it may not be accurate for total numbers, but it could still show if there is a downward trend or not.
  5. Do you think abortion rates are rising, or do you just not believe the numbers? Hard to find any article anywhere that doesn't say rates have been trending down since ~2011.
  6. Not just on Rasmussen Reports? That was pretty funny. Was that for my benefit?
  7. He has been caught wearing orangeface a few times. He's probably OK since no one actually knows what that means.
  8. Just a guess, but one is "estimated" results, and one is based on reported results. That may account for the difference. I think we discussed this before, but reporting to the CDC is not mandatory.
  9. If I read right, there are 6 different rape cases pending against this guy, each being tried separately. Doesn't seem like it will be an easy thing to cast doubt.
  10. I love Sockeye. Used to get it fresh caught when I lived on Vancouver Island. It's not always easy to come across in Colorado though. Atlantic is probably the best that's commonly available. I've never liked chicken, but I remember eating it when my wife used to cook it. At some point, maybe a few years ago I just went off it. I am probably exaggerating a little. She makes chicken soup and I do eat that. If I was really hungry and went somewhere that only had chicken (like Chick Fil A), I'm sure I would eat some. It would have to be the only thing around though.
  11. I usually have salmon with breakfast. Once in a while ham or bacon instead. Usually Tuna steaks, or some kind of beef for dinner. I actually eat a lot of meat. I shoot for about 170g of protein a day. I actually do like the turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas though. People say it's kind of like a big chicken, but I don't see it. As for choked chicken, I have to say no. That would be killing babies.
  12. Trump has his own problems. Between the two, Trump is the one who has been sued for racial discrimination by his countries justice department. Bigger issue there than wearing "black face" if you ask me. Trudeau's bigger problem is dealing with the shock factor. No one expected this from Trudeau, and he was already on thin ice without this. This could be the finisher.
  13. According to the big oil companies, solar energy is also non renewable. The sun is going to run out too one day.
  14. He has always been seen a "pretty boy", been relatively wealthy, and he was the son of a former prime minister. Some people would say that the trifecta of teflon. Not me of course. I would hold him accountable for his choices. Some of those choices have been pretty stupid.
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