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  1. Kerri1972

    expunged record/ police check

    Make sure you get all the certified copies from the court too. You'll need it for AOS. I just had my interview and received an RFE so much stress.. can I ask what your fiance charge was?
  2. I got my EAD/AP in 141 days I believe
  3. I also had a terrible interview and received an RFE. I contacted a lawyer and she recommended to not leave the country until a decision is made. So I cancelled my trip home as well. Good luck. I know how u feel 💓
  4. Kerri1972

    Section 266 CCC tried summarily

    From what I've researched this charge is not an inadmissable one regarding visiting the USA but can't find any real laws regarding immigrating. I do have all the other information but don't know what charge it would be similar to in the states.
  5. Kerri1972

    Section 266 CCC tried summarily

    Hi. I came to the USA on a K1 visa. At my interview in Montreal the officer asked me about a 2011 section 266 assault charge that was tried summarily. I received 9 months of probation for it and a conditional discharge. She confirmed I was eligible for the visa and it was granted. I recently had my AOS Interview and the officer there wasn't so sure that it's no a CIMT. So I was given an RFE .I have to provide the exact criminal code and the punishment involved. My question here is have any other Canadians had this issue ? It's stressing me out so bad Thanks
  6. Kerri1972

    Proof of name changes

    Just birth certificate and divorce certificate was all I used also from Canada
  7. Kerri1972

    K1 from Canada

    I'm from Canada and did the k1. We applied in April 2017 and had our interview on Valentine's day 2018. I did my medical in Montreal