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  1. What is confusing? I am talking about 2 separate people and I based my first questions about person 1 on knowing what happened with person 2. She has a green card. She was married to an American and got her green card that way. He was a teacher. Complained about going back to school when it started up again. He said he was vulnerable because he is obese. The school didn't like his excuses. He also was inappropriate with students. Thus, he was given the ultimatum. I just wondered if he would have the same issues upon re-entry that she did. That is all the information needed.
  2. Thanks. I know someone else who was in the USA from Canada as a nurse. She changed jobs, went back to Canada for Christmas. When she tried to re-enter the USA, she was denied entry and she told me it was because she was no longer working at the job she had, and did not report that. She has a green card and has had one for years. So, I wondered about the other person I was asking about. I guess she was not being honest about the real reason she was turned away. She eventually got back in. Do you know if a person has to apply for a green card if they entered the USA on a work VISA?
  3. Someone I know who moved to the USA 31 years ago from Canada to work in Texas, lost his job in November (offered the opportunity to quit or he would be fired) He then went back to Canada, even though he still currently rents a home in Texas. He has not been back to Texas since, but plans to go back at some point, even if it is only to get a moving company to move his belongings back up to Canada. Does anyone know if he will have any trouble at the border getting back into the USA? He does have an employment based green card. No job now though.
  4. Thanks! I did not realize how much stress this was causing me, until I opened that envelope and it felt like a 500 pound weight was lifted from my shoulders. I am SO happy, after all the ####### with a "lost file" etc. Onward to citizenship now! Thanks for the congrats, and thanks for the positive comments on my posts. Congrats to those who have reached the end of the process, I hope that everyone has the same outcome!
  5. My case was surrounded by others initially who had been approved. It was worrisome for me. But I was finally approved almost a year to the day.
  6. Congratulations! I got my notice of this July 29th and my card is out for delivery today with USPS.
  7. UPDATE: I went to "my case status" and found the tracking #. USPS says it is out for delivery today! So for those wondering about timelines: I filed for my ROC July 2019. Got notice at end of July that I was approved. (no interview-I think if you have one after AOS, then you don't normally have a second one) Got word that my card was being mailed on August 17th. Today USPS says it is out for delivery.
  8. I got an email this evening stating this: "On August 18, 2020, the Post Office picked up mail containing your new card for Receipt Number LINXXXXXXXX. We mailed your card to the address you gave us. The tracking number assigned is UNAVAILABLE. You can use your tracking number at www.USPS.com in the Quick Tools Tracking section. " Did you get tracking for your card?
  9. Wow! They are quick once we are accepted. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations to you as well!
  10. Got email July 28th stating that I was approved for my green card. July 29th a secondary email stating that I would be receiving notice that I was going to be getting my GC. August 5th, received letter in mail. Tonight, August 17th. Email stating that green card was mailed.
  11. Congratulations! I and others who have finally received that notice, can certainly can appreciate your happiness and relief! Onward!
  12. It is in bold in the paperwork that is given to the petitioner He did not tell me about it. He showed it to me. I saw it. It did say for. I am confused as to who you are referring to: "no idea what she showed him"? Also, the lawyer did tell him that yes, they would have to go to court for this, and thus, the hefty retainer, if he wanted to go ahead.
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