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  1. Oops friendly reminder this is an English only section of the forum. People from other countries here as well. If everyone spoke their native tongue you would lose out on valuable shared information.
  2. It can also depend what city or state you are located in. Some cities the local law enforcement is prohibited from asking your immigration status. https://americasvoice.org/blog/what-is-a-sanctuary-city/
  3. You are not required to file AOS before the 90 days expires. You are only required to be officially MARRIED before the 90 days expires. Wait until you get your marriage certificate from the State and file AOS at that time. Have a copy or the original passport with visa on her at all times until the EAD/AP combo card shows up.
  4. There was also the Lady who petitioned someone and he died in a car crash just before the I-129F was approved.
  5. How About "Grinder"? 😅 "same same " couples are allowed now to. (Rhetorical)
  6. 100% the RFE is not for leaving a blank space instead of writing N/A. If you met on dating website did you provide the Terms of Service? There are really too many things that could cause the RFE. Guessing would be pointless at this time. The good news is your case is NOT lost in a black hole at the CSC. Your case is actively being worked and did not fall behind a cabinet somewhere. The processing time between RFE and NOA 2 a lot depends on YOU. How fast you respond the the information they request. I would suggest #1 making a copy of what ever letter they send you with the RFE. Send it with tracking so you will have piece of mind to know they got your RFE. Once they get your RFE depending upon the case worker and the issue you should get an approval in approximately 4 weeks. Update your timeline once you send it back Good luck
  7. What is the address you mailed the I-129F to, What DATE version of the I-129F did you use and what amount did you submit. Even paying 1 penny to much or too little can get your package kicked back. Hopefully you will get something in the mail this week.
  8. Doesn't really matter a whole lot but since I'm OCD I'll point out that your first Service Center should be California. Case is technically not transferred. TX is just the lock box where all I-129F's are sent and then assigned to CSC.
  9. For your timeline I would just go by the older date 10/18/2019.
  10. According to your timeline 2019/07/17 Met online 2019/08/29 1st in-person meeting in 3rd country for 5 days 2019/10/04 I-129F sent you just knew the person for 2 months and 18 day and have already petitioned them and only met for 5 days? While you certainly met the requirements to file the I-129F I fear that you will have a hard time to prove bonafide relationship. For best results at embassy interview I would recommend another visit BEFORE the interview.
  11. VAC as in Vaccines? If the beneficiary has proof of recent vaccination from the Medical center where he did it the first time then they should not need it again assuming it has not been Years ago. Sorry don't know the back story but yes need to do the medical again.
  12. He can not give them what does not exist. He would have to give what he has and perhaps write an affidavit stating no income during those years
  13. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=1&visa=1&scenter=1&option=2&sortby=2 Link above. It will show you the latest approval for members here on VJ It is only as accurate as the info that the members input.
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