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  1. Date sent 04/05/21 Date received 04/07/21 Text message 04/27/21 Check cashed 04/27/21 Service Center MSC Waiting for NOA via mail. Hoping it's here in the next few days.
  2. The rejected one has "Form I-751 12/05/17 N" at the bottom of each page. The new/correct one has "Form I-751 12/02/19 N" and a bar code next to it at the bottom of each page. Both forms up top has an expiration date of 12/31/2019
  3. Looks like ours was rejected due to using the old edition. We had the form ready to go a while ago, should have re-checked before sending. But taking 6 weeks to get a rejection for a form that needs to be filed in a 90-day window period is annoying. Hoping they increase that to a 120-day window if it's taking 6 weeks to just get NOA.
  4. Ours was rejected for an old edition. I re-submitted with new copies, since the old evidence and forms had markings on it. Only thing that we kept same was pictures. We also placed the green rejection letter on top.
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