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  1. I applied for K1-AOS in December, 2017 but have not heard anything back on it. USCIS did mail me work authorization card in May, 2018 and it’s due to expire in April, 2019. I applied for work permit renewal in November, 2018 but I have not heard anything back from uscis. I need to submit my updated work authorization information at my job before it expires. Does anyone have an idea about how long it takes for uscis to renew work authorization? I’m really worried I’m going to lose out on a very good job. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your response. How do I file for renewal? The link provide no information on it. Do I need to fill up I 765? I apologize if my questions are dumb but uscis website is very confusing.
  3. Hi, I came to USA in September, 2017 on K1 visa and applied for AOS in December, 2017. I got my work permit in April, 2018 and it’s valid till April, 2019. I have not got my interview done yet and have heard nothing further from USCIS in regards to that. I live in TX and I heard the wait time is really long here compared to other states. My biggest worry is jeopardizing my new job if my work permit expire and my GC don’t come next year by April. Considering I haven’t even had my interview yet I’m not holding my breath on it. Should I renew my work permit already or wait few more months and see if they send the letter for GC interview? The filing fee for renewal is $410 which is something I didn’t expect. I don’t know why but I thought it was free but I guess not. I’m also worried about the time it would take for USCIS to renew my work permit since I been waiting a year now for my GC interview. If anyone went through this and have any input on the whole renewal process and time it normally takes for work permit renewal I would love to hear it. Thank you
  4. Thank you!! That clear up things a lot.
  5. Hi all, I got my EAD/AP in May but no news on GC. We have not got any letter for interview. Does everyone necessarily gets an interview because I remember reading somewhere that it’s 50-50. My husband recently lost his job and we are currently on unemployment. Will that change anything? He already made more than $30k in the first 5 months of 2018.
  6. Thank you for your response. I’m getting so bored here without being able to work or do anything. I have not received any interview letter as well but I read that not everyone gets interview so I’m hoping that’s the case. I can’t wait to get done with this whole process. It’s exhausting.
  7. Anyone from December got their ead yet? I thought it’ll come by March but have not received anything.
  8. Riya

    Mumbai consulate- K1 visa

    Yea you need packet 4. When you book for medical, they’ll ask for appointment letter. I emailed them once my status changed to “Ready” and they sent me packet 4 via email. It also came by post two weeks later but you can start consolidating documents as per the check list. It’s same for everyone.
  9. Riya

    Mumbai consulate- K1 visa

    I called them for packet 4 and they emailed it to me immediately. I scheduled the interview online. I got lucky I guess.
  10. Riya

    Mumbai consulate- K1 visa

    Good luck!!
  11. Riya

    Mumbai consulate- K1 visa

    I am not sure about that. When I scheduled my interview I got immediate dates. you can email or call them. They usually reply to emails in 48 hours. Also keep checking the site. Someone may cancel or reschedule and a slot may open up.
  12. Riya

    Mumbai consulate- K1 visa

    Hi, All the threads about Mumbai are really old and I could not find much information. My NVC status says Ready. Can someone please explain the process after that. I note on other forums that people usually start medical and schedule interview once the status is ready, but I checked on Rele clinic website and they asked to bring interview letter which I have not received. I have not received any packet 3 or 4 as well. Please advise the timeline for receiving interview letter and the visa process in Mumbai. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.