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  1. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=1&visa=1&scenter=1&option=2&sortby=2 Link above. It will show you the latest approval for members here on VJ It is only as accurate as the info that the members input.
  2. Sorry missing in action here as well. Busy with a house purchase and move. My gosh seemed like the day would never come for you guys LOL Congrats big time. We have our AOS in and finger prints for her done. Just waiting game again. Happy for you both and to all the May 2017 members
  3. Incredible. Saving the best for last I guess. Drink up this weekend LOL..well if you didn't already.
  4. Wow that is just wild. Congrats none the less. Steven
  5. Hi, sorry to hear your struggles. We were in no where land for 3 months before Embassy issued her visa. What do you mean they broke into your FB? Did they ask for your FB user name and or account passwords or is your FB just open for all to see? If they did not ask you for the FB info then how do you know they were looking into it? Thanks Steven
  6. Not sure exactly what you are asking. What do you mean by "wrong" just not that date you wanted? You can take your medical about 5 to 14 days before your interview but not after the interview as the medical results are required to complete the interview. If you are not from Luzon then best to keep the two of them close so you don't have to travel twice to Manila. Save money and time that way. Steven
  7. LabOz

    Affirming your desire to marry letter

    Wet signature is preferred, they do ask some people for it. Same with the affidavit of support it is not asked for very often at the Embassy in Manila but does happen so better safe than RFE. Steven
  8. Sloppy job the the person reviewing your file. They should send out RFE for all issues at once. Not piece meal them out. Having said that what was your 1st RFE for? It's important to read the instructions and provide them everything they require up front. Steven
  9. Wonderful post. Glad you stood your ground. Lesson for all Thanks Steven
  10. Total incompetence. No excuse sadly it happens a lot. I'm not much of a drinker but we will hit the bar this weekend and have a few drinks on your behalf. This whole process is enough to turn one into a raging alcoholic
  11. Well the good thing is you started the journey (trials) last May and he will be here in your arms before this May is over you won't have to go another month without each other. Have him bring a couple extra copies of his official Birth certificate if he can not easily order them once he is here. We are on our next stage of waiting.... AOS so the fun never ends hehe Steven
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1904139589906876/ I created a FB group for K-1 specifically for Philippine beneficiaries Feel free to join us there Steven aka Jim
  13. I'm late to the party Well it's about time LOL. Wow what a relief. You could right a book about your experience.
  14. Hi sorry about delayed response I'm not on the board much. Getting ready for wedding. The form DS-160 does specify that the applicant must press the sign button. In all honestly if you did it I don't think it would be a big deal BUT it can be determined by the IP address from where it was submitted. To be on the extra safe side I would just wait and have him press the magic button himself. Yes internet abroad can suck and we had issues filling the form overseas as well. We ended up completing it at one of the higher end hotels in the Philippines as the other places we went it would just time out. So bottom line is it's a judgement call on your end but they do insist that HE sign it. If ever they ask at interview then he would just need to be honest and say that YOU did it if you decide to go that route and explain about the internet issues. Steven
  15. Have you started on the I-134 and financials? Get Transcripts for free from IRS here. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript