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  1. Not sure if this is legit!


    We submitted our I751 application to the Dallas office in June 2020: NOA1 Receipt date - 8 June 2020


    We received an I-797 " APPROVAL NOTICE for I 751" with a notice date of 20 Jul 2020 today in the mail.


    Checked the USCIS web page an it says they received our request and are processing it.


    1. Crashdoom


      You can try calling USCIS via the phone number on their website and ask the agent to confirm the details that you received.

    2. geowrian


      "I've been furloughed" going away gift? :P


      Yeah, contact USCIS to make sure it's not a mistake. That timeline is not even remotely normal. Hopefully it just got put in the wrong pile or something and ended up at the front of an IO's desk.

    3. HRQX


      @geowrian Although it's a way different form, some I-130 filers have also received approvals in 6 weeks which is way faster than the usual processing times:


  2. HenryST, my solution was to have the Army put my wife's name as it appears in her Chinese passport on my orders. I carried a copy of our marriage certificate but no one ever ask to see it. We are in Germany but the process should be similar. tom
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